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1 CAcert Assurer Training Event Goteborg
2 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
4 Much has happened during the past year. A list of up till now mostly
5 "orally transmitted" rules have been cast in policies. New procedures
6 (e.g. the Assurer Challenge) and obligations (e.g. in the CAcert
7 Community Agreement) have been decided. The Assurer Training Events
8 try to bring all this informations to "the people":
10 - To what, does the CCA protect every CAcert-Community-Member and as
11 such also you?
12 - Can you recount the 5 statements of the "Purpose of Assurance"?
13 - Can you at least recount 10 security marks of the Swedish passport
14 /Identity card?
16 Answers to these and following questions are given at the Assurer
17 Training Events (ATE\92s).
18 Participation in the events is free, Contributions are however
19 appreciated.
22 The ATE-Goteborg takes place on:
23 - Wednesday, Dec 16th from 20:00 till 22:00
24 - at
25 - []
26 - Massans gata 24
27 - 402 26 Goteborg, Sweden
29 The Event-Team is already excited about your participation.
31 Registration ATE-Goteborg
32 []
34 Remark from Leif-Joran:
35 I have a backup room at my department just a couple of
36 hundred meters from Gothia Towers. L307, Lennart Torstenssons-gatan 8
38 Remarks from Ted:
39 As I understand it, it will probably be harder to find a room inside the
40 hotel than to find the hotel itself, it boasts to be the biggest hotel
41 in Skandinavia...
43 My mobile phone number is +49 151 52634367. I'm there on a probably
44 quite busy business trip, so it may be that I have to cancel the whole
45 thing on short notice.
46 I propose that you try to contact me by phone before leaving home, so I
47 can confirm that I will be there.
49 Also I don't have much time to prepare, so please don't expect something
50 like a professional presentation from me. I hope it will be a nice
51 little meeting, we will assure each others, you'll ask questions you
52 always wanted to ask about CACert and I'll tell you about all the things
53 that have recently changed at CAcert, at least the important ones. And
54 maybe I'll try to trick you into making a false assurance, just to show
55 you where problems are expected. :-)
58 contact: