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5 msgid ""
6 msgstr ""
7 "Project-Id-Version: de\n"
8 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: \n"
9 "POT-Creation-Date: 2005-01-09 08:25:26+0000\n"
10 "PO-Revision-Date: 2009-12-26 19:01:13+0000\n"
11 "Last-Translator: Someone <>\n"
12 "Language-Team: <>\n"
13 "MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
14 "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
15 "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
16 "X-Generator:\n"
18 #: www/account/43.php:43 www/account/49.php:43
19 #, php-format
20 msgid "%s rows displayed."
21 msgstr "%s sor megjelen&iacute;tve."
23 #: www/account/43.php:71
24 #, php-format
25 msgid "%s's Account Details"
26 msgstr "Kapcsolat jellemz&#337;k"
28 #: www/account/32.php:21
29 #, php-format
30 msgid "%s's Administrators"
31 msgstr "'%s' adminisztr&aacute;torai"
33 #: www/account/26.php:21
34 #, php-format
35 msgid "%s's Domains"
36 msgstr "'%s' domain-jei"
38 #: includes/account.php:1388
39 #, php-format
40 msgid "'%s' has just been successfully added as an organisation to the database."
41 msgstr "'%s' sikeresen beker&uuml;lt mint szervezet az adatb&aacute;zisba."
43 #: includes/account.php:1444
44 #, php-format
45 msgid "'%s' has just been successfully added to the database."
46 msgstr "'%s' sikeresen hozz&aacute;adva az adatb&aacute;zishoz."
48 #: includes/account.php:1503
49 #, php-format
50 msgid "'%s' has just been successfully deleted from the database."
51 msgstr "'%s' sikeresen t&ouml;r&ouml;lve az adatb&aacute;zisb&oacute;l."
53 #: includes/account.php:1416 includes/account.php:1491
54 #, php-format
55 msgid "'%s' has just been successfully updated in the database."
56 msgstr "'%s' sikeresen friss&iacute;tve az adatb&aacute;zisban."
58 #: www/help/3.php:64
59 msgid "...then click 'Next'."
60 msgstr "...majd kattints a 'Next' (K&ouml;vetkez&#337;) gombra."
62 #: www/wot/3.php:42
63 msgid "A CAcert Assurer who knowingly, or reasonably ought to have known, assures an applicant contrary to this policy may be held liable."
64 msgstr "Egy CAcert hiteles&iacute;t&#337; aki tudatosan, vagy ismert okokb&oacute;l, ezzel a szab&aacute;lyzattal ellent&eacute;tesen hiteles&iacute;t egy jelentkez&#337;t, felel&#337;s&eacute;gre vonhat&oacute;."
66 #: www/wot/4.php:17
67 msgid "A trusted 3rd party is simply someone in your country that is responsible for witnessing signatures and ID documents. This role is covered by many different titles such as public notary, justice of the peace and so on. Other people are allowed to be authoritative in this area as well, such as bank managers, accountants and lawyers."
68 msgstr "Egy megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; harmadik szem&eacute;ly egy olyan valaki a te orsz&aacute;godban aki felelős az&eacute;rt, hogy leellenőr&iacute;zze az al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;sodat &eacute;s a szem&eacute;lyi azonos&iacute;t&oacute; dokumentumaidat. Ezt a szerepet t&ouml;bben is bet&ouml;lthetik, mint k&ouml;zjegyzők, b&eacute;keb&iacute;r&oacute;k stb. M&aacute;s szem&eacute;lyek is jogosultak erre, p&eacute;ld&aacute;ul banki &uuml;gyint&eacute;zők, k&ouml;nyvelők &eacute;s &uuml;gyv&eacute;dek."
70 #: www/account/38.php:21 www/index/13.php:21
71 msgid "ANY amount will be appreciated - the more funding CAcert receives, the sooner it can achieve the goals of the community."
72 msgstr "B&Aacute;RMENNYIT szivesen fogadunk - min&eacute;l t&ouml;bb t&aacute;mogat&aacute;st kap a CAcert, ann&aacute;l hamarabb &eacute;rhetj&uuml;k el a k&ouml;z&ouml;ss&eacute;g c&eacute;ljait."
74 #: includes/account_stuff.php:182
75 msgid "About"
76 msgstr "N&eacute;vjegy"
78 #: www/account/37.php:15 www/index/12.php:15
79 msgid "About"
80 msgstr "A;l"
82 #: includes/account_stuff.php:209 includes/general_stuff.php:108
83 msgid "About Us"
84 msgstr "R&oacute;lunk"
86 #: includes/account_stuff.php:150 includes/account_stuff.php:158
87 #: www/account/1.php:26 www/account/16.php:21 www/account/26.php:21
88 #: www/account/28.php:29 www/account/3.php:30 www/account/32.php:21
89 #: www/account/33.php:47 www/account/7.php:27
90 msgid "Add"
91 msgstr "Hozz&aacute;ad&aacute;s"
93 #: www/account/7.php:19
94 msgid "Add Domain"
95 msgstr "Domain hozz&aacute;ad&aacute;sa"
97 #: www/account/1.php:18
98 msgid "Add Email"
99 msgstr "Email c&iacute;m hozz&aacute;ad&aacute;sa"
101 #: www/account/16.php:22 www/account/2.php:24 www/account/3.php:31
102 #: www/account/9.php:23
103 msgid "Address"
104 msgstr "C&iacute;m"
106 #: www/account/32.php:24
107 msgid "Administrator"
108 msgstr "Adminisztr&aacute;tor"
110 #: www/account/25.php:22 www/account/25.php:39 www/account/35.php:21
111 #: www/account/35.php:35
112 msgid "Admins"
113 msgstr "Adminisztr&aacute;torok"
115 #: www/wot/3.php:28
116 msgid "After the meeting, visit the CAcert Web site's make an Assurance page and:"
117 msgstr "A tal&aacute;lkoz&oacute; ut&aacute;n l&aacute;togasd meg a CAcert Web hiteles&iacute;t&#337; oldal&aacute;t &eacute;s:"
119 #: www/help/3.php:44
120 msgid "After your certificate has been emailed to you, follow this process to install the certificate."
121 msgstr "Miut&aacute;n a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt emailben megkaptad, az al&aacute;bbi elj&aacute;r&aacute;st k&ouml;vetve telep&iacute;tsd azt."
123 #: www/account/39.php:32 www/index/10.php:32
124 msgid "Aggregated tracking information"
125 msgstr "&Ouml;sszes&iacute;tett nyomk&ouml;vet&#337; inform&aacute;ci&oacute;k"
127 #: www/account/36.php:21 www/index/1.php:110
128 msgid "Alert me if"
129 msgstr "&Eacute;rtes&iacute;ts, ha"
131 #: www/index.php:332
132 msgid "All fields are mandatory."
133 msgstr "Minden mez&#337; sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges"
135 #: www/account/43.php:157
136 msgid "Alternate Verified Email Addresses"
137 msgstr "Egy&eacute;b ellenőrz&ouml;tt email c&iacute;mek"
139 #: www/help/7.php:9
140 msgid "Alternatively as things progress we can add more layers of security with say 4 webservers talking to 2 intermediate servers, talking to the root store, and acting in a token ring fashion, anything happening out of sequence, and the server directly upstream shuts itself down, which if that were in place and there were multiple paths, any down time in this fashion would fall over to the servers not compromised, anyways just some food for thought."
141 msgstr "Alternat&iacute;tavak&eacute;nt, ha a dolgok j&oacute;l haladnak, t&ouml;bb biztons&aacute;gi r&eacute;teget is adhatunk a rendszerhez, mondjuk n&eacute;gy webszerver, ami k&eacute;t k&ouml;zbens&#337; szerverrel besz&eacute;lget token ringben. B&aacute;rmi rendellenes, nem a meghat&aacute;rozott szekvenci&aacute;j&uacute; adatforgalom eset&eacute;n a fel&uuml;l l&eacute;v&#337; szerver lel&ouml;vi mag&aacute;t, egy nem kompromitt&aacute;lt szerver venn&eacute; &aacute;t a hely&eacute;t, stb. De ez m&eacute;g csak tov&aacute;bbgondol&aacute;sra val&oacute; &ouml;tlet."
143 #: www/account/40.php:52 www/index/11.php:52
144 msgid "Alternatively you can get in contact with us via the following methods:"
145 msgstr "Egy&eacute;b m&oacute;don is kapcsoaltba ker&uuml;lhet vel&uuml;nk, az al&aacute;bbi lehet&oacute;s&eacute;gek egyik&eacute;n:"
147 #: www/help/2.php:49
148 msgid "And they are making mistakes"
149 msgstr "&Eacute;s m&eacute;gis hib&aacute;znak."
151 #: www/help/3.php:70
152 msgid "And you're done!"
153 msgstr "&Eacute;s ezzel k&eacute;sz!"
155 #: www/account/16.php:39
156 msgid "Another Email"
157 msgstr "Egy&eacute;b email"
159 #: includes/account.php:404
160 msgid "Any valid certificates will be revoked as well"
161 msgstr "Egyben minden &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt is visszavon"
163 #: www/help/7.php:5
164 msgid "Apart from the boot stuff, all data resides on an encrypted partition on the root store server and only manual intervention in the boot up process by entering the password will start it again."
165 msgstr "A bootol&aacute;shoz sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges cucct&oacute;l eltekintve minden adat egy titkos&iacute;tott part&iacute;ci&oacute;n tal&aacute;lhat&oacute; a root szerveren. Az egyed&uuml;li manu&aacute;lis beavatkoz&aacute;s a jelsz&oacute; megad&aacute;sa a bootol&aacute;s sor&aacute;n &eacute;s a szerver &uacute;jraindul."
167 #: www/index/17.php:61
168 msgid "Can't start the CEnroll control:"
169 msgstr "Nem tudom a CEnroll-t ind&iacute;tani:"
171 #: www/account/30.php:31
172 #, php-format
173 msgid "Are you really sure you want to remove %s and all certificates issued under this domain?"
174 msgstr "Biztosan elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tja a(z) %s-t &eacute;s minden ez ehhez a domain-hez kiadott tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;t?"
176 #: www/account/31.php:27
177 #, php-format
178 msgid "Are you really sure you want to remove %s and all certificates issued under this organisation?"
179 msgstr "Biztosan elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tja a(z) %s-t &eacute;s minden ez ehhez a szervezethez kiadott tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;t?"
181 #: www/account/34.php:31
182 #, php-format
183 msgid "Are you really sure you want to remove %s from administering this organisation?"
184 msgstr "Biztos benne, hogy elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tja %s-t a szervezet az adminisztr&aacute;torai k&ouml;z&uuml;l?"
186 #: www/help/2.php:22
187 msgid "As anyone who has received an email containing a virus from a strange address knows, emails can be easily spoofed. The identity of the sender is very easy to forge via email. Thus a great advantage is that digital signing provides a means of ensuring that an email is really from the person you think it is. If everyone digitally signed their emails, it would be much easier to know whether an email is legitimate and unchanged and to the great relief of many, spamming would be much easier to control, and viruses that forge the sender's address would be obvious and therefore easier to control."
188 msgstr "Mindenki tudja, aki kapott m&aacute;r fura c&iacute;mr&#337;l &eacute;rkezett v&iacute;rust, hogy emailt k&ouml;nny&#369; hamis&iacute;tani. Az email k&uuml;ld&#337;j&eacute;nek azonos&iacute;t&oacute;j&aacute;t nagyon k&ouml;nny&#369; megv&aacute;ltoztatni. &Iacute;gy a digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s haszn&aacute;lata nagy el&#337;nyt jelent, mert biztos lehetsz, hogy az email t&eacute;nyleg att&oacute;l sz&aacute;rmazik, akit&#337;l felt&eacute;telezed. Ha mindenki digit&aacute;lisan al&aacute;&iacute;rn&aacute; az emailjeit, akkor sokkal k&ouml;nnyebben meg lehetne tudni, hogy egy email vajon t&eacute;nyleg hiteles-e &eacute;s nincs megv&aacute;ltoztatva, meghamis&iacute;tva, &eacute;s sokak nagy megk&ouml;nnyebb&uuml;l&eacute;s&eacute;re &uacute;rr&aacute; lehetne lenni a spam- &eacute;s v&iacute;rus &aacute;radaton is."
190 #: www/wot/6.php:24
191 msgid "Assurance Confirmation"
192 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s meger&#337;s&iacute;t&eacute;se"
194 #: www/account/43.php:146 www/wot/3.php:44
195 msgid "Assurance Points"
196 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontok"
198 #: www/account/43.php:225 www/wot/10.php:52
199 msgid "Assurance Points You Issued"
200 msgstr "Adott Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontok"
202 #: www/stats.php:51
203 msgid "Assurances Made"
204 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;sek"
206 #: includes/account_stuff.php:182 www/wot/5.php:19
207 msgid "Assure Someone"
208 msgstr "Hitels&iacute;t valakit"
210 #: www/index/0.php:60
211 msgid "Assured client certificates"
212 msgstr "Kliens oldali tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
214 #: www/index/0.php:90
215 msgid "Assured server certificates"
216 msgstr "Szerver tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
218 #: pages/index/0.php:25
219 msgid "For CAcert Community Members"
220 msgstr ""
222 #: www/index/51.php:28
223 msgid "Based on OpenSSL, PHP, a little bit of C and MySQL, we were able to build not only a free certificate authority that could verify your email address or domain, but actually build in a highly effective trust model. Our model goes further than that used by some commercial CAs to prove your identity."
224 msgstr "OpenSSL, PHP, egy kis C &eacute;s MySQL alapokra &eacute;p&iacute;tve siker&uuml;lt l&eacute;trehoznunk egy ingyenes tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; szervezetet, amely nem csak az email c&iacute;medet &eacute;s a dom&eacute;nedet k&eacute;pes hiteles&iacute;teni, de val&oacute;j&aacute;ban egy igen hat&eacute;kony bizalmi modellre &eacute;p&uuml;l. Ez a modell messze t&ouml;bb, mint amit n&eacute;h&aacute;ny kereskedelmi tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;g haszn&aacute;l azonos&iacute;t&aacute;sodra."
226 #: www/index/0.php:110
227 msgid "Become a member of the CAcert Association"
228 msgstr "Ha a CAcert Egyes&uuml;let&eacute;nek tagja vagy..."
230 #: www/index/0.php:100
231 msgid "Become an assurer in CAcert Web of Trust"
232 msgstr "CAcert webes hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s"
234 #: includes/account_stuff.php:182
235 msgid "Becoming an Assurer"
236 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;tőv&eacute; v&aacute;lik"
238 #: pages/account/10.php:34
239 msgid "Paste your CSR(Certificate Signing Request) below..."
240 msgstr ""
242 #: www/account/0.php:24
243 msgid "Before you can start issuing certificates for your website, irc server, smtp server, pop3, imap etc you will need to add domains to your account under the domain menu. You can also remove domains from here as well. Once you've added a domain you are free then to go into the Server Certificate section and start pasting CSR into the website and have the website return you a valid certificate for up to 2 years if you have 50 trust points, or 6 months for no trust points."
