Re-add key grip needed for private key
[cacert-puppet.git] / sitemodules / profiles / manifests / debarchive.pp
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRe-add key grip needed for private key
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRemove unused scripts directory
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRemove passphrase from signing key
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix ensure for concat
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix typo s/content::fragment/concat::fragment/
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix syntax error in concat::fragment definitions
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerDefine reprepro distributions
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix variable interpolation
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRemove duplicate package definition
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerUse variables for paths, install reprepro
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerClean /etc/passwd in upload chroot
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerManage chroot for debarchive uploads
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerUse double quotes to allow newline
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix rssh line syntax
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix source path for
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerSetup rssh to restrict uploads to sftp and scp
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerTrash the mini-dinstall setup
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerFix typo
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerFix dependency declaration for debarchive service
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerAdd intermediate directory /srv/upload
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerMove uploads to /srv/upload/incoming
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerSetup mini-dinstall under debarchive user
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerUse gid instead of non-existing group
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerAdd new profile debarchive for webstatic