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[cacert-puppet.git] / sitemodules / profiles / templates / base /
2019-07-20  Jan DittbernerManage apt sources with apt module
2019-07-15  Jan DittbernerSwitch to Puppet 6
2019-02-17  Jan DittbernerAdd updates to sources.list
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerFix execution format error in update-crls job
2018-04-15  Jan DittbernerOnly setup CRL cron job if needed
2018-02-22  Jan DittbernerUse a template for zshrc, setup root zshrc
2018-02-22  Jan DittbernerIntegrate upstream comments in puppet sources list
2018-02-21  Jan Dittbernerchange to Puppet 5 APT repo
2017-08-26  Jan DittbernerManage APT sources