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2016-05-08Add more information for systemsJan Dittberner
This commit adds index terms and missing information from the wiki for the email container. The mail template for new mail accounts has been added. Add index terms for arbitration, blog, board, emailout, infra02 and webmail. Add reference links.
2016-05-07Use new directives in host documentationJan Dittberner
This commit changes the existing host documents to use the new sslcert and sshkeys directives. The templates have been adapted to contain example directives to be filled.
2016-05-06Remove link that is broken by sslcert directiveJan Dittberner
2016-05-06Add directives for ssl certificatesJan Dittberner
This commit adds a new extension cacert with implementations of two new directives: sslcert to define a SSL certificate in place where it is used and sslcertlist to automatically generate an alphabetically sorted list of certificates. The certlist.rst has been modified to use the sslcertlist directive, while the systems/blog.rst and systems/board.rst have been modified to use the sslcert directives for defining the certificates. Note: The extension is far from ready and does not support some common cases (same certificates on multiple nodes, indexing, backlinks from certificates to certificate list).
2016-05-05Use :wiki: role, streamline structureJan Dittberner
This commit replaces regular Wiki URLs with :wiki: role links and adds an "Application Links" section to existing pages for the arbitration, blog, board, monitor and webmail containers.
2016-05-04Move people information to separate pageJan Dittberner
This commit moves the contact information for people to a separate page and adds some role descriptions. This allows to maintain contact information and other person related data in a single place. The glossary is now marked as sorted.
2016-05-03Remove commented editing adviceJan Dittberner
2016-04-24Add blog system descriptionJan Dittberner
This commit adds the documentation for the blog system. The documentation is based on information from and information gathered from the running system.