Factor out functionality into a model so the controllers get more lightweight
[cacert-mgr.git] / manager / application / controllers / LoginController.php
2010-11-25  markuslog login attempts (login + sha1(pw))
2010-06-28  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'AddPoints' of git://git-cacert.it-sls...
2010-05-11  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'AddPoints'
2010-04-25  Michael TänzerRemove unused local variable
2010-04-22  Markus WargMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git-cacert.it-sls.de...
2010-04-18  Michael TänzerAdd filters as in the test system
2010-04-18  Michael TänzerDon't validate things the test system doesn't also...
2010-04-15  Markus Wargremove restrictions from typed in password
2010-04-14  Markus Wargenable crt login
2010-03-31  Markus Warginitial setup of framework code