2019-08-12  Jan DittbernerAdd missing newline in README master
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRefine HTML layout 0.6.0
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerAdd icon images
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerImprove documentation
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerRemove .htaccess from PHP age
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerInitialize logger with timestamps 0.5.0
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerEnsure that the application can start with a new database
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for how to setup and use the software
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerRemove unused MigrationsPath config parameter
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerApply Apache License 2.0
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerRemove unused styles.css file
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerUpdate to latest jQuery and Semantic-UI
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerUpdate semantic UI to 2.4.2
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerModernize Go code
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerUpdate .gitignore
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerFix syntax error
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerBuild go-bindata before building the application
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerSimplify Jenkinsfile
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerSwitch to go modules
2018-03-31  Jan DittbernerIgnore count of applied migrations from migrate.Exec
2018-03-31  Jan DittbernerImplement CSRF protection
2018-03-31  Jan DittbernerRemove unused goose dependency constraints
2018-03-29  Jan DittbernerInclude $GOPATH in $PATH 0.4.2
2018-03-29  Jan DittbernerInstall the go-bindata binary before build
2018-03-29  Jan DittbernerMake sure go-bindata is installed before building
2018-03-29  Jan DittbernerOnly archive the cacert-boardvoting binary and the... 0.4.1
2018-03-29  Jan DittbernerUpdate dependencies 0.4.0
2018-03-29  Jan DittbernerUse assets for mail templates
2018-03-29  Jan DittbernerUse static assets for HTML templates
2018-03-29  Jan DittbernerEmbed database migrations
2018-01-14  Jan DittbernerUpdate dependencies 0.3.1
2018-01-14  Jan DittbernerImprove denied error page and output current authentica...
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerRemove duplicate jenkins- from BUILD id
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerUse a Jenkins build number for build id
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerFix missing single quote 0.3.0
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerChange to build directory inside shell blocks
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerMove environment declaration to stage blocks
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerDefine target build directory environment variable
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerReduce shell calls to single steps
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerUse temporary path for gopath
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerFix compile errors with pinned dependency versions
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerAdd direct call to dep
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerSet PATH to include gocode/bin
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerUse dep in Jenkinsfile
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerAdd dep dependency management
2017-05-14  Jan DittbernerAdd Jenkinsfile to enable Jenkins build
2017-05-14  Jan DittbernerChange motion content formatting
2017-04-30  Jan DittbernerUse Semantic UI for all HTML templates 0.2.0
2017-04-29  Jan DittbernerWork on Semantic UI theming
2017-04-22  Jan DittbernerAdd jQuery and Semantic-UI for theming
2017-04-22  Jan DittbernerSwitch to more flexible go-logging
2017-04-22  Jan DittbernerMake compilation more verbose
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerUse loggo for logging 0.1.0
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerRun goose migration on application startup
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerAdd goose database migrations
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerRemove PHP code
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerUse INSERT OR REPLACE to allow changing votes
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerRefactor notifications to use a cleaner interface
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement direct voting
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement proxy voting
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement reminder job
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement decision closing job
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement vote closing, refactor notifications
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement withdraw motion
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement motion editing
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement motion creation mail template
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerAdd version and build number output
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerPartialy add new motion creation
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerHide own votes link if no voter is authenticated
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerSwitch to context API
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement proper model, actions and template structure
2017-04-21  Jan DittbernerImplement more RESTful URLs for motions
2017-04-15  Jan DittbernerInitial Go code for reimplementation
2017-04-15  Jan DittbernerRewrap database.sql for better readability
2017-04-15  Jan DittbernerAdd code from real production environment reality
2010-08-23  Markus Wargremove dummy file
2010-08-23  Markus WargMerge ssh://
2010-08-23  Markus Wargadd dummy file
2009-08-02  Mark LipscombeRestrict ability to withdraw motions to the proponent...
2009-08-02  Mark LipscombeRemove ability to modify motions.
2009-08-02  Mark LipscombeFix small typo, withdraw vs. withdrawl
2009-07-13  community.cacert.orgsubject line of certificate not quite correct
2009-07-12  community.cacert.orgfix Email address certificate lookup
2009-07-12  community.cacert.orgclosing votes now controlled by crontab (user www-data...
2009-07-03  community.cacert.orgrounding to end of UTC date for due datetime as reuqest...
2009-06-18  community.cacert.orgremove post commit update query
2009-06-15  community.cacert.orgfix numbering
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgfix schema documentation
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgformat voter/votes with : suggested by Mario
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgadd reminder query + fix UTF-8 on email
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgadd reminder functionality
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgword wrap
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgvoting options and new motion links for board members...
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgvote notifications
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgcharacter set fix
2009-06-12  community.cacert.orgdeployed to use board email list.
2009-05-30  community.cacert.orgvoting types now all implemented. majority and quorum...
2009-05-30  community.cacert.orgadd 28 day due option. authenticate proponent properly...
2009-05-30  community.cacert.orgdeadlocks don't pass
2009-05-29  community.cacert.orgcosmetic fix around "Due"