244 msgstr "Miel&ouml;tt elkezdene tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat ig&eacute;nyelni web-, irc-, smtp-, pop3-, imap- &eacute;s egy&eacute;b szerver&eacute;hez, el&ouml;bb hozz&aacute; kell adnia domainj&eacute;t az azonos&iacute;t&oacute;j&aacute;hoz a domain men&uuml;pont alatt. Ugyanitt utdja elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tani domainjeit. Miut&aacute;n hozz&aacute;adta domainj&eacute;t, ut&aacute;na nyugodtan mehet a Szerver tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok ponthoz &eacute;s kezdheti bem&aacute;solni a CSR-t &eacute;s a website visszaadja a 2 &eacute;vig &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes hiteles&iacute;tett tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt, ha t&ouml;bb mint 50 pontja van, vagy 6 h&oacute;napig ha nincsennek m&eacute;g bizalmi pontjai."
246 #: www/account/15.php:32 www/account/23.php:32
247 msgid "Below is your Server Certificate"
248 msgstr "Lentebb az &Ouml;n szerver tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nya"
250 #: www/index/0.php:53 www/index/0.php:63 www/index/0.php:73 www/index/0.php:83
251 #: www/index/0.php:93 www/index/0.php:103 www/index/0.php:113
252 msgid "Benefits"
253 msgstr "El&#337;ny&ouml;k"
255 #: includes/account.php:49 includes/account.php:389 www/index.php:316
256 #: www/wot.php:222 www/wot.php:234 scripts/removedead.php:59
257 msgid "Best regards"
258 msgstr "Tisztelettel"
260 #: www/help/3.php:60
261 msgid "Browse to the location you saved the .cer file to in step 1"
262 msgstr "&Iacute;rd be a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;dbe azt az &uacute;tvonalat &eacute;s nevet. ahova az 1. pontban a .cer f&aacute;jlt elmentetted."
264 #: www/help/2.php:25
265 msgid "But perhaps, fundamentally, the most important reason for digital signing is awareness and privacy. It creates awareness of the (lack of) security of the Internet, and the tools that we can arm ourselves with to ensure our personal security. And in sensitising people to digital signatures, we become aware of the possibility of privacy and encryption."
266 msgstr "De tal&aacute;n a legalapvet&#337;bb &eacute;s legfontosabb ok, ami&eacute;rt digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;st alkalmazunk, a tudatoss&aacute;g &eacute;s a mag&aacute;n&eacute;let v&eacute;delme. Tudatos&iacute;tja benn&uuml;nk az internetes biztons&aacute;g hi&aacute;ny&aacute;t &eacute;s hogy vannak eszk&ouml;zeink, amelyekkel fel tudjuk fegyverezni magunkat a szem&eacute;lyes biztons&aacute;gunk biztos&iacute;t&aacute;s&aacute;ra."
268 #: www/help/2.php:7 www/help/2.php:35
269 msgid "But, er, is this really proof of your email identity?"
270 msgstr "De ez t&eacute;nyleg bizony&iacute;t&eacute;k egy email val&oacute;dis&aacute;g&aacute;ra?"
272 #: www/help/2.php:48
273 msgid "But, with all this money, and all this responsibility, they must be taking a lot of care to ensure the Certificate Authorities do their jobs well, and keep doing their jobs well, right? Well right?!"
274 msgstr "De, ezzel a sok p&eacute;nzzel &eacute;s nagy felel&#337;ss&eacute;ggel, nagy gondot ford&iacute;tanak annak biztos&iacute;t&aacute;s&aacute;ra, hogy a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gok j&oacute;l v&eacute;gezz&eacute;k a munk&aacute;jukat, hogy folyamatosan j&oacute;l v&eacute;gezz&eacute;k azt, ugye? Ugye, &iacute;gy van?"
276 #: www/account/10.php:15 www/account/20.php:15 www/account/3.php:15
277 msgid "CAcert Certficate Acceptable Use Policy"
278 msgstr "CAcert tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny elfogad&aacute;si szab&aacute;lyok"
280 #: www/account/38.php:19 www/index/13.php:19
281 msgid "CAcert Inc. is a non-profit association which is legally able to accept donations. CAcert adheres to strict guidelines about how this money can to be used. If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so via"
282 msgstr "CAcert Inc. egy non-profit szervezet amely jogosan tud elfogadni adom&aacute;nyokat. CAcert komoly szab&aacute;lyokat tart be ezen p&eacute;nzek felhaszn&aacute;l&aacute;s&aacute;val kapcsolatban. Ha szeretne adom&aacute;nyt adni, akkor megteheti &iacute;gy"
284 #: www/account/10.php:20 www/account/20.php:20 www/account/3.php:20
285 msgid "CAcert Inc.'s public certification services are governed by a CPS as amended from time to time which is incorporated into this Agreement by reference. The Subscriber will use the SSL Server Certificate in accordance with CAcert Inc.'s CPS and supporting documentation published at"
286 msgstr "CAcert Inc publikus hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si szolg&aacute;tat&aacute;sat a CPS fedi le, melyet id&#337;r&#337;l id&#337;re friss&iacute;t&uuml;nk ebben a megegyez&eacute;sben. A feliratkozottak az SSL szerver tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat a CAcert Inc CPS-j&eacute;nek megfelel&#337;en haszn&aacute;lhatj&aacute;k &eacute;s a hozz&aacute; tartoz&oacute; dokument&aacute;ci&oacute; itt tal&aacute;lhat&oacute;"
288 #: www/index/51.php:25
289 msgid "CAcert Inc., as a community-based project, is not driven by profits - it is driven by the community's desire for privacy and security."
290 msgstr "A CAcert-et, mint k&ouml;z&ouml;ss&eacute;g alap&uacute; projektet, nem a profitszerz&eacute;s hajtja - hanem a tagoknak a mag&aacute;n&eacute;let &eacute;s a biztons&aacute;g megteremt&eacute;s&eacute;re ir&aacute;nyul&oacute; ig&eacute;nye."
292 #: www/wot.php:223 www/wot.php:235 scripts/removedead.php:60
293 msgid "CAcert Support Team"
294 msgstr "CAcert t&aacute;mogat&oacute; csapat"
296 #: includes/account_stuff.php:181 www/account/0.php:27 www/wot/0.php:15
297 msgid "CAcert Web of Trust"
298 msgstr "CAcert webes hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s"
300 #: www/wot/3.php:15
301 msgid "CAcert Web of Trust Rules"
302 msgstr "CAcert webes hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s szab&aacute;lyai"
304 #: www/wot/3.php:45
305 msgid "CAcert may, from time to time, alter the amount of Assurance Points that a class of assurer may assign as is necessary to effect a policy or rule change. We may also alter the amount of Assurance Points available to an individual, or new class of assurer, should another policy of CAcert require this."
306 msgstr "CAcert id&#337;r&#337;l id&#337;re m&oacute;dos&iacute;thatja a hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pont kategoriakat, amenyi szuks&eacute;ges egy hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;shez, ha a szab&aacute;lyok v&aacute;ltoznak. Szinten m&oacute;dos&iacute;thatjuk a hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontokat amit az egyes szem&eacute;lyek rendelkez&eacute;s&eacute;re &aacute;llnak vagy &uacute;j hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si oszt&aacute;lyokat hozhatunk l&eacute;tre, ha a CAcert szab&aacute;lyzat m&oacute;dos&iacute;t&aacute;sa ezt megk&ouml;veteli."
308 #: www/help/6.php:11
309 msgid "CAcert then sends you an email with a signed copy of your certificate. Hopefully the rest should be pretty straight forward."
310 msgstr "Ezut&aacute;n a CAcert k&uuml;ld neked egy emailt az al&aacute;&iacute;rt tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyoddal. Rem&eacute;lhet&#337;leg a t&ouml;bbi m&aacute;r egy&eacute;rtelm&#369;."
312 #: www/account/37.php:19 www/index/12.php:19
313 #, php-format
314 msgid "CAcert's goal is to promote awareness and education on computer security through the use of encryption, specifically with the X.509 family of standards. We have compiled a %sdocument base%s that has helpful hints and tips on setting up encryption with common software, and general information about Public Key Infrastructures (PKI)."
315 msgstr "A CAcert c&eacute;lja tudatos&iacute;tani a sz&aacute;m&iacute;t&oacute;g&eacute;pes biztons&aacute;g &eacute;s a titkos&iacute;t&aacute;s fontoss&aacute;g&aacute;t, valamint oktatni annak haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;t, f&#337;leg az X.509 szabv&aacute;nycsal&aacute;ddal. K&eacute;sz&iacute;tett&uuml;nk egy %sdokumentumgy&#369;jtem&eacute;nyt%s, amely seg&iacute;ts&eacute;get &eacute;s &ouml;tleteket ad a haszn&aacute;latosabb szoftverekkel t&ouml;rt&eacute;n&#337; titkos&iacute;t&aacute;shoz, &eacute;s &aacute;ltal&aacute;nos inform&aacute;ci&oacute;t ny&uacute;jt a PKI-r&#337;l (Public Key Infrastructures, magyarul nyilv&aacute;nos kulcs&uacute; infrastrukt&uacute;r&aacute;k)."
317 #: www/account/0.php:17
318 msgid ""
319 msgstr ""
321 #: www/index/51.php:15
322 msgid " Mission Statement"
323 msgstr " k&uuml;ldet&eacute;si nyilatkozat"
325 #: includes/account.php:49 includes/account.php:389 www/index.php:316
326 msgid " Support!"
327 msgstr " t&aacute;mogat&aacute;s!"
329 #: www/account/37.php:17 www/index/12.php:17
330 msgid " is a community driven, Certificate Authority that issues certificates to the public at large for free."
331 msgstr "A k&ouml;z&ouml;ss&eacute;g &aacute;ltal &iacute;r&aacute;ny&iacute;tott Tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny Hiteles&iacute;t&#337;, mely a nagyk&ouml;z&ouml;ns&eacute;g r&eacute;sz&eacute;re ingyen ad tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat."
333 #: www/wot/0.php:17
334 msgid " was designed to be by the community for the community, and instead of placing all the labour on a central authority and in turn increasing the cost of certificates, the idea was to get community in conjunction with this website to have trust maintained in a dispersed and automated manner!"
335 msgstr " &uacute;gy tervezt&uuml;k, hogy egy k&ouml;z&ouml;ss&eacute;g legyen k&ouml;z&ouml;ss&eacute;gnek &eacute;s ahelyett, hogy egy k&ouml;zponti hat&oacute;s&aacute;g v&aacute;ll&aacute;ra helyez&uuml;k a munk&aacute;t &eacute;s ezzel n&ouml;velj&uuml;k a tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok k&ouml;lts&eacute;g&eacute;t, az alap&ouml;tlet, hogy a k&ouml;z&ouml;ss&eacute;g ezzen a weboldalon kereszt&uuml;l tartsa karban a h&iacute;teles&iacute;t&eacute;st egy elosztott &eacute;s automatikus m&oacute;don."
337 #: includes/account.php:1464 includes/account.php:1515 www/account/30.php:34
338 #: www/account/31.php:30 www/account/34.php:34
339 msgid "Cancel"
340 msgstr "M&eacute;gsem"
342 #: includes/general_stuff.php:58
343 msgid "Cert Login"
344 msgstr "Tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny bejelentkez&eacute;s"
346 #: www/account/19.php:101 www/account/6.php:99
347 msgid "Certificate Installation Complete!"
348 msgstr "A tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nytelep&iacute;t&eacute;s befejez&#337;d&ouml;tt!"
350 #: www/account/19.php:97 www/account/6.php:95
351 msgid "Certificate Installation Error"
352 msgstr "A tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;si hiba"
354 #: www/help/3.php:43
355 msgid "Certificate Installation process for IIS 5.0"
356 msgstr "A tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;nek l&eacute;p&eacute;sei IIS 5.0 eset&eacute;n"
358 #: includes/general_stuff.php:65
359 msgid "CAcert Logos"
360 msgstr "CAcert log&oacute;k"
362 #: includes/account.php:669 includes/account.php:1066
363 #, php-format
364 msgid "Certificate for '%s' has been renewed."
365 msgstr "A '%s' tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;t meg&uacute;j&iacute;tottuk"
367 #: includes/account.php:594 includes/account.php:705 includes/account.php:1103
368 #: includes/account.php:1319
369 #, php-format
370 msgid "Certificate for '%s' has been revoked."
371 msgstr "A '%s' tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;t visszavont&aacute;k."
373 #: www/account/19.php:95 www/account/6.php:93
374 msgid "Certificate installation failed!"
375 msgstr "A tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;se nem sikr&uuml;lt!"
377 #: www/stats.php:31
378 msgid "Certificates Issued"
379 msgstr "Kliens oldali tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
381 #: pages/help/4.php:21
382 msgid "writing new private key to 'private.key'"
383 msgstr "writing new private key to 'private.key'&#13;&uacute;j kulcs ki&iacute;r&aacute;sa a 'private.key'-be"
385 #: includes/account.php:837 includes/account.php:1312 pages/account/19.php:45
386 #: pages/account/6.php:43
387 msgid "to install your certificate."
388 msgstr "a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;hez."
390 #: www/account/14.php:18
391 msgid "Change Pass Phrase"
392 msgstr "A jelsz&oacute; meg#xe1;ltoztat&aacute;sa"
394 #: includes/account_stuff.php:146 www/account/43.php:98 www/account/43.php:99
395 #: www/account/44.php:19 www/account/50.php:19
396 msgid "Change Password"
397 msgstr "A jelsz&oacute; megv&aacute;ltoztat&aacute;sa"
399 #: www/help/3.php:36
400 msgid "Choose a filename to save the request to"
401 msgstr "V&aacute;lassz egy f&aacute;jlnevet a k&eacute;relem elment&eacute;s&eacute;hez"
403 #: includes/account.php:671 includes/account.php:1068
404 #: includes/account.php:1445 includes/account.php:1492
405 #: includes/account.php:1504 www/account/19.php:45 www/account/6.php:43
406 msgid "Click here"
407 msgstr "Kattintson ide"
409 #: www/account/40.php:21 www/index/11.php:21
410 msgid "Click here to go to the Support List"
411 msgstr "Kattints ide, ha a levelez&eacute;si list&aacute;khoz akarsz menni"
413 #: www/account/40.php:38 www/index/11.php:38
414 msgid "Click here to view all lists available"
415 msgstr "Kattints ide, ha meg akarod tekinteni az el&eacute;rhet&#337; list&aacute;kat"
417 #: includes/account_stuff.php:153 www/account/18.php:18 www/account/5.php:18
418 msgid "Client Certificates"
419 msgstr "Kliens oldali tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
421 #: www/index/0.php:50
422 msgid "Client certificates (un-assured)"
423 msgstr "Kliens oldali tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
425 #: www/account/3.php:63
426 msgid "Code Signing"
427 msgstr "Domain tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
429 #: www/index/0.php:70
430 msgid "Code signing certificates"
431 msgstr "Domain tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
433 #: www/account/24.php:41 www/account/27.php:44 www/account/32.php:27
434 #: www/account/33.php:43
435 msgid "Comments"
436 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;sek"
438 #: www/help/4.php:14
439 msgid "Common Name (eg, YOUR name) []:"
440 msgstr "&Aacute;ltal&aacute;nos N&eacute;v (pl. a TE neved) []:"
442 #: www/account/11.php:22 www/account/12.php:23 www/account/18.php:23
443 #: www/account/21.php:25 www/account/22.php:23
444 msgid "CommonName"
445 msgstr "&Aacute;ltal&aacute;nosN&eacute;v"
447 #: includes/account.php:1733 includes/account.php:1780
448 #: includes/account.php:1792
449 msgid "to continue."
