AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-07-13Update tool dependenciesJan Dittberner
2019-07-13Update docs dependenciesJan Dittberner
2019-02-01Update certificates for funding and jenkinsJan Dittberner
2018-11-23Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// van der Raay
2018-11-23Remove unintended left-over from merge.Wytze van der Raay
2018-11-22Fix minor merge issuesJan Dittberner
2018-11-22Add updates about how the system was built.Wytze van der Raay
2018-11-22Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// van der Raay
2018-11-22Add preliminary documentation for test server.Wytze van der Raay
2018-11-21Add documentation for test3, document IPv6 for testJan Dittberner
2018-11-21Fix SHA-1 fingerprint calculationJan Dittberner
2018-11-20Manage emailout and issue with puppetJan Dittberner
2018-11-20Update sha1 fingerprint.Wytze van der Raay
2018-11-20Update sha1 fingerprint.Wytze van der Raay
2018-11-20Add certificate documentation for and van der Raay
2018-10-31Documented test.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
2018-10-27Update #! line to Python 3Jan Dittberner
2018-10-27Port tools to Python 3Jan Dittberner
2018-10-27Move documentation Pipfile to docs directoryJan Dittberner
2018-10-27Update documentation for pipenv usageJan Dittberner
2018-10-27Add Pipfile for easier local setupJan Dittberner
2018-10-27Add documentation for codedocs.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
2018-05-19Renew certificate for infradocs.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
2018-04-17Update build dependenciesJan Dittberner
2018-04-15Setup IPv6, add missing DNS recordsJan Dittberner
2018-04-15Add mail template for DNS changesJan Dittberner
2018-04-15Add information about the git-pull-hook on puppetJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Update admin information for bugsJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Add IPv6 for bugsJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Setup puppet management for bugsJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Add certificate information for webdbJan Dittberner
2018-04-03Setup puppet management for monitorJan Dittberner
2018-04-03Replace irc with ircserverJan Dittberner
2018-04-02Add web and webstatic to PuppetJan Dittberner
2018-03-27Add IPv6 of email, add dnsmasq to infra02Jan Dittberner
2018-03-27Update dependenciesJan Dittberner
2018-03-19Document ircserver changesJan Dittberner
2018-03-19Setup IPv6Jan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for translationsJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for monitorJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for on emailJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for on webmail and emailJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for catsJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for boardJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for svnJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for listsJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for issueJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Use full year for expiration dateJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for ircserverJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Use 4 digit year for certificateJan Dittberner