AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2018-11-22Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// van der Raay
2018-11-22Add preliminary documentation for test server.Wytze van der Raay
2018-11-21Add documentation for test3, document IPv6 for testJan Dittberner
2018-11-21Fix SHA-1 fingerprint calculationJan Dittberner
Calculate SHA-1 fingerprint from DER encoded certificate data.
2018-11-20Manage emailout and issue with puppetJan Dittberner
2018-11-20Update sha1 fingerprint.Wytze van der Raay
Add the two special OCSP certificates.
2018-11-20Update sha1 fingerprint.Wytze van der Raay
2018-11-20Add certificate documentation for and van der Raay
2018-10-31Documented test.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
- add systems/test.rst - add support for cacert-git-Repository links - allow certificates with no SubjectAlternativeName extension for sslcert role
2018-10-27Update #! line to Python 3Jan Dittberner
2018-10-27Port tools to Python 3Jan Dittberner
2018-10-27Move documentation Pipfile to docs directoryJan Dittberner
2018-10-27Update documentation for pipenv usageJan Dittberner
2018-10-27Add Pipfile for easier local setupJan Dittberner
2018-10-27Add documentation for codedocs.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
2018-05-19Renew certificate for infradocs.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
2018-04-17Update build dependenciesJan Dittberner
2018-04-15Setup IPv6, add missing DNS recordsJan Dittberner
2018-04-15Add mail template for DNS changesJan Dittberner
2018-04-15Add information about the git-pull-hook on puppetJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Update admin information for bugsJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Add IPv6 for bugsJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Setup puppet management for bugsJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Add certificate information for webdbJan Dittberner
2018-04-03Setup puppet management for monitorJan Dittberner
2018-04-03Replace irc with ircserverJan Dittberner
2018-04-02Add web and webstatic to PuppetJan Dittberner
- update information on puppet managed systems - sort service tables for changed systems alphabetically - add puppet agent as third party package where this was not documented yet - document DNS resolution via infra02 on Puppet managed systems
2018-03-27Add IPv6 of email, add dnsmasq to infra02Jan Dittberner
2018-03-27Update dependenciesJan Dittberner
2018-03-19Document ircserver changesJan Dittberner
- ircserver basic configuration is now using Puppet - votebot has been replaced by the new Spring-Boot based code
2018-03-19Setup IPv6Jan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for translationsJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for monitorJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for on emailJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for on webmail and emailJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for catsJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for boardJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for svnJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for listsJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for issueJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Use full year for expiration dateJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for ircserverJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Use 4 digit year for certificateJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for gitJan Dittberner
2018-03-17Renew certificate for blogJan Dittberner
2018-03-11Update Stretch containers to 9.4 point releaseJan Dittberner
2018-03-04Renew server certificate for bugs.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
2018-02-24Add IPv6 for monitorJan Dittberner
2018-02-23Update translations documentationJan Dittberner
incorporate information from the Wiki page
2018-02-23Add documentation for translations.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
Information has been gathered from the system, DNS and memories about the installation of Pootle. The system has been setup to utilize Puppet and use proxyout for APT. The system has been upgraded to Debian Stretch.