2010-04-18  Michael TänzerDon't validate things the test system doesn't also...
2010-04-15  Markus Wargremove restrictions from typed in password
2010-04-15  rootformatting of mail body
2010-04-14  Markus Warglist mails, read mails
2010-04-14  Markus Wargimap class / mail controller
2010-04-14  Markus Wargenable crt login
2010-04-13  Markus Wargadd db layout
2010-03-31  Markus Warginitial setup of framework code
2010-03-31  Markus Warginitially import ZendFramework-1.9.5 into repository
2010-03-31  Markus Wargcreate repo and add dummy file