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2019-08-04Install nagios-plugins-contrib on Icinga2 nodesJan Dittberner
The ssl_cert check command will be used to monitor local certificate files and is provided in the nagios-plugins-contrib package.
2019-08-04Add client certificates for monitoringJan Dittberner
- provide new profile profiles::icinga2_certificates - add extmon_client on extmon - add monitor_client on monitor
2019-07-28Fix Apt::Update order for icinga2 packagesJan Dittberner
2019-07-21Add Icingaweb2Jan Dittberner
2019-07-21Modify icinga2 agent setupJan Dittberner
- use ticket generated by icinga2 pki ticket on master - remove commented code from icinga2_master manifest - use icinga2 module for icinga2_agent
2019-07-21Remove unused parameters from icinga2_commonJan Dittberner
2019-07-21Use icinga2 class in icinga2_master manifestJan Dittberner
2019-07-21Do not manage certs in icinga2_commonJan Dittberner
2019-07-21Add missing changes for icinga2 moduleJan Dittberner
2019-07-21Initialize Icinga2 classJan Dittberner
2019-07-21Add master key and certificatesJan Dittberner
icinga2 node setup on agents requires the master certificate, the CA certificate is not sufficient.
2019-07-20Move management of Icinga2 CA certificateJan Dittberner
- move parameter to icinga2_common - move hiera data from monitor node to common
2019-07-20Use virtual resource for dependencyJan Dittberner
2019-07-20Prepare for icinga2_agent manifestJan Dittberner
- move installation of Icinga2 and apt-pinnig to profiles::icinga2_common - define a new API user for getting a PKI ticket