Add new SSHFP DNS records for blog and bugs
[cacert-infradocs.git] / docs / systems / bugs.rst
2018-02-16  Jan DittbernerAdd new SSHFP DNS records for blog and bugs
2018-02-15  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on
2017-06-12  dirk astrathremoved create-account-issue (not an issue anymore)
2017-06-12  dirk astrathtypo and position of client authentication changed
2017-06-12  dirk astrathupdated current status (certificate login)
2017-05-25  dirk astrathupdated status to latest mantis release
2017-05-11  Jan DittbernerUpdate Debian release information
2017-04-13  Jan DittbernerDocument sudo access on bugs for Dirk Astrath
2016-05-16  Jan DittbernerAdd advice to subscribe to mantis announce list
2016-05-16  Jan DittbernerAdd index for bugs database, clarify Apache httpd
2016-05-08  Jan DittbernerAdd bugs container description