2018-03-18  Jan DittbernerBump copyright years
2018-03-18  Jan DittbernerUpdate to Spring-Boot 2.0
2018-03-18  Jan DittbernerUpdate to gradle 4.6
2018-02-17  Jan DittbernerUpdate dependencies and gradle version
2017-11-15  Jan DittbernerUpdate to gradle 3.5 and spring-boot 1.5.8
2017-05-01  Jan DittbernerUpdate Spring-Boot and Gradle dependencies
2017-05-01  Jan DittbernerChange visibility of IRCClient methods
2017-05-01  Jan DittbernerUpdate gradle build
2017-05-01  Jan DittbernerAdd missing copyright information
2016-06-13  Jan DittbernerBuild self contained jar
2016-06-13  Jan DittbernerFix NullPointerException
2016-06-12  Jan DittbernerAdd unit tests
2016-06-12  Jan DittbernerRefactor Votebot to use spring-boot
2016-06-12  Jan DittbernerUpdate
2016-06-12  Jan DittbernerIgnore log directory
2016-06-12  Jan DittbernerAdd GPL-3 text
2016-06-11  Jan DittbernerCleanup .gitignore
2016-06-11  Jan DittbernerSetup gradle build
2015-11-24  Benny Baumanndel: Enable the previously dead code
2015-11-24  Benny Baumanndel: Remove unused variable
2015-11-24  Benny Baumannchg: Make these classes static to optimize memory usage
2015-11-24  Benny Baumannfmt: Source Formatting
2015-11-24  Benny Baumanncfg: Enforce proper line endings
2015-11-24  Benny Baumanncfg: Set proper file access masks
2015-11-21  Felix DörreInitial Import.