2016-05-16  Jan DittbernerAdd tool to generate sshkeys directives
2016-05-08  Jan DittbernerAdd bugs container description
2016-05-08  Jan DittbernerAdd more information for systems
2016-05-08  Jan DittbernerFix headline hierarchy issue
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerDocument the emailout container
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd glossary entries for DNS and DKIM
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerImprove glossary entry for LXC
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd sub-headers in SSH host key list
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerUse new directives in host documentation
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerFix minor issues with certificate lists
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd SSH host key list generation
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerSort functions in cacert sphinx extension
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerFix PEP-8 violations
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd subject alternative name validation
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerShow ISO 8601 formatted expiration dates
2016-05-07  Jan DittbernerAdd certificate list links in host documents
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerDocument publication to
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerAdd secondary certificate entry to email docs
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerImprove certificate handling
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerUpdate jandd.sphinxext.ip to 0.2.4
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerAdd sslcert directive for community certificate
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerAdd sslcert directive for email certificate
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerRemove link that is broken by sslcert directive
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerFix SAN and secondary flag handling
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerAdd directives for ssl certificates
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerReplace custom wiki role with extlinks extension
2016-05-06  Jan DittbernerAdd CAcert favicon
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerReplace IP reference with literal value
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerAdd email container documentation
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerRemove comment copied from template
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerUse :wiki: role, streamline structure
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerDefine text roles bug and wiki
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerAdd new section for critical systems
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerImprove the system template
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerAdd CAcert specific styling
2016-05-05  Jan DittbernerUpdate to latest jandd.sphinxext.ip 0.2.3
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerAdd icinga and ido2db services
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerAdd/fix index entries
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for monitor
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerFix syntax error in systems/webmail.rst
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerAdd description how to setup apt update monitoring
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerFix minor issues in system template
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerReduce toctree depth
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerAdd documentation for the webmail system
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerMove people information to separate page
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerFix broken index entry
2016-05-04  Jan DittbernerUpdate jandd.sphinxext.ip to 0.2.0
2016-05-03  Jan DittbernerDocument how to build the documentation
2016-05-03  Jan DittbernerDescribe how to document risks
2016-05-03  Jan DittbernerRemove commented editing advice
2016-05-03  Jan DittbernerAdd board system documentation
2016-05-03  Jan DittbernerUse fixed versions of jandd sphinx extensions
2016-04-24  Jan DittbernerRemove manual IP listings
2016-04-24  Jan DittbernerAdd blog system description
2016-04-24  Jan DittbernerDescribe LVM and finish arbitration system
2016-04-24  Jan DittbernerAdd glossary and indexing
2016-04-17  Jan DittbernerStart arbitration documentation
2016-04-17  Jan DittbernerAdd more structure and todos
2016-04-17  Jan DittbernerFix document reference
2016-04-17  Jan DittbernerSynchronize template with infra02 markup
2016-04-17  Jan DittbernerFix link to network page, document sudo access
2016-04-17  Jan DittbernerFinalize Infra02 documentation
2016-04-17  Jan DittbernerMove systems to separate folder
2016-04-16  Jan DittbernerAdd more info for infra02
2016-04-16  Jan DittbernerAdd initial content for infra02 and configuration
2016-04-13  Jan DittbernerAdd some basic information for infra02 and networking
2016-04-13  Jan DittbernerMove documentation files to subdirectory
2016-04-13  Jan DittbernerAdd files generated by sphinx-quickstart
2016-04-13  Jan DittbernerInitial commit