Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-1213' into release
[cacert-devel.git] / scripts / thawte_DE.txt
2012-10-31  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-978' into release
2012-07-25  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-789' into release
2012-01-19  Bernhard FröhlichMerge branch 'release' into bug-855 bug-855
2012-01-10  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'release' into bug-985 bug-985
2012-01-05  Bernhard FröhlichMerge branch 'bug-794' into release
2011-12-26  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-957' into release
2011-12-22  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20111217.tar.bz2
2011-11-27  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-827' into release
2011-11-23  Michael Tänzerbug 827: Changes requested by Alexander Bahlo bug-827
2011-11-23  Michael Tänzerbug 827: Update texts for mailing
2011-11-23  dirkMerge branch 'release' of ssh://
2011-11-22  Michael Tänzerbug 827: Fix mailing script and add translated texts