450 msgstr "a folytat&aacute;shoz."
452 #: includes/general_stuff.php:63
453 msgid "CAcert News"
454 msgstr "CAcert h&iacute;rek"
456 #: includes/general_stuff.php:66
457 msgid "CAcert Statistics"
458 msgstr "CAcert statisztika"
460 #: pages/account/11.php:26 pages/account/21.php:31
461 msgid "subjectAltName"
462 msgstr ""
464 #: www/wot/3.php:31
465 msgid "Compare the online information to the information recorded on the paper form;"
466 msgstr "Hasonl&iacute;tsa &ouml;ssze az online inform&aacute;ci&oacute;kat a nyomtatott par&iacute;ron felvett adatokkal"
468 #: www/wot/3.php:24
469 msgid "Complete the assurance form if the applicant has not already done so. Ensure that all information matches."
470 msgstr "Fejezze be a hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;st ha a jel&ouml;lt m&eacute;g nem tette meg ezt. Gy&#337;z&#337;dj&ouml;n meg r&oacute;la, hogy az &ouml;sszes inform&aacute;ci&oacute; val&oacute;s."
472 #: www/help/3.php:39
473 msgid "Confirm your request details"
474 msgstr "Nyugt&aacute;zd a k&eacute;relem r&eacute;szleteit"
476 #: www/wot/3.php:19
477 msgid "Contact"
478 msgstr "Kapcsolat"
480 #: www/wot/9.php:39
481 msgid "Contact Assurer"
482 msgstr "Kapcsolatfelv&eacute;tel"
484 #: www/wot/1.php:121
485 msgid "Contact Details"
486 msgstr "Kapcsolat jellemz&#337;k"
488 #: www/account/24.php:25 www/account/27.php:28
489 msgid "Contact Email"
490 msgstr "Kapcsolattart&oacute; e-mail c&iacute;me"
492 #: includes/account_stuff.php:210 includes/general_stuff.php:110
493 #: www/account/40.php:15 www/index/11.php:15
494 msgid "Contact Us"
495 msgstr "Kapcsolatfelv&eacute;tel"
497 #: www/wot/8.php:31
498 msgid "Contact information"
499 msgstr "Kapcsolat inform&aacute;ci&oacute;"
501 #: www/account/39.php:37 www/index/10.php:37
502 msgid "Cookies"
503 msgstr "Cookie-k"
505 #: www/help/2.php:38
506 msgid "Cool man! How do I create my own digital signature?!"
507 msgstr "Kir&aacute;ly! &Eacute;s hogy hozzam l&eacute;tre a saj&aacute;t digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;somat?!"
509 #: www/help/3.php:47
510 msgid "Copy the contents of the email including the"
511 msgstr "M&aacute;sold az email tartalm&aacute;t, benne a"
513 #: www/index/51.php:20
514 msgid "Core members of CAcert generally have a strong information technology and security background, and a stronger desire to give back to the community."
515 msgstr "A CAcert tags&aacute;g&aacute;nak magj&aacute;t alkot&oacute;k &aacute;ltal&aacute;ban komoly inform&aacute;ci&oacute;technol&oacute;giai &eacute;s biztons&aacute;gi h&aacute;tt&eacute;rrel rendelkeznek, &eacute;s azzal a hat&aacute;rozott sz&aacute;nd&eacute;kkal, hogy ezt a tud&aacute;st a k&ouml;z&ouml;ss&eacute;gnek &aacute;tadj&aacute;k."
517 #: includes/account.php:617 includes/account.php:726 includes/account.php:1125
518 #: includes/account.php:1343
519 #, php-format
520 msgid "Couldn't remove the request for `%s`, request had already been processed."
521 msgstr "Nem tudom elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tani a k&eacute;r&eacute;st '%s'-hez, a k&eacute;r&eacute;s m&aacute;r feldogoz&aacute;s alatt van."
523 #: www/account/11.php:32 www/account/21.php:35 www/account/24.php:37
524 #: www/account/27.php:40
525 msgid "Country"
526 msgstr "Orsz&aacute;g"
528 #: www/account/36.php:23 www/index/1.php:112
529 msgid "Country Announcements"
530 msgstr "Orsz&aacute;gos bejelent&eacute;sek"
532 #: www/help/4.php:9
533 msgid "Country Name (2 letter code) [AU]:"
534 msgstr "Orsz&aacute;gn&eacute;v (k&eacute;tbet&#369;s k&oacute;d) [HU]:"
536 #: www/account/17.php:133 www/account/4.php:133
537 msgid "Create Certificate Request"
538 msgstr "Tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny k&eacute;r&eacute;s k&eacute;sz&iacute;t&eacute;se"
540 #: includes/general_stuff.php:72 www/index/7.php:15
541 msgid "Credits"
542 msgstr "K&ouml;sz&ouml;net"
544 #: www/help/7.php:2
545 msgid "Currently there is 2 main servers, one for webserver, one for root store, with the root store only connected to the webserver via serial cable, with a daemon running as non-root processes on each end of the serial listening/sending requests/info."
546 msgstr "Currently there is 2 main servers, one for webserver, one for root store, with the root store only connected to the webserver via serial cable, with a daemon running as non-root processes on each end of the serial listening/sending requests/info."
548 #: www/stats.php:73 www/stats.php:109 www/ttp.php:95 www/ttp.php:142
549 #: www/account/43.php:200 www/account/43.php:235 www/wot/10.php:43
550 #: www/wot/10.php:76 www/wot/6.php:91
551 msgid "Date"
552 msgstr "D&aacute;tum"
554 #: www/cap.php:62 www/ttp.php:126 www/account/13.php:46 www/account/13.php:94
555 #: www/account/43.php:93 www/account/52.php:44 www/index/1.php:47
556 #: www/index/5.php:25 www/wot/6.php:65
557 msgid "Date of Birth"
558 msgstr "Sz&uuml;let&eacute;si d&aacute;tum"
560 #: www/account/2.php:21
561 msgid "Default"
562 msgstr "Alap&eacute;rtelmezett"
564 #: includes/account_stuff.php:146
565 msgid "Default Language"
566 msgstr "Alap&eacute;rtelmezett"
568 #: www/account/2.php:23 www/account/2.php:50 www/account/25.php:24
569 #: www/account/25.php:41 www/account/26.php:26 www/account/26.php:36
570 #: www/account/30.php:35 www/account/31.php:31 www/account/32.php:28
571 #: www/account/32.php:43 www/account/34.php:35 www/account/9.php:21
572 #: www/account/9.php:49
573 msgid "Delete"
574 msgstr "T&ouml;rl&eacute;s"
576 #: www/account/43.php:102 www/account/43.php:103
577 msgid "Delete Account"
578 msgstr "Mester azonos&iacute;t&oacute;"
580 #: www/account/34.php:28
581 #, php-format
582 msgid "Delete Admin for %s"
583 msgstr "A '%s' adminisztr&aacute;tor&aacute;nak t&ouml;rl&eacute;se"
585 #: www/account/30.php:28
586 #, php-format
587 msgid "Delete Domain for %s"
588 msgstr "Domain t&ouml;rl&eacute;se '%s'-b&#337;l"
590 #: www/account/31.php:24
591 #, php-format
592 msgid "Delete Organisation"
593 msgstr "Szervezet t&ouml;rl&eacute;se"
595 #: www/account/32.php:26 www/account/33.php:30
596 msgid "Department"
597 msgstr "Oszt&aacute;ly"
599 #: www/help/2.php:17
600 msgid "Digital signing thus provides security on the Internet."
601 msgstr "A digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s ez&aacute;ltal biztons&aacute;got ny&uacute;jt az interneten."
603 #: www/index/0.php:73
604 msgid "Digitally sign code, web applets, installers, etc. including your name and location in the certificates."
605 msgstr "Digitally sign code, web applets, installers, etc. including your name and location in the certificates."
607 #: www/wot/8.php:22
608 msgid "Directory Listing"
609 msgstr "K&ouml;nyvt&aacute;r list&aacute;z&aacute;sa"
611 #: www/help/2.php:61
612 msgid "Disclaimer : These are the author's opinions, but they should not be considered 'truth' without personal verification. The author may have made mistakes and any mistakes will be willingly rectified by contacting the administrator of, contact details available from the normal domain registration information services (e.g.;nbsp; No recommendation to install a Certificate Authority's root certificate is either intended nor implied."
613 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: ezeken az oldalakon a szerz&#337; saj&aacute;t v&eacute;lem&eacute;ny&eacute;t olvashatj&aacute;tok, ezt azonban, el&#337;zetes ellen&#337;rz&eacute;s n&eacute;lk&uuml;l, senki ne vegye 'megtestes&uuml;lt igazs&aacute;gnak'. A szerz&#337; is t&eacute;vedhetett, ha ilyesmire bukkann&aacute;l, akkor vedd fel a kapcsolatot az adminisztr&aacute;tor&aacute;val (a kapcsolatfelv&eacute;tel lehet&#337;s&eacute;g&eacute;t megtal&aacute;lod pl. a"
615 #: www/account/26.php:24 www/account/28.php:25 www/account/29.php:31
616 #: www/account/43.php:181 www/account/48.php:22 www/account/49.php:34
617 #: www/account/7.php:22
618 msgid "Domain"
619 msgstr "Domain"
621 #: www/account/12.php:18 www/account/22.php:18
622 msgid "Domain Certificates"
623 msgstr "Domain tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
625 #: includes/account_stuff.php:157 www/account/25.php:21 www/account/25.php:38
626 #: www/account/9.php:18
627 msgid "Domains"
628 msgstr "Domain-ek"
630 #: www/account/0.php:23
631 msgid "Domains and Server Certificates."
632 msgstr "Domain &eacute;s szerver tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
634 #: includes/account_stuff.php:209 includes/general_stuff.php:108
635 #: www/account/38.php:15 www/index/13.php:15
636 msgid "Donations"
637 msgstr "Adom&aacute;nyok"
639 #: www/error404.php:21
640 msgid "Due to recent site changes bookmarks may no longer be valid, please update your bookmarks."
641 msgstr "A k&ouml;zelmultban az oldalon t&ouml;rt&eacute;nt v&aacute;toz&aacute;sok miatt a kedvencek m&aacute;r nem biztos hogy val&oacute;s helyre mutatnak, k&eacute;rj&uuml;k friss&iacute;tse a kedvenceket."
643 #: www/help/2.php:39
644 msgid "Easy. Ish. Go to, install their root certificate and then follow their joining instructions. Once you have joined, request a certificate from the menu. You will receive an email with a link to the certificate. Click on the link from your email software, and hopefully it will be seamlessly installed. Next find the security section of the settings in your email software and configure digital signatures using the certificate you just downloaded. Hmm. Call me if you want, I'll guide you through it."
645 msgstr "Ez k&ouml;nny&#369;. Menj el a honlapj&aacute;ra, telep&iacute;tsed a gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyukat &eacute;s k&ouml;vesd a bel&eacute;p&eacute;sre, csatlakoz&aacute;sra vonatkoz&oacute; utas&iacute;t&aacute;sokat. Ha m&aacute;r csatlakozt&aacute;l, a men&uuml; alapj&aacute;n k&eacute;rj&eacute;l egy kliens tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt. Hamarosan kapsz egy emailt, benne a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyra mutat&oacute; linkkel. Klikkelj a linkre az email szoftveredb&#337;l &eacute;s rem&eacute;lhet&#337;leg a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny csont n&eacute;lk&uuml;l telep&iacute;t&#337;dik. Ezut&aacute;n keresd meg az email szoftvered be&aacute;ll&iacute;t&aacute;sai k&ouml;z&ouml;tt a biztons&aacute;gi r&eacute;szt &eacute;s &aacute;ll&iacute;tsd be, hogy a digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;sok az &eacute;ppen let&ouml;lt&ouml;tt tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt haszn&aacute;lj&aacute;k. Hmm. Keress meg, ha gondolod, majd seg&iacute;tek."
647 #: includes/account_stuff.php:146 www/account/25.php:23 www/account/25.php:40
648 #: www/account/26.php:25 www/account/26.php:35
649 msgid "Edit"
650 msgstr "Szerkeszt&eacute;s"
652 #: www/account/27.php:21
653 msgid "Edit Organisation"
654 msgstr "Szervezet m&oacute;dos&iacute;t&aacute;sa"
656 #: www/account/16.php:26 www/account/16.php:31 www/account/33.php:26
657 #: www/account/42.php:22 www/account/43.php:34 www/account/43.php:74
658 #: www/account/44.php:22 www/account/50.php:22 www/wot/5.php:22
659 msgid "Email"
660 msgstr "Email"
662 #: includes/account_stuff.php:149 www/account/2.php:18
663 msgid "Email Accounts"
664 msgstr "Email azonos&iacute;t&oacute;k"
666 #: www/account/0.php:21
667 msgid "Email Accounts and Client Certificates"
668 msgstr "Email azonos&iacute;t&oacute;k &eacute;s kliens tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
670 #: www/cap.php:72 www/account/1.php:22 www/account/11.php:34
671 #: www/account/5.php:23 www/index/1.php:75 www/index/4.php:26
672 #: www/index/5.php:21 www/gpg/2.php:21 www/disputes/1.php:23 www/help/4.php:29
674 msgid "Email Address"
675 msgstr "E-mail c&iacute;m"
677 #: www/index.php:244
678 msgid "Email Address was blank"
679 msgstr "Az e-mail c&iacute;m &uuml;res volt"
681 #: www/wot/1.php:122
682 msgid "Email Assurer"
683 msgstr "E-mail c&iacute;m"
685 #: includes/account.php:51 includes/account.php:391
686 msgid "Email Probe"
687 msgstr "E-mail teszt"
689 #: www/help/2.php:20
690 msgid "Emails are not secure. In fact emails are VERY not secure!"
691 msgstr "Az elektronikus lev&eacute;lforgalom (email) nem biztons&aacute;gos. Igaz&aacute;b&oacute;l NAGYON nem biztons&aacute;gos!"
693 #: www/index/0.php:83
694 msgid "Enable encrypted data transfer for users accessing your web, email, or other SSL enabled service on your server; wildcard certificates are allowed."
695 msgstr "Enged&eacute;lyezd a titkos&iacute;tott adat&aacute;tvitelt a web, email, vagy m&aacute;s SSL-k&eacute;pes szolg&aacute;ltat&aacute;st ny&uacute;jt&oacute; szerveredet ig&eacute;nybevev&#337; felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;knak. A &quot;wildcard&quot; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok haszn&aacute;lata megengedett."
