2019-10-04  Wytze van der... Update certificate information for
2019-08-26  Wytze van der... Update OCSP responder certificates after renewal on...
2019-08-18  Jan DittbernerFix link to external monitoring checks
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerUpgrade extmon to Debian 10.0 Buster
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerUpgrade proxyout to Debian 10.0 Buster
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerUpgrade motion to Debian 10.0 Buster
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerUpgrade proxyin to Debian 10.0 Buster
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerUpgrade jenkins to Debian 10.0 Buster
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerUpgrade emailout to Debian 10.0 Buster
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerRemove noisy section "Applicable Documentation"
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerUpgrade puppet to Debian 10.0 Buster
2019-08-06  Jan DittbernerDocument external monitoring host
2019-08-06  Jan DittbernerAdd example paragraphs for Puppet managed systems
2019-08-06  Jan DittbernerUpdate emailout documentation
2019-08-06  Jan DittbernerDocument updated
2019-08-05  Jan DittbernerRemove postfixpolicyd database
2019-08-05  Jan DittbernerRemove phpmyadmin from email
2019-08-03  Jan DittbernerDocument new cacert-boardvoting setup
2019-08-03  Jan DittbernerAdapt bugs documentation to template
2019-07-31  Jan DittbernerImprove system template
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerImprove system documentation
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerUpdate documentation for emailout
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerUpdate email documentation
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerImprove system template
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerUpdate cats documentation
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerDocument systemd and icinga2 usage on bugs
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerDocument that blog uses systemd
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerFix markup (use literal for systemd service names)
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerUpdate board documentation
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerUpdate service table for infra02
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerUpdate blog information
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerUpdate infra02 documentation
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerAdd support for SHA256 and MD5 host keys
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerReformat add extlinks definition monitor
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerUpdate dependencies
2019-07-14  Wytze van der... Add section with information about the remote console.
2019-07-13  Jan DittbernerAdd TODO for updating LXC container setup document
2019-07-13  Jan DittbernerUpdate infra02 documentation after Buster upgrade
2019-07-13  Jan DittbernerUpdate ip Sphinx extension
2019-07-13  Jan DittbernerUpdate tool dependencies
2019-07-13  Jan DittbernerUpdate docs dependencies
2019-02-01  Jan DittbernerUpdate certificates for funding and jenkins
2018-11-23  Wytze van der... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-11-23  Wytze van der... Remove unintended left-over from merge.
2018-11-22  Jan DittbernerFix minor merge issues
2018-11-22  Wytze van der... Add updates about how the system was built.
2018-11-22  Wytze van der... Merge branch 'master' of ssh://
2018-11-22  Wytze van der... Add preliminary documentation for
2018-11-21  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for test3, document IPv6 for test
2018-11-21  Jan DittbernerFix SHA-1 fingerprint calculation
2018-11-20  Jan DittbernerManage emailout and issue with puppet
2018-11-20  Wytze van der... Update sha1 fingerprint.
2018-11-20  Wytze van der... Update sha1 fingerprint.
2018-11-20  Wytze van der... Add certificate documentation for and...
2018-10-31  Jan DittbernerDocumented
2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerUpdate #! line to Python 3
2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerPort tools to Python 3
2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerMove documentation Pipfile to docs directory
2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerUpdate documentation for pipenv usage
2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerAdd Pipfile for easier local setup
2018-10-26  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for
2018-05-19  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for
2018-04-17  Jan DittbernerUpdate build dependencies
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerSetup IPv6, add missing DNS records
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerAdd mail template for DNS changes
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerAdd information about the git-pull-hook on puppet
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerUpdate admin information for bugs
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerAdd IPv6 for bugs
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerSetup puppet management for bugs
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerAdd certificate information for webdb
2018-04-03  Jan DittbernerSetup puppet management for monitor
2018-04-03  Jan DittbernerReplace irc with ircserver
2018-04-02  Jan DittbernerAdd web and webstatic to Puppet
2018-03-27  Jan DittbernerAdd IPv6 of email, add dnsmasq to infra02
2018-03-27  Jan DittbernerUpdate dependencies
2018-03-19  Jan DittbernerDocument ircserver changes
2018-03-19  Jan DittbernerSetup IPv6
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for translations
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for monitor
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for on email
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for on webmail...
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for cats
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for board
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for svn
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for lists
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for issue
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerUse full year for expiration date
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for ircserver
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerUse 4 digit year for certificate
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for git
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for blog
2018-03-11  Jan DittbernerUpdate Stretch containers to 9.4 point release
2018-03-04  Jan DittbernerRenew server certificate for
2018-02-24  Jan DittbernerAdd IPv6 for monitor
2018-02-23  Jan DittbernerUpdate translations documentation
2018-02-23  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for
2018-02-22  Jan DittbernerAdd puppet managed systems
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on svn
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for Jenkins
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerUpdate system documentation for Puppet