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18 <h3><?=_("CAcert Web of Trust Rules")?></h3>
20 <p><?=_("It is essential that CAcert Assurers understand and follow the rules below to ensure that applicants for assurance are suitably identified, which, in turn, maintains trust in the system.")?></p>
22 <p><?=_("Contact")?><br>
23 <br>
24 * <?=_("You must meet the applicant in person;")?><br>
25 * <?=_("You must sight at least one form of government issued photo identification. It's preferable if 2 forms of Government issued photo ID are presented, as less points may be issued if there is any doubt on the person by the person issuing points;")?><br>
26 * <?=_("Complete the assurance form if the applicant has not already done so. Ensure that all information matches.")?><br>
27 </p>
29 <p><?=_("Processing")?><br>
30 <?=_("After the meeting, visit the CAcert Web site's make an Assurance page and:")?><br>
31 <br>
32 * <?=_("Enter the applicant's email address;")?><br>
33 * <?=_("Compare the online information to the information recorded on the paper form;")?><br>
34 * <?=_("If, and only if, the two match completely - you may award trust points up to the maximum points you are able to allocate;")?><br>
35 </p>
37 <p><?=_("Privacy")?><br>
38 <?=_("It is imperative that you maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the applicant, and never disclose the information obtained without the applicant's consent.")?></p>
40 <p><?=_("Fees")?><br>
41 <?=_("You may charge a fee for your expenses if the applicant has been advised of the amount prior to the meeting.")?></p>
43 <p><?=_("Liability")?><br>
44 <?=_("A CAcert Assurer who knowingly, or reasonably ought to have known, assures an applicant contrary to this policy may be held liable.")?></p>
46 <p><?=_("Assurance Points")?><br>
47 <?=_("CAcert may, from time to time, alter the amount of Assurance Points that a class of assurer may assign as is necessary to effect a policy or rule change. We may also alter the amount of Assurance Points available to an individual, or new class of assurer, should another policy of CAcert require this.")?></p>