697 #: www/help/3.php:58
698 msgid "Ensure 'Process the pending request and install the certificate' is selected and click on 'Next'."
699 msgstr "Gy&#337;z&#337;dj meg r&oacute;la, hogy a 'Process the pending request and install the certificate' (a f&uuml;gg&#337;ben l&eacute;v&#337; k&eacute;relem feldolgoz&aacute;sa &eacute;s a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;se) pontot kiv&aacute;lasztottad, majd klikkelj a 'Next' (k&ouml;vetkez&#337;) gombra."
701 #: www/help/3.php:63
702 msgid "Ensure that you are processing the correct certificate"
703 msgstr "Gy&#337;z&#337;dj meg r&oacute;la, hogy a megfelel&#337; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt telep&iacute;ted"
705 #: www/help/3.php:17
706 msgid "Enter a certificate name and select Certificate strength"
707 msgstr "Add meg a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny nev&eacute;t &eacute;s v&aacute;laszd ki a titkos&iacute;t&aacute;s er&#337;ss&eacute;g&eacute;t"
709 #: www/help/3.php:26
710 msgid "Enter the Organisation name: this must be the full legal name of the Organisation that is applying for the certificate."
711 msgstr "Add meg a szervezet nev&eacute;t. Ez annak a szervezetnek a teljes &eacute;s val&oacute;s neve legyen, amely a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyezi."
713 #: www/wot/3.php:30
714 msgid "Enter the applicant's email address;"
715 msgstr "Adja meg a jel&ouml;lt e-mail c&iacute;met"
717 #: www/help/3.php:33
718 msgid "Enter the geographical details"
719 msgstr "Adja meg a jel&ouml;lt e-mail c&iacute;met"
721 #: www/help/3.php:30
722 msgid "Enter your Common Name"
723 msgstr "&Aacute;ltal&aacute;nosN&eacute;v"
725 #: www/help/3.php:25
726 msgid "Enter your Organisation Information"
727 msgstr "Kapcsolat inform&aacute;ci&oacute;"
729 #: www/help/2.php:57
730 msgid "Erroneous Verisign Issued Digital Certificates Pose Spoofing Hazard"
731 msgstr "A Verisign &aacute;ltal kiadott hib&aacute;s tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok felvetik az becsap&aacute;s vesz&eacute;ly&eacute;t"
733 #: includes/account.php:67 www/verify.php:33 www/verify.php:45
734 #: www/verify.php:76 www/verify.php:89
735 msgid "Error!"
736 msgstr "Hiba!"
738 #: www/help/2.php:21
739 msgid "Ever requested a password that you lost to be emailed to you? That password was wide open to inspection by potential crackers."
740 msgstr "Ever requested a password that you lost to be emailed to you? That password was wide open to inspection by potential crackers.&#13;K&eacute;rted m&aacute;r valaha is, hogy az elvesztett jelszavadat k&uuml;ldj&eacute;k el emailben? Az a jelsz&oacute; b&aacute;rki, ak&aacute;r rosszindulat&uacute; emerek &aacute;ltal is olvashat&oacute; volt."
742 #: www/account/12.php:50 www/account/18.php:50 www/account/22.php:50
743 #: www/account/5.php:54
744 msgid "Expired"
745 msgstr "Lej&aacute;rt"
747 #: www/account/12.php:25 www/account/18.php:25 www/account/22.php:25
748 #: www/account/5.php:25
749 msgid "Expires"
750 msgstr "Lej&aacute;r"
752 #: www/wot/3.php:38
753 msgid "Fees"
754 msgstr "D&iacute;jak"
756 #: www/error404.php:19
757 msgid "File not found!"
758 msgstr "A f&aacute;jl nem tal&aacute;lhat&oacute;!"
760 #: www/help/4.php:16
761 msgid "Finally you will be asked information about 'extra' attribute, you simply hit enter to both these questions."
762 msgstr "V&eacute;gezet&uuml;l m&eacute;g n&eacute;h&aacute;ny 'extra' k&eacute;rd&eacute;s k&ouml;vetkezik, egyszer&#369;en nyomj entert ezekre."
764 #: includes/account_stuff.php:191
765 msgid "Find Domain"
766 msgstr "Domain hozz&aacute;ad&aacute;sa"
768 #: includes/account_stuff.php:191 www/account/42.php:19
769 msgid "Find User"
770 msgstr "K&ouml;zjegyz&#337;v&eacute; v&aacute;lik"
772 #: www/account/48.php:19
773 msgid "Find User by Domain"
774 msgstr "K&ouml;zjegyz&#337;v&eacute; v&aacute;lik"
776 #: includes/account_stuff.php:182
777 msgid "Find an Assurer"
778 msgstr "K&ouml;zjegyz&#337;v&eacute; v&aacute;lik"
780 #: www/help/3.php:41
781 msgid "Finish up and exit IIS Certificate Wizard"
782 msgstr "Fejezd be &eacute;s l&eacute;pj&eacute;l ki a Tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny Var&aacute;zsl&oacute;b&oacute;l."
784 #: www/account/13.php:27 www/account/13.php:75 www/account/43.php:78
785 #: www/index/1.php:22
786 msgid "First Name"
787 msgstr "Keresztn&eacute;v"
789 #: includes/account.php:769
790 msgid "First and Last name fields can not be blank."
791 msgstr "A kereszt &eacute;s vezet&eacute;kn&eacute;v nem lehet &uuml;res."
793 #: www/index.php:233
794 msgid "First and/or last names were blank."
795 msgstr "Kereszt &eacute;s/vagy Vezet&eacute;kn&eacute;v &uuml;res volt."
797 #: www/help/6.php:1
798 msgid "Firstly you need to join CAcert to do that go:"
799 msgstr "Mindenekel&#337;tt csatlakoznod kell a CAcert-hez, ezt itt teheted meg:"
801 #: www/help/4.php:1
802 msgid "Firstly you will need to run the following command, preferably in secured directory no one else can access, however protecting your private keys is beyond the scope of this document."
803 msgstr "Mindenekel&#337;tt futtatnod kell a k&ouml;vetkez&#337; parancsot, c&eacute;lszer&#369;en olyan biztons&aacute;gos alk&ouml;nyvt&aacute;rban, amihez m&aacute;s nem f&eacute;rhet hozz&aacute;. (A priv&aacute;t kulcsaid v&eacute;delme nem k&eacute;pezi ennek a le&iacute;r&aacute;snak r&eacute;sz&eacute;t.)"
805 #: www/help/0.php:2
806 msgid "Following are several tips you may find useful."
807 msgstr "A k&ouml;vetkez&#337;kben sz&aacute;mos hasznos &ouml;tletet tal&aacute;lsz."
809 #: www/account/37.php:23 www/index/12.php:23
810 msgid "For administrators looking to protect the services they offer, we provide host and wild card certificates which you can issue almost immediately. Not only can you use these to protect websites, but also POP3, SMTP and IMAP connections, to list but a few. Unlike other certificate authorities, we don't limit the strength of the certificates, or the use of wild card certificates. Everyone should have the right to security and to protect their privacy, not just those looking to run ecommerce sites."
811 msgstr "Rendszergazd&aacute;knak a szolg&aacute;ltat&aacute;saik biztos&iacute;t&aacute;s&aacute;ra aj&aacute;nljuk a szerver-, illetve &uacute;n. wildcard tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat, ezeket szinte azonnal meg is kaphatod. Nem csak a honlapod v&eacute;delm&eacute;re, de POP3, SMTP &eacute;s IMAP kapcsolatokhoz is haszn&aacute;lhatod, hogy csak egy n&eacute;h&aacute;nyat nevezz&uuml;nk meg. Nem &uacute;gy, mint m&aacute;s tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;g, mi nem korl&aacute;tozzuk a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny k&oacute;dol&aacute;s&aacute;nak er&#337;ss&eacute;g&eacute;t, vagy az. &uacute;n. wildcard tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;t. Mindenkinek rendelkeznie kell a biztons&aacute;g &eacute;s a mag&aacute;nszf&eacute;ra v&eacute;delm&eacute;nek jog&aacute;hoz, nem csak azoknak, akik elektronikus kereskedelemmel foglalkoz&oacute; weblapot akarnak m&#369;k&ouml;dtetni."
813 #: www/help/3.php:71
814 msgid "For more information, refer to your server documentation or visit"
815 msgstr "Tov&aacute;bbi inform&aacute;ci&oacute;k&eacute;rt tanulm&aacute;nyozd a szerver dokument&aacute;ci&oacute;dat vagy l&aacute;togasd meg"
817 #: www/account/37.php:21 www/index/12.php:21
818 msgid "For the enthusiast looking to dip their toe in the water, we have an easy way of obtaining certificates you can use with your email program. You can use these not only to encrypt, but to prove to your friends and family that your email really does come from you."
819 msgstr "Ha m&aacute;r el&eacute;g lelkes vagy &eacute;s bele akarsz v&aacute;gni, akkor az email programoddal haszn&aacute;lhat&oacute; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok beszerz&eacute;s&eacute;nek egy k&ouml;nny&#369; m&oacute;dj&aacute;t aj&aacute;nljuk. Nem csak titkos&iacute;t&aacute;sra haszn&aacute;lhatod ezeket, de bizony&iacute;thatod a bar&aacute;taidnak &eacute;s a csal&aacute;dodnak, hogy az emailed t&eacute;nyleg t&#337;led sz&aacute;rmazik."
821 #: www/index/0.php:19
822 msgid "For years we've all been charged high amounts of money to pay for security that doesn't and shouldn't cost the earth."
823 msgstr "&Eacute;vekig arra k&eacute;nyszer&uuml;lt&uuml;nk, hogy fizess&uuml;nk a biztons&aacute;g&eacute;rt ami&eacute;rt val&oacute;j&aacute;ban nem kellett volna &eacute;s nem is ker&uuml;l semmibe sem."
825 #: www/account/12.php:78 www/account/18.php:84 www/account/22.php:80
826 #: www/account/5.php:84
827 msgid "From here you can delete pending requests, or revoke valid certificates."
828 msgstr "Innen tudja t&ouml;r&ouml;lni a f&uuml;gg&otilde;ben l&eacute;v&otilde; k&eacute;r&eacute;seket, vagy visszavonni az &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat."
830 #: www/stats.php:55
831 msgid "Users with 50-99 Points"
832 msgstr "&Uuml;gyfelek 50-99 ponttal"
834 #: includes/account_stuff.php:185
835 msgid "GPG/PGP Keys"
836 msgstr "PGP/GPG kulcsok"
838 #: www/account/36.php:22 www/index/1.php:111
839 msgid "General Announcements"
840 msgstr "&Aacute;ltal&aacute;nos bejelent&eacute;sek"
842 #: www/account/40.php:17 www/index/11.php:17
843 msgid "General Questions"
844 msgstr "&Aacute;ltal&aacute;nos k&eacute;rd&eacute;sek"
846 #: www/disputes.php:320
847 #, php-format
848 msgid "The domain '%s' doesn't exist in the system. Can't continue."
849 msgstr "A(z) '%s' dom&eacute;n m&aacute;r l&eacute;tezik a rendszerben. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
851 #: www/disputes.php:247
852 #, php-format
853 msgid "The email address '%s' doesn't exist in the system. Can't continue."
854 msgstr "A(z) '%s' email c&iacute;m m&aacute;r l&eacute;tezik a rendszerben. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
856 #: www/stats.php:51
857 msgid "Users with 1-49 Points"
858 msgstr "&Uuml;gyfelek 1-49 ponttal"
860 #: www/help/4.php:4
861 msgid "Generating a 1024 bit RSA private key"
862 msgstr "1024 bites RSA priv&aacute;t kulcs gener&aacute;l&aacute;sa"
864 #: www/help/3.php:1
865 msgid "Generating a Key Pair and Certificate Signing Request (CSR) for a Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 5.0."
866 msgstr "Kulcsp&aacute;r &eacute;s CSR (Certificate Signing Request, magyarul tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si k&eacute;relem) gener&aacute;l&aacute;sa a Microsoft Internet Information Server-hez (IIS 5.0)."
868 #: includes/account_stuff.php:142
869 msgid "Go Home"
870 msgstr "Kezd&otilde;lapra"
872 #: www/account/40.php:19 www/index/11.php:19
873 msgid "Go here for more details."
874 msgstr "Tov&aacute;bbi r&eacute;szleteket itt tal&aacute;lsz."
876 #: www/help/2.php:16
877 msgid "Good question"
878 msgstr "J&oacute; k&eacute;rd&eacute;s."
880 #: www/stats.php:102
881 msgid "Growth by year"
882 msgstr "n&ouml;vekm&eacute;ny &eacute;venk&eacute;nt"
884 #: www/stats.php:66
885 msgid "Growth in the last 12 months"
886 msgstr "n&ouml;vekm&eacute;ny az ut&oacute;bbi 12 h&oacute;napban"
888 #: www/help/0.php:1
889 msgid "Help!"
890 msgstr "Seg&iacute;ts&eacute;g!"
892 #: www/account/10.php:29 www/account/16.php:41 www/account/20.php:26
893 #: www/account/3.php:53
894 msgid "Sign by class 3 root certificate"
895 msgstr "Al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s class 3 gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nnyal"
897 #: www/account/19.php:54 www/account/6.php:52
898 msgid "Hit the 'Install your Certificate' button below to install the certificate into MS IE 5.x and above."
899 msgstr "Nyomja le az 'Tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny tele&#337;&iacute;t&eacute;se' gombot a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;hez az MS IE 5.x, vagy magasabb verzi&oacute;ban."
901 #: www/account/30.php:24
902 msgid "Hitting delete will also revoke all existing certificates issued under this domain"
903 msgstr "A t&ouml;rl&eacute;s egyben vissza is vonja az &ouml;sszes ez al&aacute; a domain k&eacute;rt tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt"
905 #: www/account/29.php:24
906 msgid "Hitting update will also revoke all existing certificates issued under this domain"
907 msgstr "Az friss&iacute;t&eacute;s egyben vissza is vonja az &ouml;sszes ez al&aacute; a domain k&eacute;rt tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt"
909 #: www/wot/1.php:23 www/wot/7.php:26
910 msgid "Home"
911 msgstr "Eleje"
913 #: www/help/2.php:8
914 msgid "How do I create my own digital signature?!"
915 msgstr "Hogy hozzam l&eacute;tre a saj&aacute;t digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;somat?!"
917 #: www/help/0.php:8
918 msgid "How do I generate a private key and CSR using OpenSSL?"
919 msgstr "Hogy k&eacute;sz&iacute;thetek priv&aacute;t kulcsot &eacute;s CSR-t (tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si k&eacute;relmet) az OpenSSL haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;val?"
921 #: www/help/0.php:9
922 msgid "How do I get a secured by CAcert emblem on my site?"
923 msgstr "Felrakhatom a CAcert log&oacute;t a honlapomra?"
