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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-16Fix ports in config template for motionJan Dittberner
2022-07-11Use for CRLsJan Dittberner
2022-07-10Fix compatibility with Python 3.7, use crl2Jan Dittberner
2022-06-23Fix timeout handling in update-crlsJan Dittberner
2022-06-19Fix certificate pathJan Dittberner
2022-06-19Improve update-crlsJan Dittberner
2022-06-19Refactor update-crlsJan Dittberner
2022-06-18Allow migrations and webhooks to internal IPsJan Dittberner
2022-05-08Define a cache_dir for squidJan Dittberner
2022-05-08Raise maximum object size for proxy caching to 500 MBJan Dittberner
2022-04-30Use system mailer to avoid certificate issuesJan Dittberner
2022-04-03Modern Apache httpd does not need separate chainJan Dittberner
2022-03-22Move upstream directive to http blockJan Dittberner
2022-03-22Setup nginx reverse proxy for GiteaJan Dittberner
2022-03-22Try #2 for Gitea config idempotenceJan Dittberner
2022-03-22Adjust whitespace for gitea configJan Dittberner
2022-03-12Use file sessions for giteaJan Dittberner
2022-03-12Fixes for giteaJan Dittberner
2022-03-12Use Integer type for gitea_portJan Dittberner
2022-03-12Add gitea profile for codeJan Dittberner
2021-08-15Move http proxy_pass into location blockJan Dittberner
2021-08-15Move nginx http config to templateJan Dittberner
2021-08-15Remove misleading comment in sniproxy templateJan Dittberner
2021-08-15Fix parameter passingJan Dittberner
2021-08-15Use correct data typesJan Dittberner
2021-08-15Implement http redirect/proxy support for sniproxyJan Dittberner
2021-08-01Remove unwanted linebreaksJan Dittberner
2021-06-19Use infra02 as DNS resolver for infra03Jan Dittberner
2021-05-24Add profile for LXC host for infra03Jan Dittberner
2021-05-08Use x509cert_common for cacert_boardvotingJan Dittberner
2021-04-29Manage svn Apache configurationJan Dittberner
2021-04-25Remove duplicate SSLCertificateFile directive for wikiJan Dittberner
2021-04-25Add certificate/apache httpd management for wikiJan Dittberner
2021-04-25Migrate wordpress profile to x509cert_commonJan Dittberner
2021-04-25Move wordpress-ssl.conf to templatesJan Dittberner
2021-04-25Use x509cert_common for bugsJan Dittberner
2021-04-25Move mantis-ssl.conf to templatesJan Dittberner
2021-02-06Add IPv6 listener to the proxyin nginxJan Dittberner
2021-02-06Cleanup after switch from sniproxy to nginxJan Dittberner
2021-02-06Setup nginx to server SNI tls on port 8443Jan Dittberner
2021-01-23Manage ssh configurationJan Dittberner
2020-06-21Replace custom Python webhook with packaged webhookJan Dittberner
2020-06-06Add proxy headers for name based virtual hostingJan Dittberner
2020-06-06Fix variable name in virtual host templateJan Dittberner
2020-06-06Fix template file nameJan Dittberner
2020-06-06Fix puppet parser, epp and puppet-lint issuesJan Dittberner
2020-06-06Add new profile nginx_revproxy and use it for emailJan Dittberner
2020-06-04Fix missing placeholder in templateJan Dittberner
2020-06-04Add new parameter for cacert-selfservice-api 0.3.0Jan Dittberner
2020-06-04Add new parameters for cacert-selfservice 0.2.0Jan Dittberner