Implement motion editing
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2017-04-15  Jan DittbernerAdd code from real production environment reality
2010-08-23  Markus WargMerge ssh://
2009-08-02  Mark LipscombeRestrict ability to withdraw motions to the proponent...
2009-07-13  community.cacert.orgsubject line of certificate not quite correct
2009-07-12  community.cacert.orgfix Email address certificate lookup
2009-07-03  community.cacert.orgrounding to end of UTC date for due datetime as reuqest...
2009-06-18  community.cacert.orgremove post commit update query
2009-06-15  community.cacert.orgfix numbering
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgadd reminder query + fix UTF-8 on email
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgadd reminder functionality
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgvote notifications
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgcharacter set fix
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgdeployed to use board email list.
2009-05-30  community.cacert.orgvoting types now all implemented. majority and quorum...
2009-05-30  community.cacert.orgdeadlocks don't pass
2009-05-29  community.cacert.orgadd show outstanding votes option for board members
2009-05-29  community.cacert.orgadd email threading headers
2009-05-29  community.cacert.orgcentralise authentication + more certificate checking
2009-05-27  community.cacert.orgadd empty SQL structure. Add links to single entities
2009-05-26  community.cacert.orgadd showvotes functionality and remove notification...
2009-05-26  community.cacert.orgconsolidate mail functions. typo in mail message fix...
2009-05-21  community.cacert.orgput return address on email
2009-05-21  Philipp DunkelVoting Tool