925 #: www/index/7.php:23
926 msgid "Has put so much effort into CAcert I don't know where to begin, he managed to get the CPS Christian had started up to draft status, he has given countless hours to assuring people and attending conferences to help spread the word"
927 msgstr "Olyan sokat dolgozott a CAcert-&eacute;rt, nem is tudom hol kezdjem. Siker&uuml;lt megszereznie azt a CPS-t, amit m&eacute;g Christian kezdett el, megsz&aacute;ml&aacute;lhatatlanul sok &oacute;r&aacute;t t&ouml;lt&ouml;tt m&aacute;sok hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;vel, konferenci&aacute;kra j&aacute;rt, ezzel terjesztve h&iacute;r&uuml;nket"
929 #: www/help/2.php:4 www/help/2.php:21 www/help/2.php:24
930 msgid "How it prepares us to protect our freedom"
931 msgstr "Hogy seg&iacute;t benn&uuml;nket a szabads&aacute;gunk v&eacute;delm&eacute;ben"
933 #: www/account/39.php:50 www/index/10.php:50
934 msgid "How to update, correct, or delete your information"
935 msgstr "Hogyan tudja friss&iacute;teni, m&oacute;dos&iacute;tani, vagy t&ouml;r&ouml;lni az adatait"
937 #: www/index/51.php:27
938 msgid "How?"
939 msgstr "Hogyan?"
941 #: includes/general_stuff.php:64
942 msgid "Howto Information"
943 msgstr "Kapcsolat inform&aacute;ci&oacute;"
945 #: www/help/2.php:9 www/help/2.php:41
946 msgid "I can't wait to start sending encrypted emails!"
947 msgstr "Nem gy&#337;z&ouml;m kiv&aacute;rni, hogy titkos&iacute;tott leveleket k&uuml;ldhessek!"
949 #: includes/account.php:884
950 msgid "I couldn't match any emails against your organisational account."
951 msgstr "Nem tal&aacute;ltam egyetlen email-t sem amely az &Ouml;n szervezet&eacute;hez tartozna."
953 #: includes/account.php:120 includes/account.php:152 includes/account.php:254
954 #: includes/account.php:904 includes/account.php:991
955 msgid "I didn't receive a valid Certificate Request, hit the back button and try again."
956 msgstr "Nem kaptam &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny k&eacute;relmet, nyomja meg a vissza gombot &eacute;s pr&oacute;b&aacute;lja &uacute;jra."
958 #: www/wot/8.php:25
959 msgid "I don't want to be listed"
960 msgstr "Nem szeretn&eacute;m, hogy felsoroljanak"
962 #: www/account/10.php:18 www/account/20.php:18 www/account/3.php:18
963 msgid "I hereby represent that I am fully authorized by the owner of the information contained in the CSR sent to CAcert Inc. to apply for an Digital Certificate for secure and authenticated electronic transactions. I understand that a digital certificate serves to identify the Subscriber for the purposes of electronic communication and that the management of the private keys associated with such certificates is the responsibility of the subscriber's technical staff and/or contractors."
964 msgstr "&Eacute;n itt tudatom, hogy a CAcert Inc-hez k&uuml;ld&ouml;tt CSR-ben tal&aacute;lhat&oacute; inform&aacute;ci&oacute;j&aacute;nak tulajdonosa &aacute;ltal, teljesen felhetalmazott vagyok arra, hogy digit&aacute;lis tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt k&eacute;rjek titkos&iacute;tott &eacute;s azonos&iacute;tott elektronikus tranzakci&oacute;khoz. Meg&eacute;rtettem, hogy a digit&aacute;lis tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny azt a c&eacute;lt szolg&aacute;lja, hogy igazolja a feliratkozottat elektronikus kommunik&aacute;ci&oacute;hoz &eacute;s hogy az ilyen tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokhoz rendelt priv&aacute;t kulcsok kezel&eacute;se a feliratkozott tecjnikai szem&eacute;lyzete &eacute;s/vagy kapcsolattartoj&aacute;nak felel&#337;s&eacute;ge."
966 #: www/wot/8.php:26
967 msgid "I want to be listed"
968 msgstr "Szeretnem ha megjelenn&eacute;k a list&aacute;kon"
970 #: www/help/8.php:2
971 msgid "I'll anwser the why part first, as that's reasonably easy. The short answer is it takes most of the key handling responsibilty away from you and/or your group. If you need to revoke your key for any reason (such as a developer leaving the project) it won't effect your ability to revoke the existing key or keys, and issue new ones."
972 msgstr "El&#337;sz&ouml;r a mi&eacute;rtre v&aacute;laszolok, mert ez el&eacute;g k&ouml;nny&#369;. A r&ouml;vid v&aacute;lasz: nagyr&eacute;szt leveszi v&aacute;lladr&oacute;l (&eacute;s/vagy a csapatod tagjainak a v&aacute;ll&aacute;r&oacute;l) a kulcs kezel&eacute;s&eacute;nek felel&#337;ss&eacute;g&eacute;t. Ha b&aacute;rmi okb&oacute;l vissza kellene vonnod a kulcsodat (pl. az egyik fejleszt&#337; elhagyja a projektet), ez nem befoly&aacute;solja azt, hogy visszavonhass&aacute;l megl&eacute;v&#337; kulcsot vagy kulcsokat, illetve &uacute;jakat adhass&aacute;l ki."
974 #: www/account/43.php:62
975 msgid "I'm sorry, the user you were looking for seems to have disappeared! Bad things are a foot!"
976 msgstr "Sajn&aacute;lom, de &uacute;gy l&aacute;tom az &aacute;ltalad keresett felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute; felsz&iacute;v&oacute;dott. Hogy kell vigy&aacute;zni!"
978 #: www/wot.php:42
979 msgid "I'm sorry, there was no email matching what you entered in the system. Please double check your information."
980 msgstr "Sajn&aacute;lom, de nem volt illeszked&#337; email mikor bel&eacute;pett a rendszerbe. K&eacute;rj&uuml;k k&eacute;tszeresen ellen&#337;rizze az adatait."
982 #: www/account/38.php:17 www/index/13.php:17
983 msgid "If I'd like to donate to CAcert Inc., how can I do it?"
984 msgstr "Ha szeretn&eacute;m t&aacute;mogatni a CAcert Inc-t, hogy tehetem meg?"
986 #: www/account/10.php:22 www/account/20.php:22
987 msgid "If the Subscriber's name and/or domain name registration change the subscriber will immediately inform CAcert Inc. who shall revoke the digital certificate. When the Digital Certificate expires or is revoked the company will permanently remove the certificate from the server on which it is installed and will not use it for any purpose thereafter. The person responsible for key management and security is fully authorized to install and utilize the certificate to represent this organization's electronic presence."
988 msgstr "Ha a feliratkozott neve &eacute;s/vagy domain neve megv&aacute;ltozik a feliratkozott azonnal t&aacute;j&eacute;koztatja a CAcert Inc.-t aki visszavonja a digit&aacute;lis tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat. Mikor a digit&aacute;lis tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny lej&aacute;r vagy visszavont&aacute;k a c&eacute;gnek aki ezt a haszn&aacute;lja, v&eacute;glegesen elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tja a szerverr&ouml;l ahol haszn&aacute;lta &eacute;s ezut&aacute;n m&aacute;r nem is fogja semmire haszn&aacute;lni. Az a szem&eacute;ly aki felel&#337;s a kulcsok kezel&eacute;s&eacute;&eacute;rt &eacute;s a bizton&aacute;g&eacute;rt jogosult telep&iacute;teni ennek a szervezetnek a tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyait, aki k&eacute;pviseli azt elektronikusan."
990 #: www/account/3.php:22
991 msgid "If the Subscriber's name and/or domain name registration change the subscriber will immediately inform CAcert Inc. who shall revoke the digital certificate. When the Digital Certificate expires or is revoked the company will permanently remove the certificate from the server on which it is installed andwill not use it for any purpose thereafter. The person responsible for key management and security is fully authorized to install and utilize the certificate to represent this organization's electronic presence."
992 msgstr "Ha a feliratkozott neve &eacute;s/vagy domain neve megv&aacute;ltozik a feliratkozott azonnal t&aacute;j&eacute;koztatja a CAcert Inc.-t aki visszavonja a digit&aacute;lis tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat. Mikor a digit&aacute;lis tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny lej&aacute;r vagy visszavont&aacute;k a c&eacute;gnek aki ezt a haszn&aacute;lja, v&eacute;glegesen elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tja a szerverr&ouml;l ahol haszn&aacute;lta &eacute;s ezut&aacute;n m&aacute;r nem is fogja semmire haszn&aacute;lni. Az a szem&eacute;ly aki felel&#337;s a kulcsok kezel&eacute;s&eacute;&eacute;rt &eacute;s a bizton&aacute;g&eacute;rt jogosult telep&iacute;teni ennek a szervezetnek a tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyait, aki k&eacute;pviseli azt elektronikusan."
994 #: www/help/7.php:3
995 msgid "If the root store detects a bad request it assumes the webserver is compromised and shuts itself down."
996 msgstr "Ha a root szerver hib&aacute;s (nem szab&aacute;lyos) k&eacute;relmet &eacute;szlel, akkor felt&eacute;telezi, hogy a webszervert felt&ouml;rt&eacute;k &eacute;s lel&ouml;vi mag&aacute;t."
998 #: www/help/7.php:4
999 msgid "If the root store doesn't receive a 'ping' reply over the serial link within a determined amount of time it assumes the webserver is compromised or the root store itself has been stolen and shuts itself down."
1000 msgstr "Ha a root szerver egy el&#337;re meghat&aacute;rozott id&#337;n bel&uuml;l nem kap v&aacute;laszt a pingre a soros vonalon, akkor felt&eacute;telezi, hogy a webszervert felt&ouml;rt&eacute;k &eacute;s lel&ouml;vi mag&aacute;t."
1002 #: www/account/39.php:47 www/index/10.php:47
1003 msgid "If we change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes on If we decide to use personally identifiable information in a manner different from that stated at the time it was collected, we will notify users via email. Users will be able to opt out of any new use of their personal information."
1004 msgstr "Ha v&aacute;toztatunk a Biztons&aacute;gi H&aacute;zirend&uuml;nk&ouml;n, a v&aacute;ltoz&aacute;sokr&oacute;l t&aacute;j&eacute;koztatjuk a oldalon. Ha &uacute;gy d&ouml;nt&uuml;nk, hogy szem&eacute;lyes azonos&iacute;t&aacute;sra alkalmas adatokat haszn&aacute;lunk fel, &uacute;gy hogy az k&uuml;l&ouml;nb&ouml;zik a att&oacute;l amit akkor &aacute;ll&iacute;tott&uuml;nk mikor azokat gy&uuml;jt&ouml;tt&uuml;k, akkor email-en &eacute;rtes&iacute;tj&uuml;k a felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;t. A felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;nak lehet&#337;s&eacute;ge van megtagadnia a szem&eacute;lyes adatainak b&aacute;rminem&uuml; felhaszn&aacute;l&aacute;s&aacute;t."
1006 #: www/wot/7.php:140
1007 msgid "If you are happy with this location, click 'Make my location here' to update your location details."
1008 msgstr "Ha el&eacute;gedett ezzel a hellyel, akkor kattintson a 'legyen ez a helyem'-re hogy friss&iacute;ts&uuml;k a hely adatait."
1010 #: www/account/40.php:41 www/index/11.php:41
1011 msgid "If you have questions, comments or otherwise and information you're sending to us contains sensitive details, you should use the contact form below. Due to the large amounts of support emails we receive, sending general questions via this contact form will generally take longer then using the support mailing list. Also sending queries in anything but english could cause delays in supporting you as we'd need to find a translator to help."
1012 msgstr "Ha b&aacute;rmilyen k&eacute;nyes r&eacute;szletet tartalmaz&oacute; k&eacute;rd&eacute;st, megjegyz&eacute;st vagy inform&aacute;ci&oacute;t k&uuml;ldesz nek&uuml;nk, haszn&aacute;ld az al&aacute;bbi &#369;rlapot. Mivel el&eacute;g nagy sz&aacute;mban kapunk seg&iacute;ts&eacute;gk&eacute;r&#337; emaileket, az ez&uacute;ton &eacute;rkezett &aacute;ltal&aacute;nos k&eacute;rd&eacute;sek megv&aacute;laszol&aacute;sa rendszerint hosszabb id&#337;be telik, mintha a megfelel&#337; levelez&eacute;si list&aacute;ra k&uuml;ldted volna. Ugyan&iacute;gy, ha nem angolul &iacute;rsz, akkor el&#337;bb m&eacute;g egy tolm&aacute;csot is kell keresn&uuml;nk, ez&eacute;rt a v&aacute;lasz k&eacute;shet."
1014 #: www/account/39.php:55 www/index/10.php:55
1015 msgid "If you need to contact us in writing, address your mail to:"
1016 msgstr "Ha &iacute;r&aacute;sban szeretne kapcsolatot l&eacute;tes&iacute;teni, ide c&iacute;mezze a level&eacute;t:"
1018 #: scripts/removedead.php:57
1019 msgid "If you needed more time or any other extenuating circumstances you should contact us immediately so this situation can be dealt with immediately."
1020 msgstr "Ha t&ouml;bb id&#337;re van sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ged, vagy b&aacute;rmi &quot;enyh&iacute;t&#337; k&ouml;r&uuml;lm&eacute;ny&quot; fenn&aacute;ll&aacute;sa eset&eacute;n r&ouml;gt&ouml;n vedd fel vel&uuml;nk a kapcsolatot, hogy int&eacute;zkedhess&uuml;nk."
1022 #: www/account/0.php:18
1023 msgid "If you would like to view news items or change languages you can click the logout or go home links. Go home doesn't log you out of the system, just returns you to the front of the website. Logout logs you out of the system."
1024 msgstr "Ha szertn&eacute; l&aacute;tni a h&iacute;reket vagy nyelvet szeretne v&aacute;ltoztatni, akkor vagy l&eacute;pjen ki vagy kattintson a 'Elej&eacute;re' linkre. Az 'Elej&eacute;re' nem l&eacute;pteti ki a rendszerb&#337;l, csak a website kezd&#337;oldal&aacute;ra visszi. A kil&eacute;p&eacute;s ki is l&eacute;pteti a rendszerb&#337;l."
1026 #: www/account/37.php:25 www/index/12.php:25
1027 msgid "If you're extremely serious about encryption, you can join CAcert's Assurance Programme and Web of Trust. This allows you to have your identity verified to obtain added benefits, including longer length certificates and the ability to include your name on email certificates."
1028 msgstr "Ha t&eacute;nyleg komolyan &eacute;rdekl&#337;dsz a titkos&iacute;t&aacute;s &eacute;s a biztons&aacute;gi k&eacute;rd&eacute;sek ir&aacute;nt, akkor csatlakozz&aacute;l a CAcert WOT (&quot;Web of Trust &quot;, magyarul a bizalom h&aacute;l&oacute;ja/h&aacute;l&oacute;zata) programhoz. Ez lehet&#337;v&eacute; teszi, hogy igazoltasd a szen&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;godat, ez&aacute;ltal tov&aacute;bbi el&#337;ny&ouml;kre tegy&eacute;l szert, bele&eacute;rtve pl. a hosszabb &eacute;rv&eacute;nyess&eacute;g&#369; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat &eacute;s annak a lehet&#337;s&eacute;g&eacute;t is, hogy a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny tartalmazza a nevedet is."
