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+CAcert Assurer Training Event -- Canberra
+Dear Member of the CAcert Community,
+Much has happened during recent years. The old way of orally-transmitted procedures has now gone, and our rules have been cast into formal policies. New procedures (e.g. the Assurer Challenge) and obligations (e.g. in the CAcert Community Agreement) have been approved.
+The Assurer Training Events bring all this to you, the Assurer, and the Community:
+- What do you have to add onto the CAP form if you assure minors ?
+- What are the 2 essential CCA points you have to present an Assuree ?
+- Who can access the Member's privacy information?
+Answers to these and many other questions typically faced by Assurers are given at the Assurer Training Events (ATEs).
+ATE-Canberra takes place at:
+* Tuesday, Oct 12th, 2010
+* Grant Cameron Community Centre, 27-29 Mulley St, Holder
+* 7:00pm
+For Registration please reply: 'I will attend ATE-Canberra'
+We are looking forward to hearing from you.
+- Best regards from the Event Team!
+PS: Contact:
+Location, Transportation and other event details at