2013-08-06  Michael Tänzerbug 1136: Fix things that got lost in a merge some... bug-1136
2013-08-06  Michael Tänzerbug 1136: Use optimised SQL query from bug #922
2013-08-06  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-893' into bug-1136
2013-07-31  Michael Tänzerbug 893: Doh, forgot to adjust variable after copy...
2013-07-31  Michael Tänzerbug 893: A bit more efficiency in account_delete()
2013-07-31  Michael Tänzerbug 893: Always trim() arbitration number
2013-07-31  Michael Tänzerbug 893: Also add the check for the revocation date...
2013-07-31  Michael Tänzerbug 893: Use optimised SQL query from bug #922
2013-07-23  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-893' into bug-1136
2013-07-23  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1177' into bug-893
2013-07-23  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Fix table for support bug-1177
2013-07-23  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Fix the assurance tables
2013-07-23  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Fix colspan values for old display of assuran...
2013-07-23  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Make the support parameter optional
2013-07-23  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Additional space when showing view for support
2013-07-22  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-893' into bug-1136
2013-07-22  Benny Baumannbug 893: Remove temp_functions.php
2013-07-21  Benny Baumannbug 893: Fix indentation to make code-flow more obvious
2013-07-21  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1177' into bug-893
2013-07-21  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Removing now obsolete
2013-07-21  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Update include references from
2013-07-21  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Do some formatting/indentation work
2013-07-21  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Port other changes done in but...
2013-07-21  Benny Baumannbug 1177: Include functions from into notar...
2013-07-16  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'release' of ssh://
2013-07-16  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'tarballs' into release
2013-07-16  Michael TänzerSource code taken from cacert-20130716.tar.bz2
2013-07-15  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1190' into release
2013-07-15  Michael Tänzerbug 1190: Use double quoted strings to allow line breaks
2013-07-15  Michael Tänzerbug 1190: Doh
2013-07-15  Michael Tänzerbug 1190: Limit number of news items
2013-07-15  Michael Tänzerbug 1190: properly handle entities
2013-07-15  Michael Tänzerbug 1190: Fix possible code injection
2013-07-14  Benny BaumannMerge alternate branch 'bug-1190' by magu into bug...
2013-07-14  Martin Gummibug-1190: white space
2013-07-14  Martin Gummibug-1190: Change parsing of new feed from blog.cacert...
2013-07-14  INOPIAEbug 1190: changed length parameter to adjust the text...
2013-07-12  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-782' into release
2013-07-12  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1173' into release
2013-07-12  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1186' into release
2013-07-12  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1176' into release
2013-07-09  INOPIAEbug 1136: updated routine so all certificates are revoked.
2013-07-06  Benny Baumannbug 1186: Mixed up order of arguments bug-1186
2013-07-02  Benny Baumannbug 1186: Missing argument is missing.
2013-07-02  Benny Baumannbug 1186: Fix warning if no valid MX records are return...
2013-07-02  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Fix yet another stupid piece of legacy code... bug-1176
2013-06-26  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Set to empty string rather than unset to...
2013-06-26  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Check for the profile being set prior to...
2013-06-26  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Fix some syntax errors
2013-06-26  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Kill user session when profile array missing...
2013-06-25  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1102' into release
2013-06-25  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Fix Syntax issue of last patch
2013-06-25  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Avoid unsetting the CSRF Hashes from the...
2013-06-25  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Ensure that the notary table to show was...
2013-06-25  Benny Baumannbug 1176: User ID not always initialized properly
2013-06-25  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1134' into release
2013-06-25  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1008' into release
2013-06-25  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-999' into release
2013-06-24  INOPIAEbug 782: changed order in if statement bug-782
2013-06-24  INOPIAEbug 782: moved position of setting variable $description
2013-06-23  INOPIAEbug 782: moved definition of $description to a differen...
2013-06-23  INOPIAEbug 782: removed previous echo, fixed update sql in...
2013-06-23  INOPIAEbug 782: added some echo for tracing
2013-06-20  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Fix deprecation of split function in general.php
2013-06-19  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Don't clean up the MySQL connection when...
2013-06-19  INOPIAEbug 782: removed trace echo and removes if statement...
2013-06-19  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Ensure we have a database connection
2013-06-19  INOPIAEbug 782: removed var dump and added some echo for trace
2013-06-19  Benny Baumannbug 1102: avoid splitting the PHP code block when not... bug-1102
2013-06-19  INOPIAEbug 782: added () for var_dump
2013-06-18  Martin Gummibug-1102: Redirect to CertificationPracticeStatement.php
2013-06-18  INOPIAEbug 782: change the layout on account/12.php and accoun...
2013-06-15  Michael Tänzerbug 782: Also insert description field if
2013-06-15  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'release' into bug-782
2013-06-11  Michael Tänzerbug 782: Actually show the expiry date not the revocati...
2013-06-11  Michael Tänzerbug 782: White space clean-up
2013-06-11  Michael Tänzerbug 782: Show the footer and exit after the form so...
2013-06-11  Michael Tänzerbug 782: White space clean-up
2013-06-11  INOPIAEbug 1008: fixed query output from $res to $res1 bug-1008
2013-06-11  Michael TänzerRevert unrelated changes from "bug 782: Added a comment...
2013-06-11  INOPIAEbug 1173: corrected output, missing s with sprintf bug-1173
2013-06-04  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'bug-922' into release
2013-05-22  INOPIAEbug 1173: changed the mail part send to support
2013-05-21  INOPIAEbug 782: changed wording
2013-05-15  INOPIAEbug 1136: fixed variable typo
2013-05-14  Michael TänzerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/bug-1122' into...
2013-05-14  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'release' into bug-1121 bug-1121
2013-05-14  INOPIAEbug 782: added format for XHTML, typo fixing
2013-05-14  INOPIAEbug 782: Added comment update for all certificate view...
2013-05-14  INOPIAEbug 782: removed echos and fixed variable name
2013-05-14  INOPIAEbug 782: some echos for testing
2013-05-13  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Fix Session cleanup
2013-05-13  INOPIAEbug 782: changed of line order
2013-05-13  Benny Baumannbug 1176: Remove usage of deprecated calls to session_r...
2013-05-13  INOPIAE bug 782: changed variable names in account.php, adjust...
2013-05-13  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1094' into release
2013-05-13  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1171' into release
2013-05-13  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-1124' into release
2013-05-13  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-569' into release
2013-05-13  Benny BaumannMerge branch 'bug-740' into release