Fix base URL for motion system
[cacert-puppet.git] / sitemodules / profiles / templates / icinga2_master /
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerSetup automatic updates of icinga2/conf.d from git
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerDo not manage constants.conf
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerDo not manage API listener config
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerRemove unused ido_* parameters
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerLet dbconfig-common take care of the ido database
2019-07-21  Jan DittbernerRework of icinga2 master setup
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerFix hiera data and used fact for IP address
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerAdd missing quotation sign in template
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerFix template syntax error
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerRename EPP templates to end with .epp
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerFix data type description for Icinga2 API user list
2019-07-19  Jan DittbernerAdd Icinga2 master configuration files