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Add new profile nginx_revproxy and use it for email
This commit adds a new profile nginx_revproxy to setup an nginx based reverse proxy. The commit contains configuration for such a proxy to forward traffic for to the http virtual host on the webstatic system. It also contains custom nginx configuration to enable the redirects from old URLs to the motion and selfservice systems. The profile includes x509cert_common to install the certificate and private key required for the virtual host. The new profile is assigned to email via the email role.
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diff --git a/sitemodules/roles/manifests/email.pp b/sitemodules/roles/manifests/email.pp
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--- a/sitemodules/roles/manifests/email.pp
+++ b/sitemodules/roles/manifests/email.pp
@@ -18,11 +18,12 @@
# Copyright
# ---------
-# Copyright 2019 Jan Dittberner
+# Copyright 2019, 2020 Jan Dittberner
class roles::email {
include profiles::base
include profiles::rsyslog
include profiles::icinga2_agent
include profiles::cacert_selfservice_api
+ include profiles::nginx_revproxy