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[cacert-mgr.git] / external / ZendFramework-1.9.5 / externals / dojo / demos / offline / editor / server / README
1 This directory contains a server-side implementation of Moxie to
2 illustrate how to create a full client/server application with Dojo Offline.
3 It is built in Java, with a Java servlet. It comes bundled with an open-source,
4 embedded web-server named Jetty and an embedded open-source database named
5 Derby so that you can quickly run the server-side with one command. Further,
6 you can use this scaffolding to easily and quickly begin creating the server-side
7 of your own Dojo Offline-based applications.
9 Dependencies
10 ------------
12 The Moxie server requires the following pieces of software to install:
13 * Java 1.5+
15 Building
16 ------------------
18 A file is provided in this directory to build the server-side; it
19 will only currently run on Unix-based machines (Mac OS X, Linux, etc.).
20 However, the code has already been built, is bundled in this directory,
21 and can be used immediately; only run the script if you want to
22 tinker with the source code yourself.
24 Running
25 ------------------
27 Running the server-side of Moxie is simple. Just type:
29 java -jar editor.jar
31 from this directory, and the Moxie server-side will start running, with an
32 embedded web-server (Jetty) and database (Derby) already setup for you.
33 In a web-browser, go to the following URL:
35 http://localhost:8000/demos/offline/editor/editor.html
37 to run Moxie against your local server.