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-//showheader(_("CAcert - Non-Related Persons - Disclaimer and Licence"));
+<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
+<head><title>NRP-DAL was replaced by the Root Distribution License</title></head>
<table border="1" bgcolor="#EEEEEE"><tr><td>
-<h1 align="center"> <?=_("Non-Related Persons")?> </h1>
-<h2 align="center"> <?=_("(Disclaimer and Licence)")?> </h2>
-<h2> <?=_("Definitions")?> </h2>
-<?=_("This is a Disclaimer and Licence from
-<u> CAcert Inc </u>,
-the 'issuer',
-to you, the 'user',
-being a general user of the Internet.")?>
-<h2> Disclaimer </h2>
-<?=_("The issuer has no other agreement with you,
-and has no control nor knowledge
-as to how you intend to use the products of the issuer.
-You alone take on all of the risk and all of the
-liability of your usage.
-The issuer makes no guarantee, warranty nor promise to you.")?>
-<?=_("Therefore, to the fullest extent possible in law,
-on behalf of itself and its related parties.")?>
-<h2> <?=_("Licence")?> </h2>
-<?=_("This licence offers you a non-exclusive, non-transferable
-'PERMISSION TO USE' certificates issued by issuer.")?>
- <?=_("You may 'USE' the certificates as facilitated
- by your software. For example,
- you may construct connections, read emails,
- load code or otherwise, as facilitated by your
- software.")?>
- </li><li>
- <?=_("You may NOT RELY on any statements or claims
- made by the certificates or implied in any way.")?>
- </li><li>
- <?=_("If your software is licensed under a separate
- third party agreement, it may be permitted
- to make statements or claims based on the certificates.
- You may NOT RELY on these statements or claims.")?>
- </li><li>
- <?=_("You may NOT distribute certificates or root keys
- under this licence, nor make representation
- about them.")?>
-<h2> <?=_("Alternatives")?> </h2>
-<?=_("If you find the terms of the above
-Non-Related Persons
-Disclaimer and Licence
-difficult or inadequate for your use, you may wish to")?>
- <?=sprintf(_("As an individual,
- %sregister with issuer%s
- and enter into the user agreement.
- This is free."),"<a href='https://www.cacert.org/index.php?id=1'>","</a>")?>
- </li><li>
- <?=_("As a Third Party Distributor,
- enter into a separate third party agreement
- with issuer.")?>
- </li><li>
- <?=_("Delete issuer's roots from your software.
- Your software documentation should give
- directions and assistance for this.")?>
-<?=_("These alternatives are outside the above
-Non-Related Persons Disclaimer and Licence
-and do not incorporate.")?>
+The document "Non Related Persons - Disclaimer And Licence" was replaced by the Root Distribution Licence, which can be found <a href="/policy/RootDistributionLicense.php">here</a>.