path: root/sitemodules/profiles/manifests/x509cert_common.pp
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-11Set group for private keys to ssl-certJan Dittberner
2022-03-22Create group ssl-cert if missingJan Dittberner
2021-05-11Fix default file mode for private keysJan Dittberner
2021-05-08Fix unsupported variable reassignmentJan Dittberner
2021-05-08Use x509cert_common for cacert_boardvotingJan Dittberner
2021-04-25Add client certificate CA support to x509cert_commonJan Dittberner
2020-06-06Adapt permissions on /etc/ssl/privateJan Dittberner
2020-06-06Fix puppet parser, epp and puppet-lint issuesJan Dittberner
2020-06-06Add new profile x509cert_commonJan Dittberner