2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerMove documentation Pipfile to docs directory
2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerUpdate documentation for pipenv usage
2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerAdd Pipfile for easier local setup
2018-10-26  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for
2018-05-19  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for
2018-04-17  Jan DittbernerUpdate build dependencies
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerSetup IPv6, add missing DNS records
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerAdd mail template for DNS changes
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerAdd information about the git-pull-hook on puppet
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerUpdate admin information for bugs
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerAdd IPv6 for bugs
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerSetup puppet management for bugs
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerAdd certificate information for webdb
2018-04-03  Jan DittbernerSetup puppet management for monitor
2018-04-03  Jan DittbernerReplace irc with ircserver
2018-04-02  Jan DittbernerAdd web and webstatic to Puppet
2018-03-27  Jan DittbernerAdd IPv6 of email, add dnsmasq to infra02
2018-03-27  Jan DittbernerUpdate dependencies
2018-03-19  Jan DittbernerDocument ircserver changes
2018-03-19  Jan DittbernerSetup IPv6
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for translations
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for monitor
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for on email
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for on webmail...
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for cats
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for board
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for svn
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for lists
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for issue
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerUse full year for expiration date
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for ircserver
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerUse 4 digit year for certificate
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for git
2018-03-17  Jan DittbernerRenew certificate for blog
2018-03-11  Jan DittbernerUpdate Stretch containers to 9.4 point release
2018-03-04  Jan DittbernerRenew server certificate for
2018-02-24  Jan DittbernerAdd IPv6 for monitor
2018-02-23  Jan DittbernerUpdate translations documentation
2018-02-23  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for
2018-02-22  Jan DittbernerAdd puppet managed systems
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on svn
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for Jenkins
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerUpdate system documentation for Puppet
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerUpdate list of systems using proxyout for APT
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerDocument APT proxy via proxyout on email and issue
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerDocument inbound connection from web to webstatic
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerDescribe how to setup Puppet handling of an LXC container
2018-02-19  Jan DittbernerDocument lists
2018-02-19  Jan DittbernerRemove duplicate documentation link
2018-02-19  Jan DittbernerFix spelling
2018-02-19  Jan DittbernerFix index entries
2018-02-19  Jan DittbernerLink from certlist to wiki certificate documentation
2018-02-19  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on irc
2018-02-19  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on web
2018-02-17  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on ircserver container
2018-02-17  Jan DittbernerDocument webstatic
2018-02-16  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on monitor container
2018-02-16  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on irc container
2018-02-16  Jan DittbernerFix index issue
2018-02-16  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on emailout
2018-02-16  Jan DittbernerFix documentation bug for email phpMyAdmin
2018-02-16  Jan DittbernerAdd new SSHFP DNS records for blog and bugs
2018-02-15  Jan DittbernerRemove unmaintained coaudit container
2018-02-15  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on
2018-02-15  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on
2018-02-15  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on
2018-02-15  Jan DittbernerMaintenance on
2018-02-15  Jan DittbernerAdd SSHFP records for ED25519 host key
2018-02-15  Jan DittbernerRemove unmaintained arbitration system
2018-02-14  Jan DittbernerAdd support for sha256 and md5 ssh keys
2018-02-14  Jan DittbernerUpdate git system information
2018-02-14  Jan DittbernerAdd date and git information to version
2018-01-13  Jan DittbernerRemove duplicate reference to proxyout
2018-01-13  Jan DittbernerUpdate dependencies, fix compatibility with Sphinx...
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerAdd proxyout and a bit more related to LXC containers
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerAdd notes about setting up LXC containers
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerFix wrong IP address for proxyout
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerDocument proxyout
2017-06-12  dirk astrathremoved create-account-issue (not an issue anymore)
2017-06-12  dirk astrathtypo and position of client authentication changed
2017-06-12  dirk astrathupdated current status (certificate login)
2017-05-25  dirk astrathupdated status to latest mantis release
2017-05-11  Jan DittbernerUpdate Debian release information
2017-04-13  Jan DittbernerAdd commas to improve readability
2017-04-13  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for issue
2017-04-13  Jan DittbernerDocument sudo access on bugs for Dirk Astrath
2017-02-16  Jan DittbernerFix interpreted text role
2017-02-16  Jan DittbernerDocument the Puppet setup
2017-02-16  Jan DittbernerDocument retirement of monitor admins
2017-02-16  Jan DittbernerAdd svn system documentation
2017-02-16  Dirk AstrathIntegrate changes for
2016-07-02  Wytze van der... Add missing SSHFP records in DNS section.
2016-07-02  Wytze van der... Add Martin Simons (critical systems administrator).
2016-06-12  Jan DittbernerFix github link markup
2016-06-12  Jan DittbernerFix missing backtick
2016-06-12  Jan DittbernerDocument ircserver changes
2016-06-11  Jan DittbernerUse correct subnet for public IPv4 addresses
2016-06-11  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for ircserver
2016-06-05  Jan DittbernerUpdate Wheezy point release to 7.11
2016-06-05  Jan DittbernerMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://