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Project Description Owner Last Change
cacert-codedocs.git Sphinx based code documentation CAcert documentation 8 months ago
cacert-devel.git CAcert's authoritative develop... Software Assessors 35 hours ago
cacert-mgr.git Test management system, intera... Software Assessors 3 years ago
cacert.git Import of the official CAcert... Software Assessors 4 years ago
deb-patches.git Patches for various Debian... Infrastructure Admins No commits
In active development
cacert-boardvoting.git CAcert Board Voting Tool Jan Dittberner 12 days ago
cacert-selfservice-api.git CAcert community self service... Jan Dittberner 7 days ago
cacert-selfservice.git CAcert community self service... Jan Dittberner 7 days ago
cacert-votebot.git CAcert IRC vote bot Jan Dittberner 16 months ago
Infrastructure development
cacert-icinga2-conf_d.git Icinga2 configuration for... Infrastructure Admins 7 days ago
cacert-infradocs.git Sphinx based infrastructure... Infrastructure Admins 6 days ago
cacert-puppet.git Puppet configuration for CAcer... Infrastructure Admins 6 days ago
No longer under active development
cacert-birdshack.git A redevelopment of the CAcert... Currently unmaintained 8 years ago
cacert-rccrtauth.git Patch for RoundCube to enable... Currently unmaintained 9 days ago