2009-04-28  Mario Lipinskitesting around with servlets
2009-04-28  Mario Lipinskibuild and ignore within
2009-04-28  Mario Lipinskiignore some ant stuff
2009-04-28  Mario Lipinskifirst servlet stuff
2009-04-27  Philipp DunkelTest for Error Recovery added to BSCP
2009-04-27  Alejandro Mery... Added structure for the web frontend subproject
2009-04-27  Philipp DunkelBSCP Looking Good
2009-04-26  Alejandro Mery... Added structure for python bindings
2009-04-24  Philipp DunkelCRC Packet Checks
2009-04-24  Philipp DunkelReworking IO
2009-04-24  Philipp DunkelREqork IO
2009-04-24  Philipp DunkelBasic Comm Interface Stuff (pipes)
2009-04-24  Philipp DunkelBasic Comm Interface Stuff (pipes)
2009-04-24  Philipp DunkelInitial Source Stuff
2009-04-24  Philipp DunkelRepository Setup
2009-04-24  Mario Lipinskiopen things for discussion
2009-04-24  Mario Lipinskirenames CAcert to BirdShack working name
2009-04-24  Mario Lipinskiremoved binary files
2009-04-24  Mario Lipinskiignoring eclipse project stuff
2009-04-24  Mario Lipinskigit-svn-id: d4452222...