Add updates to sources.list
[cacert-puppet.git] / hieradata /
2018-11-20  Jan DittbernerDefine node and role for issue
2018-11-20  Jan DittbernerAdd hiera data for emailout
2018-10-31  Jan DittbernerFix broken yaml indentation
2018-10-31  Jan DittbernerAdd configuration for test3 container
2018-10-28  Jan DittbernerAdd PyPI ACL for jenkins
2018-10-27  Jan DittbernerAdd proxy ACLs
2018-10-26  Jan DittbernerFix ACL for testmgr that is SNATed to
2018-10-22  Jan DittbernerFix typo s/testmg/testmgr/
2018-10-22  Jan DittbernerAdd github access for jenkins, test, testmgr
2018-09-04  Jan DittbernerAdd puppetforge ACL for puppet
2018-09-04  Jan DittbernerAdd rule to allow ruby gem downloads for Puppet
2018-07-25  Jan DittbernerReplace ssh key for jandd
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerOnly setup CRL cron job if needed
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerOverride root mail alias for ircserver
2018-04-14  Jan DittbernerAdd an HTTP hook for updating code on the puppet server
2018-04-14  Jan DittbernerAdd new RSA ssh key for Mario
2018-04-06  Jan DittbernerDefine puppet configuration for bugs
2018-04-03  Jan DittbernerDefine role monitor
2018-04-02  Jan DittbernerDefine roles for web and webstatic
2018-03-19  Jan DittbernerAdd ircserver role and hiera data
2018-02-23  Jan DittbernerAdd hieradata and role for translations
2018-02-22  Jan DittbernerSetup zsh new user template
2018-02-22  Jan DittbernerRename puppet and svn to short hostnames
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerAdd nrpe_agent profile and apply it for svn
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerAdd basic role and hiera data for jenkins
2018-02-18  Jan DittbernerAllow MariaDB mirror
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerAdd more Jenkins mirrors, increase maximum_object_size...
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerAdd to debjenkins ACL
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerAllow access from jenkins to
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerAdd role for motion server
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerEnable http handling in sniproxy, forward arbitration...
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerAdd forwarding from proxyin to
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerSetup sniproxy and rsyslog
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerDefine sniproxy configuration
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerAdd to localnet ACL
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerFix hiera syntax, remove unwanted empty lines
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerAdd ACLs for squid on proxyout
2017-05-13  Jan DittbernerDefine login shell of admin users
2017-05-13  Jan DittbernerAdd new node proxyout
2017-04-29  Jan DittbernerAdd base configuration for proxyin
2017-04-13  Jan DittbernerManage authorized ssh keys for admins
2016-11-05  Jan DittbernerRestructure to use r10k
2016-11-04  rootAdd admin users for puppet and svn
2016-11-04  Jan DittbernerPuppet manifest skeleton