1030 #: www/wot/3.php:32
1031 msgid "If, and only if, the two match completely - you may award trust points up to the maximum points you are able to allocate;"
1032 msgstr "Akkor &eacute;s csak akkor, ha a kett&#337; teljesen megegyezik, akkor meg&eacute;rdemli a bizalmi pontokat, mig el nem &eacute;ri a maxim&aacute;lisan megkaphat&oacute;t."
1034 #: www/help/7.php:1
1035 msgid "In light of a request on the bugzilla list for more information about how our root certificate is protected I've decided to do a write up here and see if there is anything more people suggest could be done, or a better way of handling things altogether."
1036 msgstr "A bugzilla list&aacute;n &eacute;rkezett k&eacute;r&eacute;s alapj&aacute;n (tov&aacute;bbi inform&aacute;ci&oacute;t k&eacute;rtek arr&oacute;l, hogyan v&eacute;dj&uuml;k a gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyunkat) elhat&aacute;roztam, hogy k&eacute;sz&iacute;tek egy le&iacute;r&aacute;st, azt&aacute;n majd megl&aacute;tjuk m&eacute;g mit javasolnak &eacute;s hogy tudjuk jobban kezelni a dolgokat."
1038 #: www/help/3.php:9
1039 msgid "In the 'Directory Security' folder click on the 'Server Certificate' button in the 'Secure communications' section. If you have not used this option before the 'Edit' button will not be active."
1040 msgstr "A 'Directory Security' mapp&aacute;ban klikkelj r&aacute; a 'Server Certificate' gombra a 'Secure communications' r&eacute;szben. Ha m&eacute;g nem haszn&aacute;ltad ezt az opci&oacute;t, akkor az 'Edit' gomb nem lesz el&eacute;rhet&#337;."
1042 #: www/help/3.php:57
1043 msgid "In the 'IIS Certificate Wizard' you should find a 'Pending Certificate Request'."
1044 msgstr "Az 'IIS Tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny Var&aacute;zsl&oacute;ban' megtal&aacute;lod a 'F&uuml;gg&#337;ben l&eacute;v&#337; Tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyk&eacute;relmeket'."
1046 #: www/account/0.php:20
1047 msgid "In this section you will be able to edit your personal information (if you haven't been assured), update your pass phrase, and lost pass phrase questions. You will also be able to set your location for the Web of Trust, it also effects the email announcement settings which among other things can be set to notify you if you're within 200km of a planned assurance event. You'll also be able to set additional contact information when you become fully trusted, so others can contact you to meet up outside official events."
1048 msgstr "Ebben a r&eacute;szben tudja m&oacute;dos&iacute;tani a szem&eacute;lyes adatait (ha m&eacute;g nem igazolt&aacute;k &Ouml;nt), fris&iacute;teni a jelszav&aacute;t &eacute;s az elveszett jelsz&oacute; k&eacute;rd&eacute;seit. Szint&eacute;n itt tudja m&oacute;dos&iacute;tani a hely&eacute;nek adatait a webes bizalmi rendszerhez, ami hat&aacute;ssal van az email hirdetm&eacute;nyek be&aacute;ll&iacute;t&aacute;saira is, ahol t&ouml;bbek k&ouml;z&ouml;tt be&aacute;ll&iacute;that&oacute;, hogy &eacute;rtes&iacute;t&eacute;st kapjon, ha 200km-es k&ouml;rzet&eacute;ben hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si esem&eacute;nyt tervez&uuml;nk. Szint&eacute;n be&aacute;ll&iacute;that tov&aacute;bbi kapcsolatfelv&eacute;teli lehet&#337;s&eacute;geket, ha teljesen megb&iacute;zhat&oacute;v&aacute; v&aacute;lik, &iacute;gy m&aacute;sok fel tudj&aacute;k keresni &Ouml;nt a hivatalos esem&eacute;nyeken t&uacute;l is."
1050 #: www/account/3.php:53 www/account/3.php:54 www/account/3.php:55
1051 #: www/account/3.php:56
1052 msgid "Include"
1053 msgstr "Bele&eacute;rtve"
1055 #: www/index/0.php:23
1056 msgid "Inclusion into mainstream browsers!"
1057 msgstr "Elfogad&aacute;sunk a jelent&#337;sebb b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;programokban!"
1059 #: www/index.php:195
1060 msgid "Incorrect email address and/or Pass Phrase."
1061 msgstr "Helytelen email c&iacute;m &eacute;s/vagy jelsz&oacute;."
1063 #: www/account/19.php:60 www/account/6.php:58
1064 msgid "Install Your Certificate"
1065 msgstr "A tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;se"
1067 #: www/help/3.php:51
1068 msgid "Installation steps"
1069 msgstr "Ford&iacute;t&aacute;sok"
1071 #: www/account/19.php:43 www/account/19.php:52 www/account/6.php:41
1072 #: www/account/6.php:50
1073 msgid "Installing your certificate"
1074 msgstr "Saj&aacute;t tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;se"
1076 #: www/index/0.php:15
1077 msgid "Introduction"
1078 msgstr "Bemutatkoz&aacute;s"
1080 #: includes/account.php:517 includes/account.php:583 includes/account.php:611
1081 #: includes/account.php:644 includes/account.php:694 includes/account.php:720
1082 #: includes/account.php:1042 includes/account.php:1092
1083 #: includes/account.php:1119 includes/account.php:1253
1084 #: includes/account.php:1308 includes/account.php:1337
1085 #, php-format
1086 msgid "Invalid ID '%s' presented, can't do anything with it."
1087 msgstr "&Eacute;rv&eacute;nytelen ID '%s' bemutatva, nem tudok mit kezdeni vele."
1089 #: includes/account.php:776 www/index.php:239
1090 msgid "Invalid date of birth"
1091 msgstr "&Eacute;rv&eacute;nytelen sz&uuml;let&eacute;si d&aacute;tum"
1093 #: www/wot/6.php:78
1094 msgid "Issuing a temporary increase will automatically boost their points to 200 points for a nomindated amount of days, after which the person will be reduced to 150 points regardless of the amount of points they had previously. Regardless of method chosen above it will be recorded in the system as an Administrative Increase and there is a maximum amount of 45 days that points can be issued for."
1095 msgstr "Az ideiglenes n&ouml;vekm&eacute;ny megad&aacute;sa automatikusan megn&ouml;veli a pontsz&aacute;mot 200 pontra egy bizonyos ideig, ezut&aacute;n az illet&#337; pontsz&aacute;ma 150-re cs&ouml;kken, f&uuml;ggetlen&uuml;l att&oacute;l, hogy el&#337;tte mennyi volt. F&uuml;ggetlen&uuml;l a fentebb v&aacute;lasztott m&oacute;dszert&#337;l, ez adminisztrat&iacute;v l&eacute;p&eacute;sk&eacute;nt lesz bejegyezve a rendszerbe &eacute;s legfeljebb 45 napig &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes."
1097 #: www/wot/3.php:17
1098 msgid "It is essential that CAcert Assurers understand and follow the rules below to ensure that applicants for assurance are suitably identified, which, in turn, maintains trust in the system."
1099 msgstr "Alapvet&#337;, hogy a CAcert hiteles&iacute;t&#337;k meg&eacute;rts&eacute;k &eacute;s k&ouml;vess&eacute;k a lenti szab&aacute;lyokat mikor meggy&#337;z&#337;dnek a hiteles&iacute;tend&#337; jel&ouml;lt szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;r&oacute;l, mert ez az alapja a rendszer megb&iacute;zhat&oacute;s&aacute;g&aacute;nak."
1101 #: www/wot/3.php:36
1102 msgid "It is imperative that you maintain the confidentiality and privacy of the applicant, and never disclose the information obtained without the applicant's consent."
1103 msgstr "Mindenk&eacute;ppen sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges, hogy a jel&ouml;ltek szem&eacute;lyes adatait bizalmasan kezelje &eacute;s soha sem ossza meg senkivel a jel&ouml;lt beleegyezz&eacute;se n&eacute;lk&uuml;l."
1105 #: includes/account.php:589 includes/account.php:700 includes/account.php:1048
1106 #: includes/account.php:1098 includes/account.php:1259
1107 #: includes/account.php:1314
1108 #, php-format
1109 msgid "It would seem '%s' has already been revoked. I'll skip this for now."
1110 msgstr "&Uacute;gy l&aacute;tszik '%s' m&aacute;r visszavont&aacute;k. Ezt most kihagyom."
1112 #: www/index/0.php:17
1113 msgid "It's been a long time coming, but the wait was worthwhile, finally you are able to get security at the right price... Free!"
1114 msgstr "Ez m&aacute;r hossz&uacute; ideje k&eacute;sz&uuml;l&otilde;dik, de meg&eacute;rte a f&aacute;rads&aacute;got, v&eacute;g&uuml;l siker&uuml;lt hozz&aacute;jutnod a biztons&aacute;ghoz a megfelel&#337; helyr&#337;l a legjobb &aacute;ron... Ingyen!"
1116 #: www/index/1.php:107
1117 msgid "It's possible to get notifications of up and coming events and even just general announcements, untick any notifications you don't wish to receive. For country, regional and radius notifications to work you must choose your location once you've verified your account and logged in."
1118 msgstr "&Eacute;rtes&iacute;t&eacute;seket kaphatsz az elk&ouml;vetkez&#337; esem&eacute;nyekr&#337;l, vagy ak&aacute;r csak &aacute;ltal&aacute;nos bejelent&eacute;seket. Csak azokat jel&ouml;ld meg, amelyek &eacute;rdekelnek. Az orsz&aacute;gos, region&aacute;lis &eacute;s 200km-en bel&uuml;li esem&eacute;nyekr&#337;l sz&oacute;l&oacute; &eacute;rtes&iacute;t&eacute;sek eset&eacute;n meg kell adnod a pontos lak&oacute;helyed, miut&aacute;n haszn&aacute;latba vetted az accountodat &eacute;s bejelentkezt&eacute;l."
1120 #: includes/general_stuff.php:53
1121 msgid "Join"
1122 msgstr "Csatlakoz&aacute;s"
1124 #: includes/general_stuff.php:52
1125 msgid "Join"
1126 msgstr "Csatlakoz&aacute;s a"
1128 #: www/account/17.php:21 www/account/4.php:21
1129 msgid "Key Strength:"
1130 msgstr "Kulcs er&otilde;ss&eacute;g:"
1132 #: www/help/3.php:4
1133 msgid "Key generation process"
1134 msgstr "Kulcsgener&aacute;l&aacute;si elj&aacute;r&aacute;s"
1136 #: www/account/17.php:131 www/account/4.php:131
1137 msgid "Keysize:"
1138 msgstr "Kulcsm&eacute;ret:"
1140 #: www/wot/9.php:47
1141 msgid "Language"
1142 msgstr "Alap&eacute;rtelmezett"
1144 #: www/account/13.php:37 www/account/13.php:85 www/account/43.php:86
1145 #: www/index/1.php:32
1146 msgid "Last Name"
1147 msgstr "Vezet&eacute;kn&eacute;v"
1149 #: www/index/0.php:28
1150 msgid "Latest News"
1151 msgstr "Legfrisebb h&iacute;rek"
1153 #: www/wot/3.php:41
1154 msgid "Liability"
1155 msgstr "Felel&#337;s&eacute;g"
1157 #: www/index/0.php:54 www/index/0.php:64 www/index/0.php:74 www/index/0.php:84
1158 #: www/index/0.php:94 www/index/0.php:104 www/index/0.php:114
1159 msgid "Limitations"
1160 msgstr "Hely"
1162 #: www/wot/1.php:23 www/wot/1.php:30 www/wot/1.php:43 www/wot/1.php:56
1163 #: www/wot/1.php:74 www/wot/1.php:87 www/wot/1.php:102 www/wot/7.php:26
1164 #: www/wot/7.php:35 www/wot/7.php:46 www/wot/7.php:58
1165 msgid "Listed"
1166 msgstr "List&aacute;zottak"
1168 #: www/help/4.php:11
1169 msgid "Locality Name (eg, city) [Sydney]:"
1170 msgstr "Helys&eacute;gn&eacute;v (pl. falu, v&aacute;ros):"
1172 #: www/account/11.php:30 www/account/21.php:33 www/account/43.php:196
1173 #: www/account/43.php:231 www/wot/10.php:25 www/wot/10.php:58 www/wot/6.php:69
1174 msgid "Location"
1175 msgstr "Hely"
1177 #: www/wot/7.php:123
1178 msgid "Location Name"
1179 msgstr "Hely neve"
1181 #: www/index/4.php:23 www/index/4.php:34
1182 msgid "Login"
1183 msgstr "Bejelentkez&eacute;s"
1185 #: includes/account_stuff.php:142
1186 msgid "Logout"
1187 msgstr "Kijelentkez&eacute;s"
1189 #: www/index/5.php:18
1190 msgid "Lost Pass Phrase"
1191 msgstr "Elfelejtett jelsz&oacute;"
1193 #: www/index/6.php:18
1194 msgid "Lost Pass Phrase - Step 2"
1195 msgstr "Elfelejtett jelsz&oacute; - 2. l&eacute;p&eacute;s"
1197 #: www/account/13.php:100
1198 msgid "Lost Pass Phrase Questions"
1199 msgstr "Elfelejtett jelsz&oacute; k&eacute;rd&eacute;sek"
1201 #: pages/index/0.php:24
1202 #, php-format
1203 msgid "Have you passed the CAcert %s Assurer Challenge %s yet?"
1204 msgstr ""
1206 #: includes/general_stuff.php:59 www/account/43.php:106 www/account/43.php:110
1207 #: www/account/43.php:114 www/account/43.php:118 www/account/43.php:122
1208 #: www/account/43.php:126 www/account/43.php:130 www/account/43.php:134
1209 #: www/account/43.php:138 www/account/43.php:142
1210 msgid "Lost Password"
1211 msgstr "Elfelejtett jelsz&oacute;"
1213 #: www/index.php:318
1214 msgid "Mail Probe"
1215 msgstr "Lev&eacute;l pr&oacute;ba"
1217 #: www/account/2.php:49
1218 msgid "Make Default"
1219 msgstr "Legyen alap&eacute;rtelmezett"
1221 #: www/wot/7.php:138
1222 msgid "Make my location here"
1223 msgstr "Ez legyen az &eacute;n helyem"
1225 #: www/index/51.php:21
1226 msgid "Many are just the users of the system who by just making use of the project contribute to the wider community by word-of-mouth."
1227 msgstr "Sokan egyszer&#369;en csak haszn&aacute;lj&aacute;k a rendszert, &eacute;s j&oacute;h&iacute;r&eacute;t terjesztve n&eacute;pszer&#369;s&iacute;tik azt."
1229 #: www/index/51.php:24
1230 msgid "Many people are currently dissatisfied with the commercial offerings. Many people wish only to connect or share with people they know, or simply secure their webmail from people potentially sniffing their traffic. Why subscribe to a service that is not structured to handle this, and furthermore charges a king's ransom for the privilege?"
