6 days ago  Jan DittbernerDefine mail host for selfservice API as master
6 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd database configuration for roundcube
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix template issue
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerSyntax and template fixes for selfservice API
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd configuration for selfservice API
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerForward https traffic for selfservice
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd client configuration for
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd missing base64 padding to secrets
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix line endings in configuration template
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix parameter name and default value
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd configuration for the community self service
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix configuration directory name
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix issues in cacert_selfservice_profile
7 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd cacert_selfservice to community
8 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix syntax errors and package dependency
8 days ago  Jan DittbernerConfigure Roundcube on community
9 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd profile for roundcube and use it for community
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix path to Squid conf.d directory
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerUse Squid's include mechanism
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd missing slash
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerDefine a postrun command for puppet runs
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerUninstall udev in lxc containers
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerInstall sniproxy from Buster
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerIncorporate rsyslog.conf changes from Buster
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd base configuration for community
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerUse correct service/package name
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerInstall cacert_selfservice_api on email
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix CA certificate filename
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd CAcert CA certificates
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerFix profile name
11 days ago  Jan DittbernerMove CAcert repository setup to includeable profile
12 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd Jenkins...
12 days ago  Jan DittbernerAdd to debjenkins ACL
12 days ago  Jan DittbernerSet release to empty string to avoid wrong interpolation
12 days ago  Jan DittbernerSetup Jenkins repository on jenkins
2019-08-05  Jan DittbernerAdd puppetlabs/translate that is needed by puppetlabs/apt
2019-08-05  Jan DittbernerRename to .yaml to make hiera happy
2019-08-05  Jan DittbernerFix role name
2019-08-05  Jan DittbernerAdd basic puppet role for email
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerLet cacert-boardvoting listen on all protocols
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerSetup automatic updates of icinga2/conf.d from git
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerMove icinga master API users to api.conf
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerInstall nagios-plugins-contrib on Icinga2 nodes
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerFix indentation of extmon hiera data
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerEnsure parent directory for icinga2 certificates
2019-08-04  Jan DittbernerAdd client certificates for monitoring
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerSetup cacert-boardvoting configuration on motion
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerUse http source, not a keyserver
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerAdd CAcert APT repository on motion
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRemove old boardvoting attempt from motion
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerExport archive signing key as debarchive user
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerAdd Apache VirtualHost for package repository
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerSetup Apache httpd on webstatic
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerAdd rssh add-shell command, fix dependency
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix reprepro invocation
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix service file
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix dependency declaration for service
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerSetup inoticoming service and trusted keyring
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRename dist */cacert to *-cacert
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRe-add key grip needed for private key
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRemove unused scripts directory
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerUpdate trustdb to match signing key
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRemove passphrase from signing key
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix ensure for concat
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix typo s/content::fragment/concat::fragment/
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix syntax error in concat::fragment definitions
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerDefine reprepro distributions
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix variable interpolation
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerRemove duplicate package definition
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerUse variables for paths, install reprepro
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerClean /etc/passwd in upload chroot
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerManage chroot for debarchive uploads
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerUse double quotes to allow newline
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix rssh line syntax
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerFix source path for
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerSetup rssh to restrict uploads to sftp and scp
2019-08-02  Jan DittbernerTrash the mini-dinstall setup
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerLet debarchive run in its own directory
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerFix typo
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerFix dependency declaration for debarchive service
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerAdd intermediate directory /srv/upload
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerMove uploads to /srv/upload/incoming
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerMove template to the correct directory
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerSetup mini-dinstall under debarchive user
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerUse gid instead of non-existing group
2019-08-01  Jan DittbernerAdd new profile debarchive for webstatic
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerRe-enable mail alias handling
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerApply base profile to extmon
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerFix class name
2019-07-30  Jan DittbernerAdd external monitoring host role and config
2019-07-29  Jan DittbernerPurge nrpe_agent from icinga2 agent nodes
2019-07-29  Jan DittbernerRemove arbitration from sniproxy
2019-07-29  Jan DittbernerEnable icinga2 agent on test3
2019-07-29  Jan DittbernerEnable icinga2 agent on webstatic
2019-07-29  Jan DittbernerEnable icinga2 agent on translations
2019-07-29  Jan DittbernerEnable icinga2 agent on svn
2019-07-29  Jan DittbernerEnable icinga2 agent on proxyout
2019-07-29  Jan DittbernerEnable icinga2 agent on proxyin
2019-07-28  Jan DittbernerAdd to debpuppet ACL
2019-07-28  Jan DittbernerFix Apt::Update order for icinga2 packages