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2021-03-28Upgraded Debian Buster hosts to 10.9Jan Dittberner
2021-02-06Updated git to Debian 10.8Jan Dittberner
2020-05-17Update OS for gitJan Dittberner
2020-02-21Renew certificate for git.cacert.orgJan Dittberner
2019-08-13Remove noisy section "Applicable Documentation"Jan Dittberner
2019-07-31Improve system documentationJan Dittberner
- add monitoring links and index entry to Monitoring section - adapt to modified template structure
2018-03-17Renew certificate for gitJan Dittberner
2018-03-11Update Stretch containers to 9.4 point releaseJan Dittberner
2018-02-16Fix index issueJan Dittberner
2018-02-15Add SSHFP records for ED25519 host keyJan Dittberner
2018-02-14Update git system informationJan Dittberner
2017-05-11Update Debian release informationJan Dittberner
2016-07-02Add missing SSHFP records in DNS section.Wytze van der Raay
2016-05-20Document the containerJan Dittberner
This commit adds documentation for the git container. The information has been gathered from and the actual system.