Remove ability to modify motions.
[cacert-boardvoting.git] / motions.php
2009-08-02  Mark LipscombeRemove ability to modify motions.
2009-08-02  Mark LipscombeFix small typo, withdraw vs. withdrawl
2009-07-12  community.cacert.orgclosing votes now controlled by crontab (user www-data...
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgformat voter/votes with : suggested by Mario
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgword wrap
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgvoting options and new motion links for board members...
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgcharacter set fix
2009-05-30  community.cacert.orgvoting types now all implemented. majority and quorum...
2009-05-29  community.cacert.orgadd show outstanding votes option for board members
2009-05-29  community.cacert.orgadd email threading headers
2009-05-29  community.cacert.orgwithdrawling motions now authenticated and notices...
2009-05-29  community.cacert.orgadd withdrawl motion option
2009-05-27  community.cacert.orgphp functions for escaping
2009-05-27  community.cacert.orgadd empty SQL structure. Add links to single entities
2009-05-26  community.cacert.orgadd showvotes functionality and remove notification...
2009-05-21  Philipp DunkelVoting Tool