The flag is actually for Organisation Assurers, not admins
[cacert-mgr.git] / manager / application / controllers / ManageAccountController.php
2012-02-07  Michael TänzerThe flag is actually for Organisation Assurers, not...
2011-07-05  Michael TänzerDoh, copy and paste error
2011-07-05  Michael TänzerImplement batch assurance.
2011-06-30  Michael TänzerMove flagsAction() functionality into the user model
2011-06-28  Michael TänzerMove assurer challenge action logic into model
2011-06-28  Michael TänzerAdmin increase: get rid of the "fragment" flag as exper...
2011-06-27  Michael TänzerImplement administrative increase in the user model
2011-06-20  Michael TänzerDoh, apparently the convention has changed nowadays...
2011-06-20  Michael TänzerFactor out functionality into a model so the controller...
2010-09-07  Michael TänzerFix Bug #861: set flags - set of flags different to...
2010-08-03  Michael TänzerMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-08-03  Michael TänzerFix Bug #830: Negative assurance points
2010-07-06  Michael TänzerAdd the Set Flags feature
2010-07-04  Michael TänzerDoh, wrong method name.
2010-07-01  Michael TänzerAdd left navigation for the ManageAccountController
2010-07-01  Michael TänzerNew assurer challenge feature
2010-07-01  Michael TänzerDoh, getAdminIncreaseForm() should actually return...
2010-06-29  Michael TänzerNew admin increase feature
2010-06-29  Michael TänzerRefactor: move common routines into separate methods
2010-06-28  Michael TänzerAdd a form for the administrative increase feature
2010-06-28  Michael TänzerAddendum to 73761fe863463270a9ce13e9211791891cf17d02
2010-06-28  Michael TänzerRename AddPoints to ManageAccount