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2011-05-23  rootbug-827 ... completely rewritten 15.php, now necessary...
2011-05-05  rootjust a simple test for the checkout/checkin-procedure ;-)
2011-02-22  Michael Tänzer#827: Fix Thawte patch
2011-02-16  Michael Tänzer#827: Review Thawte Patch
2010-12-15  dirk astrathforgot to remov the test-setting for not-calculating...
2010-12-14  dirk astrathDon't count experience points if not enough assurance...
2010-12-14  dirk astrathcorrected thawte-patch according to last arbitrations...
2010-11-30  Markus Warg
2010-11-30  Michael Tänzer
2010-11-30  rootShow 'my points' in reverse order (newest points count...
2010-11-23  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-876' into release 2010-11-23
2010-11-23  Michael Tänzersource code taken from cacert-20101031.tar.bz2
2010-08-12  Markus Wargsource code taken from cacert-20100805.tar.bz2
2010-08-12  Markus Wargsource code taken from cacert-20100803.tar.bz2
2010-08-12  Markus Wargsource code taken from cacert-20100802.tar.bz2
2010-08-12  Markus Wargsource code taken from cacert-20100706.tar.bz2
2010-05-06  Markus Wargsource code taken from cacert-20100505.tar.bz2
2010-03-29  Markus Wargremove cacert/ prefix