Add to icingaweb2 admins
[cacert-puppet.git] / sitemodules / profiles / templates /
2019-08-18  Jan DittbernerAdd database configuration for roundcube
2019-08-17  Jan DittbernerFix template issue
2019-08-17  Jan DittbernerSyntax and template fixes for selfservice API
2019-08-17  Jan DittbernerAdd configuration for selfservice API
2019-08-17  Jan DittbernerFix line endings in configuration template
2019-08-17  Jan DittbernerAdd configuration for the community self service
2019-08-16  Jan DittbernerConfigure Roundcube on community
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerUse Squid's include mechanism
2019-08-13  Jan DittbernerIncorporate rsyslog.conf changes from Buster
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerLet cacert-boardvoting listen on all protocols
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerSetup automatic updates of icinga2/conf.d from git
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerSetup cacert-boardvoting configuration on motion
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerTrash the mini-dinstall setup
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerMove template to the correct directory
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerSetup mini-dinstall under debarchive user
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerFix path to CA certificate
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerDo not manage constants.conf
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerAdd master key and certificates
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerPrepare icinga2_agent installation on puppet
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerDo not manage API listener config
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerRemove unused ido_* parameters
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerLet dbconfig-common take care of the ido database
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerRework of icinga2 master setup
2019-07-20  Jan DittbernerFix syntax issues in agent setup script
2019-07-20  Jan DittbernerAdd missing json parsing in agent setup script
2019-07-20  Jan DittbernerQualify paths in scripts
2019-07-20  Jan DittbernerAdd icinga2_agent node setup script
2019-07-20  Jan DittbernerManage apt sources with apt module
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerFix hiera data and used fact for IP address
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerAdd missing quotation sign in template
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerFix template syntax error
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerRename EPP templates to end with .epp
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerFix data type description for Icinga2 API user list
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerAdd Icinga2 master configuration files
2019-07-15  Jan DittbernerSwitch to Puppet 6
2019-02-17  Jan DittbernerAdd updates to sources.list
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerFix execution format error in update-crls job
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerOnly setup CRL cron job if needed
2018-04-14  Jan DittbernerAdd proper logging to git-pull-hook
2018-04-14  Jan DittbernerFix syntax warning in nrpe_local.cfg.epp
2018-04-14  Jan DittbernerAdd an HTTP hook for updating code on the puppet server
2018-02-22  Jan DittbernerUse a template for zshrc, setup root zshrc
2018-02-22  Jan DittbernerIntegrate upstream comments in puppet sources list
2018-02-21  Jan DittbernerAdd nrpe_agent profile and apply it for svn
2018-02-21  Jan Dittbernerchange to Puppet 5 APT repo
2017-08-27  Jan DittbernerAdd more Jenkins mirrors, increase maximum_object_size...
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerEnable http handling in sniproxy, forward arbitration...
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerSetup sniproxy and rsyslog
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerDefine sniproxy configuration
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerManage APT sources
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerFix hiera syntax, remove unwanted empty lines
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerAdd ACLs for squid on proxyout
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerAdd the Debian provided squid.conf as template