1231 msgstr "Sokan el&eacute;gedetlenek a kereskedelmi aj&aacute;nlatokkal. Sokan csak kapcsolatot szeretn&eacute;nek tartani bar&aacute;taikkal, vagy egyszer&#369;en biztons&aacute;gban tudni a honlapjukat azokt&oacute;l, akik a forgalmuk ut&aacute;n szimatolhatnak. Ugyan, mi&eacute;rt fizetn&eacute;nek egy olyan szolg&aacute;ltat&aacute;s&eacute;rt, amely ilyen ig&eacute;nyek kiel&eacute;g&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;re nem alkalmas, r&aacute;ad&aacute;sul egy vagyont k&eacute;rnek el &eacute;rte?"
1233 #: www/index/7.php:17
1234 msgid "Many people to thank, if you've had a large input with the CAcert project with code, documentation, translations, or assurances and would like recognition let me know."
1235 msgstr "Sokaknak tartozunk k&ouml;sz&ouml;nettel. Ha Te is rengeteget seg&iacute;tetted a CAcert projektet programoz&aacute;ssal, dokument&aacute;ci&oacute;val vagy hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;sekkel, akkor tudasd vel&uuml;nk."
1237 #: www/account/32.php:25 www/account/33.php:35
1238 msgid "Master Account"
1239 msgstr "Mester azonos&iacute;t&oacute;"
1241 #: www/wot/1.php:120
1242 msgid "Max Points"
1243 msgstr "Maxim&aacute;lis pontok"
1245 #: www/wot/9.php:56
1246 msgid "Message"
1247 msgstr "&Uuml;zenet"
1249 #: www/account/43.php:197 www/account/43.php:232 www/wot/10.php:26
1250 #: www/wot/10.php:59 www/wot/6.php:52
1251 msgid "Method"
1252 msgstr "M&oacute;dszer"
1254 #: www/help/2.php:58
1255 msgid "Microsoft Root Certificate Program"
1256 msgstr "A gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny (PEM form&aacute;tumban)"
1258 #: www/help/3.php:71
1259 msgid "Microsoft Support Online"
1260 msgstr "CAcert t&aacute;mogat&oacute; csapat"
1262 #: www/account/43.php:82
1263 msgid "Middle Name"
1264 msgstr "K&ouml;z&eacute;ps&#337; n&eacute;v"
1266 #: www/account/13.php:31 www/account/13.php:79 www/index/1.php:26
1267 msgid "Middle Name(s)"
1268 msgstr "K&ouml;z&eacute;ps&#337; n&eacute;v"
1270 #: www/help/2.php:26
1271 msgid "Most people would object if they found that all their postal letters are being opened, read and possibly recorded by the Government before being passed on to the intended recipient, resealed as if nothing had happened. And yet this is what happens every day with your emails (in the UK). There are some who have objected to this intrusion of privacy, but their voices are small and fall on deaf ears. However the most effective way to combat this intrusion is to seal the envelope shut in a miniature bank vault, i.e. encrypt your email. If all emails were encrypted, it would be very hard for Government, or other organisations/individual crackers, to monitor the general public. They would only realistically have enough resources to monitor those they had reason to suspect. Why? Because encryption can be broken, but it takes a lot of computing power and there wouldn't be enough to monitor the whole population of any given country."
1272 msgstr "A legt&ouml;bb ember tiltakozna, ha &eacute;szrevenn&eacute;, hogy egy &aacute;llami szerv minden level&uuml;ket felnyitja, elolvassa, ak&aacute;r fel is jegyzik annak tartalm&aacute;t, miel&#337;tt a c&iacute;mzettnek tov&aacute;bb&iacute;tan&aacute;k, majd gondosan visszaz&aacute;rj&aacute;k, mintha semmi sem t&ouml;rt&eacute;nt volna. M&aacute;rpedig pont ez t&ouml;rt&eacute;nik az emailjeiddel nap mint nap (az Egyes&uuml;lt Kir&aacute;lys&aacute;gban). N&eacute;h&aacute;nyan tiltakoztak a mag&aacute;n&eacute;letbe t&ouml;rt&eacute;n&#337; beavatkoz&aacute;s ellen, de a hangjuk elhalt, illetve s&uuml;ket f&uuml;lekre tal&aacute;lt. A leghat&aacute;sosabban &uacute;gy lehet ezellen harcolni, ha a bor&iacute;t&eacute;kot bez&aacute;rod egy miniat&#369;r banksz&eacute;fbe, vagyis titkos&iacute;tod a leveledet. Ha minden email titkos&iacute;tva lenne, nagyon neh&eacute;z lenne az &aacute;llamnak vagy m&aacute;s szervezetnek, vagy ak&aacute;r rosszindulat&uacute; egy&eacute;nnek, hogy megfigyelj&eacute;k a j&oacute;n&eacute;pet. Re&aacute;lisan csak arra lenne el&eacute;g energi&aacute;juk, hogy azokat figyelj&eacute;k meg, akiket gyan&uacute;snak tartanak. Mi&eacute;rt? Mert a titkos&iacute;t&aacute;st fel lehet ugyan t&ouml;rni, de ez nagy sz&aacute;m&iacute;t&oacute;g&eacute;p kapacit&aacute;st ig&eacute;nyel, ami egy eg&eacute;sz orsz&aacute;g n&eacute;pess&eacute;g&eacute;nek megfigyel&eacute;s&eacute;re nyilv&aacute;n nem &aacute;ll rendelkez&eacute;sre."
1274 #: includes/general_stuff.php:56 www/account/0.php:15
1275 msgid "My Account"
1276 msgstr "Saj&aacute;t azonos&iacute;t&oacute;"
1278 #: includes/account_stuff.php:146 www/account/36.php:18
1279 msgid "My Alert Settings"
1280 msgstr "Figyelmeztet&#337; bejegyz&eacute;seim"
1282 #: includes/account.php:24 includes/account.php:35 includes/account.php:53
1283 #: includes/account.php:76 includes/account.php:85 includes/account.php:119
1284 #: includes/account.php:151 includes/account.php:176 includes/account.php:253
1285 #: includes/account.php:280 includes/account.php:303 includes/account.php:362
1286 #: includes/account.php:372 includes/account.php:393 includes/account.php:402
1287 #: includes/account.php:447 includes/account.php:460 includes/account.php:490
1288 #: includes/account.php:503 includes/account.php:536 includes/account.php:569
1289 #: includes/account.php:632 includes/account.php:682 includes/account.php:813
1290 #: includes/account.php:826 includes/account.php:883 includes/account.php:903
1291 #: includes/account.php:990 includes/account.php:1016
1292 #: includes/account.php:1028 includes/account.php:1079
1293 #: includes/account.php:1163 includes/account.php:1176
1294 #: includes/account.php:1226 includes/account.php:1238
1295 #: includes/account.php:1293 includes/account.php:1361
1296 #: includes/account.php:1387 includes/account.php:1415
1297 #: includes/account.php:1443 includes/account.php:1490
1298 #: includes/account.php:1502 includes/account.php:1565
1299 #: includes/account.php:1668 includes/account.php:1675
1300 #: includes/account.php:1685 includes/account.php:1728
1301 #: includes/account.php:1754 includes/account.php:1773
1302 #: includes/account.php:1801 includes/general.php:296 includes/general.php:374
1303 #: www/account.php:41 www/error404.php:17 www/wot.php:22 www/wot.php:124
1304 #: www/wot.php:132 www/wot.php:145 www/wot.php:246 www/wot.php:265
1305 #: www/wot.php:277 www/wot.php:288 www/account/15.php:23 www/account/19.php:23
1306 #: www/account/19.php:42 www/account/19.php:50 www/account/23.php:23
1307 #: www/account/6.php:21 www/account/6.php:40 www/account/6.php:48
1308 msgid "My Account!"
1309 msgstr "Az &eacute;n azonos&iacute;t&oacute;m!"
1311 #: includes/account_stuff.php:145 www/account/0.php:19 www/account/13.php:23
1312 #: www/index/1.php:19
1313 msgid "My Details"
1314 msgstr "Jellemz&#337;im"
1316 #: www/account/41.php:18
1317 msgid "My Language Settings"
1318 msgstr "Figyelmeztet&#337; bejegyz&eacute;seim"
1320 #: includes/account_stuff.php:146 www/wot/8.php:19
1321 msgid "My Listing"
1322 msgstr "List&aacute;im"
1324 #: includes/account_stuff.php:146
1325 msgid "My Location"
1326 msgstr "Helyeim"
1328 #: www/account/41.php:21
1329 msgid "My prefered language"
1330 msgstr "V&aacute;lasztott nyelv"
1332 #: www/account/2.php:41
1333 msgid "N/A"
1334 msgstr "Nem el&eacute;rhet&#337;"
1336 #: www/account/16.php:35 www/wot/1.php:119 www/wot/6.php:43
1337 msgid "Name"
1338 msgstr "N&eacute;v"
1340 #: includes/account_stuff.php:154 includes/account_stuff.php:162
1341 #: includes/account_stuff.php:167 includes/account_stuff.php:171
1342 #: includes/account_stuff.php:186
1343 msgid "New"
1344 msgstr "&Uacute;j"
1346 #: www/account/33.php:23
1347 #, php-format
1348 msgid "New Admin for %s"
1349 msgstr "&Uacute;j adminisztr&aacute;tor '%s'-hoz"
1351 #: www/stats.php:71 www/stats.php:107
1352 msgid "New Assurers"
1353 msgstr "E-mail c&iacute;m"
1355 #: www/stats.php:72 www/stats.php:108
1356 msgid "New Certificates"
1357 msgstr "Kliens oldali tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
1359 #: www/account/16.php:18 www/account/3.php:27
1360 msgid "New Client Certificate"
1361 msgstr "&Uacute;j kliens tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny"
1363 #: www/account/28.php:22
1364 #, php-format
1365 msgid "New Domain for %s"
1366 msgstr "&Uacute;j domain a '%s'-hoz"
1368 #: includes/account_stuff.php:177 www/account/24.php:18
1369 msgid "New Organisation"
1370 msgstr "&Uacute;j szervezet"
1372 #: www/account/14.php:25 www/index/6.php:43
1373 msgid "New Pass Phrase"
1374 msgstr "&Uacute;j jelsz&oacute;"
1376 #: includes/account.php:829 www/index.php:92
1377 msgid "New Pass Phrases specified don't match or were blank."
1378 msgstr "Az &uacute;j jelsz&oacute; nem egyezik, vagy &uuml;res volt."
1380 #: www/account/44.php:26
1381 msgid "New Password"
1382 msgstr "A jelsz&oacute; megv&aacute;ltoztat&aacute;sa"
1384 #: www/stats.php:70 www/stats.php:106
1385 msgid "New Users"
1386 msgstr "E-mail c&iacute;m"
1388 #: www/account/16.php:40 www/account/24.php:45 www/account/3.php:70
1389 #: www/account/42.php:26 www/account/44.php:30 www/account/48.php:26
1390 #: www/index/1.php:117 www/index/5.php:53 www/index/6.php:54 www/wot/5.php:26
1391 msgid "Next"
1392 msgstr "K&ouml;vetkez&#337;"
1394 #: www/help/4.php:17
1395 msgid "Next step is that you submit the contents of server.csr to the CAcert website, it should look *EXACTLY* like the following example otherwise the server may reject your request because it appears to be invalid."
1396 msgstr "A k&ouml;vetkez&#337; l&eacute;p&eacute;s: add meg a server.csr tartalm&aacute;t a CAcert honlapon. PONTOSAN &uacute;gy n&eacute;zzen ki, mint a k&ouml;vetkez&#337; p&eacute;ld&aacute;ban, k&uuml;l&ouml;nben a szerver visszautas&iacute;thatja a k&eacute;relmet, ha az &eacute;rv&eacute;nytelennek t&#369;nik."
1398 #: www/account/50.php:29
1399 msgid "No"
1400 msgstr "Nem"
1402 #: www/account/3.php:52
1403 msgid "No Name"
1404 msgstr "N&eacute;vtelen"
1406 #: www/account/12.php:42 www/account/22.php:42 www/account/9.php:32
1407 msgid "No domains are currently listed."
1408 msgstr "Nincsenek megjelen&iacute;thet&otilde; tartom&aacute;nyok."
1410 #: pages/account/53.php:83
1411 msgid "move"
1412 msgstr ""
1414 #: pages/index/1.php:90
1415 msgid "Lost Pass Phrase Questions - Please enter five questions and your responses to be used for security verification."
1416 msgstr ""
1418 #: www/account/15.php:24 www/account/19.php:24 www/account/23.php:24
1419 #: www/account/6.php:22
1420 msgid "No such certificate attached to your account."
1421 msgstr "Nincs ilyen tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny az &Ouml;n azonos&iacute;t&oacute;j&aacute;hoz csatolva."
1423 #: includes/account.php:1731
1424 msgid "No such user found."
1425 msgstr "Nincs ilyen felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;."
1427 #: www/account/43.php:51
1428 #, php-format
1429 msgid "No users found matching %s"
1430 msgstr "%s - nincs ilyen felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;."
1432 #: www/index/0.php:114
1433 msgid "None, the sky is the limit for CAcert."
1434 msgstr "nincs, a csillagos &eacute;g a hat&aacute;r ;-)"
1436 #: www/index/0.php:115
1437 msgid "None; $10 USD per year membership fee."
1438 msgstr "nincs, 10 USD az &eacute;ves tags&aacute;gi d&iacute;j."
1440 #: includes/general_stuff.php:57
1441 msgid "Normal Login"
1442 msgstr "Norm&aacute;l bejelentkez&eacute;s"
1444 #: www/account/12.php:56 www/account/18.php:56 www/account/22.php:56
1445 #: www/account/5.php:60
1446 msgid "Not Revoked"
1447 msgstr "Visszavonva"
1449 #: includes/account.php:25
1450 #, php-format
1451 msgid "Not a valid email address. Can't continue."
1452 msgstr "Nem helyes email c&iacute;m. Nem tudjuk folytatni."
1454 #: www/help/2.php:10 www/help/2.php:44
1455 msgid "Notes for the strangely curious"
1456 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;sek az igaz&aacute;n k&iacute;v&aacute;ncsiaknak"
1458 #: www/account/39.php:45 www/index/10.php:45
1459 msgid "Notification of changes"
1460 msgstr "V&aacute;ltoz&aacute;sok &eacute;rtes&iacute;t&eacute;se"
1462 #: www/help/3.php:12
1463 msgid "Now 'Create a new certificate'."
