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2018-10-31  Jan DittbernerDocumented
2018-02-14  Jan DittbernerAdd support for sha256 and md5 ssh keys
2018-01-13  Jan DittbernerUpdate dependencies, fix compatibility with Sphinx...
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd sub-headers in SSH host key list
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerFix minor issues with certificate lists
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd SSH host key list generation
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerSort functions in cacert sphinx extension
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerFix PEP-8 violations
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd subject alternative name validation
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerShow ISO 8601 formatted expiration dates
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd certificate list links in host documents
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerImprove certificate handling
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerFix SAN and secondary flag handling
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerAdd directives for ssl certificates