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2016-05-20Document the git.cacert.org containerJan Dittberner
This commit adds documentation for the git container. The information has been gathered from https://wiki.cacert.org/SystemAdministration/Systems/Git?action=recall&rev=4 and the actual system.
2016-05-18Add documentation for coauditJan Dittberner
2016-05-17Improve sslcert.py toolJan Dittberner
- remove invalid pkg-resources dependency - add a --root parameter and relative root calculation to allow certificates and keys in chroots - fix date format for output
2016-05-17Add pyx509/pyasn1 based tool to create sslcert directivesJan Dittberner
2016-05-16Add advice to subscribe to mantis announce listJan Dittberner
2016-05-16Document the CATS systemJan Dittberner
This commit adds documentation for the CATS container. Information has been collected from https://wiki.cacert.org/SystemAdministration/Systems/CATS?action=recall&rev=21 and the actual system.
2016-05-16Add index for bugs database, clarify Apache httpdJan Dittberner
2016-05-16Fix typo in templatesJan Dittberner
2016-05-16Add tool to generate sshkeys directivesJan Dittberner
2016-05-08Add bugs container descriptionJan Dittberner
2016-05-08Add more information for systemsJan Dittberner
This commit adds index terms and missing information from the wiki for the email container. The mail template for new mail accounts has been added. Add index terms for arbitration, blog, board, emailout, infra02 and webmail. Add reference links.
2016-05-08Fix headline hierarchy issueJan Dittberner
2016-05-08Document the emailout containerJan Dittberner
This commit adds documentation for emailout. The documentation is taken from https://wiki.cacert.org/SystemAdministration/Systems/Emailout?action=recall&rev=3 and data gathered from the actual system and a reference Debian Wheezy chroot on infra02.
2016-05-08Add glossary entries for DNS and DKIMJan Dittberner
2016-05-08Improve glossary entry for LXCJan Dittberner
2016-05-07Add sub-headers in SSH host key listJan Dittberner
2016-05-07Use new directives in host documentationJan Dittberner
This commit changes the existing host documents to use the new sslcert and sshkeys directives. The templates have been adapted to contain example directives to be filled.
2016-05-07Fix minor issues with certificate listsJan Dittberner
This commit fixes a grammar error in the certlist error handling and creates paired index entries for certificates instead of single ones.
2016-05-07Add SSH host key list generationJan Dittberner
This commit adds implementations for the directives sshkeys and sshkeylist that replace manually written SSH key lists with automatically generated ones.
2016-05-07Sort functions in cacert sphinx extensionJan Dittberner
This commit sorts the functions in the sphinxext.cacert module: 1. class definitions for custom docutils node types 2. validation/conversion functions for directives 3. class definitions for custom docutils directives 4. helper functions for result node generation 5. Sphinx event handler functions 6. Sphinx setup function
2016-05-07Fix PEP-8 violationsJan Dittberner
2016-05-07Add subject alternative name validationJan Dittberner
This commit adds validation of subject alternative names. Currently SANs of type DNS, EMAIL and IP are supported. The rendering has been modified to not output type information. All validation should work in offline mode.
2016-05-07Show ISO 8601 formatted expiration datesJan Dittberner
This commit implements parsing of expiration dates and rendering of the result in ISO 8601 format.
2016-05-07Add certificate list links in host documentsJan Dittberner
This commit adds detail links for certificates. The detail links are rendered for each certificate usage and reference the detail entries in the certificate list.
2016-05-07Document publication to infradocs.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
2016-05-07Add secondary certificate entry to email docsJan Dittberner
2016-05-07Improve certificate handlingJan Dittberner
This commit add index entries for certificates at their original location and in the certificate list. Handling for primary and secondary locations of certificates has been implemented. The purge_sslcerts function has been implemented.
2016-05-07Update jandd.sphinxext.ip to 0.2.4Jan Dittberner
2016-05-06Add sslcert directive for community certificateJan Dittberner
2016-05-06Add sslcert directive for email certificateJan Dittberner
2016-05-06Remove link that is broken by sslcert directiveJan Dittberner
2016-05-06Fix SAN and secondary flag handlingJan Dittberner
This commit fixes the handling of Subject Alternative Names and sslcert directives with the 'secondary' flag. The sslcertlist table column widths have been adjusted to give more room for the SAN data.
2016-05-06Add directives for ssl certificatesJan Dittberner
This commit adds a new extension cacert with implementations of two new directives: sslcert to define a SSL certificate in place where it is used and sslcertlist to automatically generate an alphabetically sorted list of certificates. The certlist.rst has been modified to use the sslcertlist directive, while the systems/blog.rst and systems/board.rst have been modified to use the sslcert directives for defining the certificates. Note: The extension is far from ready and does not support some common cases (same certificates on multiple nodes, indexing, backlinks from certificates to certificate list).
2016-05-06Replace custom wiki role with extlinks extensionJan Dittberner
2016-05-06Add CAcert faviconJan Dittberner
2016-05-06Replace IP reference with literal valueJan Dittberner
2016-05-06Add email container documentationJan Dittberner
2016-05-06Remove comment copied from templateJan Dittberner
2016-05-05Use :wiki: role, streamline structureJan Dittberner
This commit replaces regular Wiki URLs with :wiki: role links and adds an "Application Links" section to existing pages for the arbitration, blog, board, monitor and webmail containers.
2016-05-05Define text roles bug and wikiJan Dittberner
This commit defines two new text roles :bug: and :wiki: that build links to the CAcert bug tracker and the CAcert wiki.
2016-05-05Add new section for critical systemsJan Dittberner
This commit adds a new section for critical systems. The general systems.rst title has been changed to "non-critical systems". The critical/template.rst has been added for convenience for the critical admins. An empty skeleton page has been added for the Webdb system. Some unneeded content has been removed from the index page. The systems page headline level has been modified.
2016-05-05Improve the system templateJan Dittberner
This commit improves the system template. Some more comments are added for future editors.
2016-05-05Add CAcert specific stylingJan Dittberner
This commit adds the CAcert logo to the sidebar and sets the sidebar color to match the color definitions at the main cacert.org website.
2016-05-05Update to latest jandd.sphinxext.ip 0.2.3Jan Dittberner
2016-05-04Add icinga and ido2db servicesJan Dittberner
This commit adds entries for the running Icinga and IDO2DB daemons on monitor.
2016-05-04Add/fix index entriesJan Dittberner
This commit adds index entries for services to systems/monitor.rst and systems/webmail.rst. The systems template got a template for index entries too. The DNS index entry in systems/monitor.rst has been corrected.
2016-05-04Add documentation for monitorJan Dittberner
This commit adds documentation for the monitor container. The document is based on information from https://wiki.cacert.org/SystemAdministration/Systems/Monitor as well as facts gathered from the running system.
2016-05-04Fix syntax error in systems/webmail.rstJan Dittberner
2016-05-04Add description how to setup apt update monitoringJan Dittberner
This commit adds the description how to setup package update monitoring on containers. The description was taken from https://wiki.cacert.org/SystemAdministration/Systems/Monitor and has been adapted to Sphinx markup.
2016-05-04Fix minor issues in system templateJan Dittberner