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Construct and display the AddPoints view
* define input form (draft) * create the view and make it display the form * add a link to the view in the topNav Signed-off-by: Michael Tänzer <>
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+ * @author Michael Tänzer
+ */
+<h1><?php print I18n::_('Add Assurance Points to your Account') ?></h1>
+<h2><?php print I18n::_('Get Points by Automated Assurance') ?></h2>
+<p><?php print I18n::_('Assign the points by doing an automated assurance '.
+ 'which looks just like a normal assurance done by a real person.') ?></p>
+<p><?php print I18n::_('If you enter more than 35 points they will be split '.
+ 'into multiple assurances. You can do zero point assurances.') ?></p>
+<?php print $this->assurance_form ?>