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4 <title>CAcert NEWS Blog</title>
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6 <description>CAcert NEWS and up coming events.</description>
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12 <title>Looking for confirmation email on creating account?</title>
13 <description>Please go to login with your just created account and password. Under MAIL you'll find your individual confirmation email.
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18 <title>You are interested in helping Testing ?</title>
19 <description>Create your test account on the Testserver. Beware of the confirmation email (see above) Entry page for Testers: Please contact Ulrich becoming a Testteam member.</description>
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23 <title>Dear Testers</title>
24 <description>We had one work with no activity on the testserver caused by inactivity by the Software-Assessment team, caused by router problems at the hosting site of the testserver. Probably latter has been fixed.
26 The reported bugs can be categorized into
27 1. Testserver-Mgmt-System related
28 2. Production Server recovery process to Testserver
29 3. general software errors
31 Group 1+2 are essential for our current test phase, as they covers the problems in building the base testserver environment that is needed for testing.
33 So language and country selection support is an essential feature we've worked on the last week.
35 One problem couldn't be solved till today: secondary language selection all other country and language related bugs should be fixed in the meantime.
37 Also the Show my Points details now has the correct script (after some confusion in the Software-Assessment team and one developer), comparable to the script on the production website.
39 On the main entry page for testers the updates on the bugs are marked with (i) so here comes the 2nd test round ...
41 Please report your found bugs and also success reports to the listed bug numbers
43 Thanks for your assistance .... ;)</description>
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