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5 daysUse infra02 as DNS resolver for infra03HEADmasterJan Dittberner
Infra02 has information about all infrastructure hosts and can resolve names like puppet, proxyout, emailout. This commit changes the DNS resolver of infra03 to use infra02.
2021-05-24Add profile for LXC host for infra03Jan Dittberner
Setup ntp, dnsmasq and resolv.conf for LXC hosting
2020-07-08Add the users for new infrastructure adminsJan Dittberner
This commit adds account information (names, uids, password hashes, ssh public keys) for new infrastructure admins: - Bruce Shuck - Dave van der Merwe - Dirk Meyer - Ed Kapitein - Hamish Gough Permissions to individual systems/containers will be granted on demand in separate commits.
2020-06-21Fix yamllint warnings for hiera dataJan Dittberner
2020-05-16Add Markus Warg (credentials from git)Jan Dittberner
2019-07-21Modify icinga2 agent setupJan Dittberner
- use ticket generated by icinga2 pki ticket on master - remove commented code from icinga2_master manifest - use icinga2 module for icinga2_agent
2019-07-21Define Icinga2 CA on masterJan Dittberner
2019-07-21Add master key and certificatesJan Dittberner
icinga2 node setup on agents requires the master certificate, the CA certificate is not sufficient.
2019-07-21Prepare icinga2_agent installation on puppetJan Dittberner
2019-07-21Rework of icinga2 master setupJan Dittberner
- replace debconf calls with preseed config for icinga2-ido-pgsql package - remove host key and certificate from monitor (these will be setup later) - disable icinga2_agent installation on puppet
2019-07-20Move management of Icinga2 CA certificateJan Dittberner
- move parameter to icinga2_common - move hiera data from monitor node to common
2019-07-20Add icinga2_agent module and apply it to puppetJan Dittberner
2019-07-20Fix hiera syntax for apt::purge parameterJan Dittberner
2019-07-20Manage apt sources with apt moduleJan Dittberner
2019-07-19Fix hiera data and used fact for IP addressJan Dittberner
2019-07-18Add new profile to install Icinga2 on monitorJan Dittberner
2019-07-13Add internal monitor IP for nrpeJan Dittberner
2018-11-20Add hiera data for emailoutJan Dittberner
2018-10-31Fix broken yaml indentationJan Dittberner
2018-10-31Add configuration for test3 containerJan Dittberner
- add mendel, neo, ted, gukk users - define new role testinstance - assign role and users to test3
2018-07-25Replace ssh key for janddJan Dittberner
2018-04-14Add new RSA ssh key for MarioJan Dittberner
2018-04-06Define puppet configuration for bugsJan Dittberner
- add new role bugs - define account information for dirk and wytze
2018-02-22Setup zsh new user templateJan Dittberner
2018-02-21Add nrpe_agent profile and apply it for svnJan Dittberner
2017-05-13Define login shell of admin usersJan Dittberner
2017-04-13Manage authorized ssh keys for adminsJan Dittberner
2016-11-05Restructure to use r10kJan Dittberner
This commit adds metadata to the profiles module, introduces a Puppetfile for r10k and moves site specific modules to its own sitemodules directory.
2016-11-05Add admin users for puppet and svnroot
2016-11-04Puppet manifest skeletonJan Dittberner