AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-08Merge branch 'bug-932'HEADmasterBenny Baumann
2015-09-08bug 932: adjusmtent of function iconv_mime_decodebug-932INOPIAE
2015-09-08Merge branch 'bug-932'Benny Baumann
2015-08-20bug 932: changed encoding function for subjectINOPIAE
2015-08-09Merge branch 'bug-932'Benny Baumann
2015-08-09bug 932: added escaping with htmlspecialchars function for user nameINOPIAE
2015-08-09bug 932: added escaping with htmlspecialchars function and encoding UTF-8 for...INOPIAE
2015-08-09Merge branch 'bug-1396'Benny Baumann
2015-08-09bug 1396: Codestyle cleanupbug-1396INOPIAE
2015-08-09bug 1396: Codestyle cleanupINOPIAE
2015-08-09bug 1396: Normalize Linefeed to Unix format in RepositoryBenny Baumann
2015-08-04Merge branch 'bug-1391'Benny Baumann
2015-08-04bug 1391: Codestyle cleanupbug-1391Benny Baumann
2015-08-04Merge branch 'bug-1391'Benny Baumann
2015-07-31bug 1391: Ensure current number of assurer's points used for determining maxi...INOPIAE
2015-07-31bug 1391: corrected value checkINOPIAE
2015-07-31Merge branch 'bug-1391'Benny Baumann
2015-07-31bug 1391: fixed syntax in sql statementINOPIAE
2015-07-31Merge branch 'bug-1391'Benny Baumann
2015-07-31bug 1391: added range check for pointsINOPIAE
2015-07-31Merge branch 'bug-1391'Benny Baumann
2015-07-31bug 1391: fix sql statementBenny Baumann
2015-07-31bug 1391: Fix WhitespaceBenny Baumann
2015-07-28Merge branch 'bug-1391'Benny Baumann
2015-07-28Merge branch 'bug-1390'Benny Baumann
2015-07-22bug-1390: added escaping wit htmlspecialchars function and encoding UTF-8bug-1390INOPIAE
2015-07-22bug 1391: adjusted query so that only the non administrative increase assuran...INOPIAE
2015-07-22bug 1391: removed insert of administrative increase entry for normal assuranceINOPIAE
2015-07-22bug 1390: added quoted_printable_decode to make sure that the encoding of the...INOPIAE
2012-04-29Remove the external directory as we use the zendframework package from DebianMichael Tänzer
2012-04-29Also apply the __toString fix to UserInfoMichael Tänzer
2012-04-29__toString() throws a fatal error if it takes arguments in PHP 5.3Michael Tänzer
2012-02-07The flag is actually for Organisation Assurers, not adminsMichael Tänzer
2011-07-05Doh, copy and paste errorMichael Tänzer
2011-07-05Implement batch assurance.Michael Tänzer
2011-06-30Add .gitignoreMichael Tänzer
2011-06-30Move flagsAction() functionality into the user modelMichael Tänzer
2011-06-30challenge: if date is not given use the default value from the databaseMichael Tänzer
2011-06-28Move assurer challenge action logic into modelMichael Tänzer
2011-06-28Admin increase: get rid of the "fragment" flag as experience points shouldMichael Tänzer
2011-06-28Implement administrative increase in the user modelMichael Tänzer
2011-06-22Remove settings from repository controlMichael Tänzer
2011-06-21Correctly calculate ageMichael Tänzer
2011-06-20Missing space in SQL queryMichael Tänzer
2011-06-20Doh, apparently the convention has changed nowadays models are placed in the ...Michael Tänzer
2011-06-20Factor out functionality into a model so the controllers get more lightweightMichael Tänzer
2010-11-25log login attempts (login + sha1(pw))markus
2010-11-25less debug info to syslogroot
2010-09-07Fix Bug #861: set flags - set of flags different to - admin console flagsMichael Tänzer
2010-08-23add doc file linked from cacert1. news blog (fake rss)markus