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+ * @author Michael Tänzer
+ */
+<h1><?php print I18n::_('Do Multiple Assurances at Once') ?></h1>
+<p><?php print I18n::_('Assure multiple dummy accounts in one step. '.
+ 'The assurances look just like normal assurances and can be used to gain '.
+ 'experience points without suffering from RSI (also known as mouse arm).')
+<p><?php print I18n::_('The amount of points given per Assurance can be '.
+ 'specified in two ways:') ?></p>
+ <dt><?php print I18n::_('Percentage') ?></dt>
+ <dd><?php print I18n::_('n percent of the maximal possible points are '.
+ 'given per Assurance. If it\'s not an integer it is rounded down to '.
+ 'the next integer') ?></dd>
+ <dt><?php print I18n::_('Absolute') ?></dt>
+ <dd><?php print I18n::_('Exactly n points are given. If n exceeds the '.
+ 'current maximum of points that may be given, it is set to the '.
+ 'maximum until due to the gained experience points more points may be '.
+ 'given') ?></dd>
+<?php print $this->batch_assurance_form ?>