2012-11-11  INOPIAEbug 977:Changed layout if no result found bug-977
2012-10-30  Ulrich Schröterbug 977: Differentiate between User and Organization...
2012-10-16  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2012-10-16  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20121013.tar.bz2
2012-10-11  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1091' into release
2012-10-02  Michael Tänzerbug 1091: Thou shall not use \n in single quotes bug-1091
2012-10-02  Michael Tänzerbug 1091: Fix line endings and add note to write to...
2012-09-13  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1019' into release
2012-08-25  Michael Tänzerbug 1091: Put some text around the "Find an Assurer...
2012-08-21  Michael TänzerMerge tarballs into release
2012-08-21  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20120810.tar.bz2
2012-08-10  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1024' into release
2012-08-09  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-981' into release
2012-07-25  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1003' into release
2012-07-25  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-789' into release
2012-07-25  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1075' into release
2012-07-25  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-540' into release
2012-07-17  Michael Tänzerbug 1075: remove the CAP links from the assure someone... bug-1075
2012-07-03  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-967' into release
2012-06-12  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2012-06-12  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20120610.tar.bz2
2012-06-09  Michael Tänzerbug 1072: Change IP addresses bug-1072
2012-06-05  Michael TänzerBug 1003: send message to user if the flag is being...
2012-05-30  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1023' into release
2012-05-22  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Formatting of the messages
2012-05-22  Michael Tänzerbug 1023: Adjust the explanation for the date
2012-05-22  Michael Tänzerbug 1019: Also apply the fix to the logged out form... bug-1019
2012-05-22  Michael Tänzerbug 1023: Mistyped variable name
2012-05-22  Michael Tänzerbug 1019: Do not allow logged in users to spam someone...
2012-05-22  Michael Tänzerbug 1019: Fix the underlying problem of the logged...
2012-05-22  Michael TänzerRevert "bug 1019: Disable the logged-in contact form...
2012-05-22  Michael TänzerRevert "bug 1019: Doh, it's printf not sprintf, and...
2012-05-20  Michael Tänzerbug 1023: Regression: checkboxes have to have the value...
2012-05-08  rootbug-1023 fixed two typos
2012-05-08  rootbug-1023 fixed some flaws detected by software review
2012-05-08  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Doh, for copy and paste.
2012-05-08  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Initial version of reset permissions script
2012-05-07  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Correct layout
2012-05-07  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Adjust the script to be compliant to new...
2012-04-30  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2012-04-30  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20120429.tar.bz2
2012-04-28  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1033' into release
2012-04-28  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1002' into release
2012-04-28  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1011' into release
2012-04-24  Michael Tänzerbug 981: Commit changes from INOPIAE bug-981
2012-04-18  Michael Tänzerbug 967: Implement check for Assurer before adding... bug-967
2012-04-18  Michael Tänzerbug 1033: Only issue up to 35 points bug-1033
2012-04-17  Michael Tänzerbug 1023: Fix regression of effective date for "yellow...
2012-04-17  Michael Tänzerbug 1023: convert flag to int before comparison
2012-04-17  Michael Tänzerbug 1023: Fix assignment vs. comparison
2012-04-15  Michael Tänzerbug 1027: Doh, missing slash bug-1027
2012-04-04  Michael Tänzerbug 1027: use the same content on the logged in and...
2012-04-03  Michael Tänzerbug 1027: Add reference to affiliate program
2012-04-03  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2012-04-03  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20120329.tar.bz2
2012-03-28  Michael Tänzerbug 1024: now for the interesting stuff: implement... bug-1024
2012-03-28  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'release' into bug-1024
2012-03-28  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-1003' into release
2012-03-28  rootbug-1023 added method for board ... hopefully ... ;-)
2012-03-28  rootMerge branch 'release' of ssh://
2012-03-27  rootbug 1023 refixed date/location
2012-03-27  rootbug 1023 changed methods for ttpadmin
2012-03-22  Michael Tänzerbug 1024: extract the SQL from the mysql_query() call
2012-03-22  Michael Tänzerbug 1024: Put the SQL query into a single string literal
2012-03-21  Bernhard FröhlichCommented out last changes, but keep them there to...
2012-03-18  Bernhard FroehlichCode proposal to sync assurer flag
2012-03-18  Bernhard FroehlichRemoved training semikolon from SQL statement
2012-03-11  rootMerge branch 'bug-1023' of ssh://
2012-03-21  Michael Tänzerbug 1023: Fix from magu for the location showing up...
2012-03-11  rootbug 1023 added the two missing lines, which caused...
2012-03-11  rootbug-1023 changed 6.php to new coding (preparation for...
2012-03-01  Michael Tänzerbug 1019: Doh, it's printf not sprintf, and make the...
2012-03-01  Michael Tänzerbug 1019: Disable the logged-in contact form until...
2012-02-07  Michael Tänzerbug 1011: Move HTML markup out of the translation bug-1011
2012-01-31  Michael Tänzerbug 1011: work around PHP 5.2
2012-01-31  Michael Tänzerbug 1011: Escape all special characters, not only non...
2012-01-30  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Doh
2012-01-30  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Make scripts resilient against working direct...
2012-01-30  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'release' into bug-1003
2012-01-26  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2012-01-26  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20120125.tar.bz2
2012-01-24  Michael TänzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-985' into...
2012-01-21  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: A little adjustment to the layout
2012-01-21  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: PHP won't let you expand constants in strings
2012-01-21  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: make script executable
2012-01-21  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Add permission review script
2012-01-21  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Adjust relative include path after move
2012-01-21  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2012-01-21  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20120119.tar.bz2
2012-01-21  Michael Tänzerbug 1003: Move cron jobs into a separate folder
2012-01-19  Bernhard FröhlichMerge branch 'bug-855' into release
2012-01-19  Bernhard FröhlichMerge branch 'release' into bug-855 bug-855
2012-01-10  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'release' into bug-985 bug-985
2012-01-10  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2012-01-10  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20120105.tar.bz2
2012-01-05  Bernhard FröhlichMerge branch 'bug-794' into release
2012-01-05  Bernhard Fröhlichfixed rebase conflicts bug-794
2012-01-05  Michael Tänzerbug 794: complete rewrite of the patch
2011-12-27  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2011-12-27  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20111227.tar.bz2