1464 msgstr "&Uacute;j kliens tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny"
1466 #: includes/account.php:600 includes/account.php:711 includes/account.php:1109
1467 #: includes/account.php:1325
1468 msgid "Now deleting the following pending requests:"
1469 msgstr "Most t&ouml;rl&ouml;m a k&ouml;vetkez&otilde; f&uuml;gg&otilde;ben l&eacute;v&otilde; k&eacute;r&eacute;seket:"
1471 #: includes/account.php:506 includes/account.php:635 includes/account.php:1032
1472 #: includes/account.php:1241
1473 msgid "Now renewing the following certificates:"
1474 msgstr "Most meg&uacute;j&iacute;tom a k&ouml;vetkez&otilde; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat:"
1476 #: includes/account.php:572 includes/account.php:685 includes/account.php:1082
1477 #: includes/account.php:1296
1478 msgid "Now revoking the following certificates:"
1479 msgstr "Most visszavonom a k&ouml;vetkez&otilde; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat:"
1481 #: www/wot/6.php:81
1482 msgid "Number of days"
1483 msgstr "Napok sz&aacute;ma"
1485 #: pages/gpg/2.php:23
1486 msgid "Key ID"
1487 msgstr ""
1489 #: www/help/2.php:30
1490 msgid "Of the biggest reasons why most people haven't started doing this, apart from being slightly technical, the reason is financial. You need your own certificate to digitally sign your emails. And the Certificate Authorities charge money to provide you with your own certificate. Need I say more. Dosh = no thanks I'd rather walk home. But organisations are emerging to provide the common fool in the street with a free alternative. However, given the obvious lack of funding and the emphasis on money to get enrolled, these organisations do not yet have the money to get themselves established as trusted Certificate Authorities. Thus it is currently down to trust. The decision of the individual to trust an unknown Certificate Authority. However once you have put your trust in a Certificate Authority you can implicitly trust the digital signatures generated using their certificates. In other words, if you trust (and accept the certificate of) the Certificate Authority that I use, you can automatically trust my digital signature. Trust me!"
1491 msgstr "Az egyik legnyom&oacute;sabb ok, ami&eacute;rt sok ember m&eacute;g nem kezdte el alkalmazni ezt (att&oacute;l eltekintve, hogy r&eacute;szint technikai), f&#337;leg anyagi jelleg&#369;. A digit&aacute;lis lev&eacute;lal&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;shoz sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ged van egy tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyra. &Eacute;s a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gok bizony p&eacute;nzt k&eacute;rnek az&eacute;rt, hogy biztos&iacute;ts&aacute;k neked a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt! Mondjak m&eacute;g valamit? (&quot;A francba. K&ouml;sz, akkor &eacute;n ink&aacute;bb megyek.&quot;) De felbukkantak m&aacute;r olyan c&eacute;gek, amelyek ingyenes alternat&iacute;v&aacute;t aj&aacute;nlanak az &aacute;tlagembernek. J&oacute;llehet, ezek a c&eacute;gek a bevezet&eacute;shez sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges t&#337;ke hi&aacute;nya miatt t&aacute;vol &aacute;llnak m&eacute;g att&oacute;l, hogy megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gk&eacute;nt elfogadtass&aacute;k magukat. &Iacute;gy jelenleg minden a bizalmon m&uacute;lik. Azon a d&ouml;nt&eacute;sen, hogy az egy&eacute;n megb&iacute;zik-e egy ismeretlen tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; c&eacute;gben. Azonban, ha egyszer m&aacute;r megb&iacute;zt&aacute;l benn&uuml;k, akkor egy&uacute;ttal megb&iacute;zhatsz a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyaikkal el&#337;&aacute;ll&iacute;tott digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;sokban is. M&aacute;s sz&oacute;val, ha hiszel egy &aacute;ltalam haszn&aacute;lt tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gnak (&eacute;s elfogadod a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyaikat), akkor automatikusan megb&iacute;zhatsz az &eacute;n digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;somban is. B&iacute;zz&aacute;l bennem!"
1493 #: www/account/14.php:21
1494 msgid "Old Pass Phrase"
1495 msgstr "R&eacute;gi jelsz&oacute;"
1497 #: www/account/10.php:16 www/account/20.php:16 www/account/3.php:16
1498 msgid "Once you decide to subscribe for an SSL Server Certificate you will need to complete this agreement. Please read it carefully. Your Certificate Request can only be processed with your acceptance and understanding of this agreement."
1499 msgstr "Ha &uacute;gy d&ouml;nt&ouml;tt, hogy SSL szerver tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt ig&eacute;nyel, akkor ki kell t&ouml;ltenie ezt a megegyez&eacute;st. K&eacute;rj&uuml;k olvassa el figyelmesen. A tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny k&eacute;relm&eacute;t csak akkor tudjuk folytatni, ha elfogadta &eacute;s meg&eacute;rtette ezt a megegyez&eacute;st."
1501 #: www/account/0.php:26
1502 msgid "Once you have verified your company you will see these menu options. They allow you to issue as many certificates as you like without proving individual email accounts as you like, further more you are able to get your company details on the certificate."
1503 msgstr "Amint igazolta a c&eacute;g&eacute;t l&aacute;tni fogja ezt a menupontot. Ez lehet&#337;v&eacute; teszi &Ouml;nnek, hogy annyi tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt k&eacute;rjen amennyit csak akar minden k&uuml;l&ouml;n email n&eacute;lk&uuml;l, tov&aacute;bb&aacute; a tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyban az &Ouml;n c&eacute;g&eacute;nek r&eacute;szletei legyenek tal&aacute;lhat&oacute;k."
1505 #: www/help/4.php:28
1506 msgid "Once you've submitted it the system will process your request and send an email back to you containing your server certificate."
1507 msgstr "Miut&aacute;n beterjesztetted, a szerver feldolgozza a k&eacute;relmedet &eacute;s k&uuml;ld egy emailt, benne a szerver tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nnyal."
1509 #: www/help/2.php:45
1510 msgid "One assumes that if a site has an SSL certificate (that's what enables secure communication, for exchanging personal details, credit card numbers, etc. and gives the 'lock' icon in the browser) that they have obtained that certificate from a reliable source (a Certificate Authority), which has the appropriate stringent credentials for issuing something so vital to the security of the Internet, and the security of your communications. You have probably never even asked yourself the question of who decided to trust these Certificate Authorities, because your browser comes with their (root) certificates pre-installed, so any web site that you come across that has an SSL certificate signed by one of them, is automatically accepted (by your browser) as trustworthy."
1511 msgstr "Az ember azt felt&eacute;telezi, hogy ha egy honlap rendelkezik SSL tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nnyal (ez az, ami lehet&#337;v&eacute; teszi a biztons&aacute;gos adatforgalmat szem&eacute;lyes inform&aacute;ci&oacute;k, hitelk&aacute;rtya sz&aacute;mok, stb. megad&aacute;s&aacute;n&aacute;l, ilyenkor a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;ben &aacute;ltal&aacute;ban egy lakat ikon jelenik meg), akkor azt a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; forr&aacute;sb&oacute;l szerezt&eacute;k be (egy tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gt&oacute;l), amely rendelkezik a megfelel&#337; szigor&uacute; iratokkal, hogy az internet &eacute;s az adatforgalmad biztons&aacute;g&aacute;hoz ilyen l&eacute;tfontoss&aacute;g&uacute; dolgot adjanak ki, Val&oacute;szin&#369;leg m&eacute;g soha nem k&eacute;rdezted magadt&oacute;l, hogy ki d&ouml;nt&ouml;tt &uacute;gy, hogy ezek a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gok megb&iacute;zhat&oacute;ak-e, hiszen a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;d eleve rendelkezik az &#337; (gy&ouml;k&eacute;r)tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyaikkal, &iacute;gy ha egy olyan oldalra klikkelsz, amely ezen c&eacute;gek valamelyik&eacute;nek al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s&aacute;val b&iacute;r, akkor a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;d automatikusan megb&iacute;zhat&oacute;nak fogadja azt el."
1513 #: www/wot/6.php:74
1514 msgid "Only fill this in if you assured the person on a different day"
1515 msgstr "Csak akkor t&ouml;ltsd ki, ha egy m&aacute;sik napon hiteles&iacute;tetted az illet&#337;t."
1517 #: www/account/43.php:39 www/account/49.php:39
1518 msgid "Only the first 100 rows are displayed."
1519 msgstr "Csak az els&#337; 100 sor van megjelen&iacute;tve."
1521 #: www/wot/6.php:61
1522 msgid "Only tick the next box if the Assurance was face to face."
1523 msgstr "Csak akkor jel&ouml;ld be a k&ouml;vetkez&#337;t, ha a hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s szem&eacute;lyes tal&aacute;lkoz&oacute; alapj&aacute;n t&ouml;rt&eacute;nik."
1525 #: www/help/3.php:8
1526 msgid "Open Directory Security folder"
1527 msgstr "Nyisd meg a 'Directory Security' mapp&aacute;t"
1529 #: includes/account_stuff.php:176
1530 msgid "Org Admin"
1531 msgstr "Szervezet adminisztr&aacute;tor"
1533 #: includes/account_stuff.php:166
1534 msgid "Org Client Certs"
1535 msgstr "Szervezet kliens tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyai"
1537 #: www/account/0.php:25
1538 msgid "Org Client and Server Certificates"
1539 msgstr "Szervezetek es szerver tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
1541 #: includes/account_stuff.php:170
1542 msgid "Org Server Certs"
1543 msgstr "Szervezet szerver tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyai"
1545 #: www/account/11.php:29 www/account/21.php:32
1546 msgid "Org. Unit"
1547 msgstr "Szervezeti egys&eacute;g"
1549 #: www/account/11.php:28 www/account/21.php:31 www/account/25.php:20
1550 #: www/account/35.php:20
1551 msgid "Organisation"
1552 msgstr "Szervezet"
1554 #: www/account/24.php:21 www/account/27.php:24
1555 msgid "Organisation Name"
1556 msgstr "Szervezet neve"
1558 #: includes/account.php:1379 includes/account.php:1406
1559 msgid "Organisation Name and Contact Email are required fields."
1560 msgstr "Szervezet neve &eacute;s a kapcsolattart&oacute; email k&ouml;telez&otilde; mez&otilde;."
1562 #: www/account/25.php:17 www/account/35.php:17
1563 msgid "Organisations"
1564 msgstr "Szervezetek"
1566 #: www/help/4.php:12
1567 msgid "Organization Name (eg, company) [XYZ Corp]:"
1568 msgstr "Szervezet (c&eacute;g, t&aacute;rsas&aacute;g) neve [pl. XYZ KFT.]:"
1570 #: www/help/4.php:13
1571 msgid "Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) [Server Administration]:."
1572 msgstr "Szervezeti egys&eacute;g (oszt&aacute;ly, r&eacute;szleg) neve [pl. Informatikai Oszt&aacute;ly]:"
1574 #: www/account/40.php:36 www/index/11.php:36
1575 msgid "Other Mailing Lists"
1576 msgstr "Tov&aacute;bbi levelez&eacute;si list&aacute;k"
1578 #: www/index/16.php:16 www/index/3.php:16
1579 msgid "PKI Key"
1580 msgstr "PKI Kulcs"
1582 #: www/account/10.php:28 www/account/16.php:40 www/account/20.php:25
1583 #: www/account/3.php:52
1584 msgid "Sign by class 1 root certificate"
1585 msgstr "Al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s class 1 gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nnyal"
1587 #: pages/account/13.php:41 pages/account/13.php:51 pages/account/13.php:89
1588 #: pages/account/13.php:99 pages/index/1.php:33 pages/index/1.php:43
1589 msgid "optional"
1590 msgstr "opcion&aacute;lis"
1592 #: www/wot/6.php:28
1593 msgid "PLEASE NOTE: You have already assured this person before! If this is unintentional please DO NOT CONTINUE with this assurance."
1594 msgstr "Vigy&aacute;zat: ezt a szem&eacute;lyt m&aacute;r hiteles&iacute;tetted! Hacsak nem sz&aacute;nd&eacute;kosan pr&oacute;b&aacute;lod megint, akkor NE FOLYTASD ezt a hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;st!"
1596 #: www/index/1.php:73 www/index/4.php:30
1597 msgid "Pass Phrase"
1598 msgstr "Jelsz&oacute;"
1600 #: www/account/14.php:29 www/index/1.php:77
1601 msgid "Pass Phrase Again"
1602 msgstr "Jelsz&oacute; &uacute;jra"
1604 #: www/index.php:254
1605 msgid "Pass Phrases don't match"
1606 msgstr "A jelszavak nem egyeznek"
1608 #: www/index.php:249
1609 msgid "Pass Phrases were blank"
1610 msgstr "A Jelsz&oacute; &uuml;res volt."
1612 #: www/account/10.php:26 www/account/20.php:24 www/account/45.php:15
1613 msgid "Paste your CSR below..."
1614 msgstr "M&aacute;solja ide az &Ouml;n CSR-j&eacute;t..."
1616 #: www/account/12.php:52 www/account/12.php:59 www/account/18.php:52
1617 #: www/account/18.php:63 www/account/22.php:52 www/account/22.php:61
1618 #: www/account/5.php:56 www/account/5.php:63
1619 msgid "Pending"
1620 msgstr "F&uuml;gg&otilde;ben"
1622 #: www/account/19.php:99 www/account/6.php:97
1623 msgid "Personal Certificate Installed."
1624 msgstr "Szem&eacute;lyes tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;tve."
1626 #: www/account/39.php:24 www/index/10.php:24
1627 msgid "Personal information"
1628 msgstr "Szem&eacute;lyes adatok"
1630 #: pages/wot/11.php:48
1631 msgid "for more information about Organizational Support."
1632 msgstr ""
1634 #: pages/wot/13.php:73
1635 msgid "(hit enter to submit)"
1636 msgstr ""
1638 #: www/capnew.php:1326
1639 msgid "location of the assurance"
1640 msgstr "A Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s helye"
1642 #: www/capnew.php:732 www/coapnew.php:753
1643 msgid "generated"
1644 msgstr ""
1646 #: pages/wot/12.php:32 pages/wot/13.php:72
1647 msgid "Location:"
1648 msgstr ""
1650 #: www/account/3.php:65
1651 msgid "Please Note: By ticking this box you will automatically have your name included in any certificates."
1652 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: ennek a megjel&ouml;l&eacute;s&eacute;vel a neved automatikusan benne lesz minden tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyban."
1654 #: www/account/2.php:56 www/account/9.php:56
1655 msgid "Please Note: You can not set an unverified account as a default account, and you can not remove a default account. To remove the default account you must set another verified account as the default."
1656 msgstr "Jegyezze meg: Nem &aacute;ll&iacute;that be nem ellen&ouml;rz&ouml;tt azonos&iacute;t&oacute;t alap&eacute;rtelmezett azonos&iacute;t&oacute;t &eacute;s nem t&ouml;r&ouml;lheti le az alap&eacute;rtelemezett azonos&iacute;t&oacute;t. Az alap&eacute;rtelmezett azonos&iacute;t&oacute; elt&aacute;vol&iacute;t&aacute;s&aacute;hoz &aacute;ll&iacute;tson be egy m&aacute;sik ellen&ouml;rz&ouml;tt azonos&iacute;t&oacute;t alap&eacute;rtelmezettnek."
1658 #: www/account/7.php:32
1659 msgid "Please Note: You only need to enter the main part of your domain, eg. rather then Once you have verified your domain you are able to enter any sub-domain, such as or as the system checks from right to left, rather then specific hostnames when you upload a CSR to the system."
1660 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: a dom&eacute;nednek csak a f&#337;, vagy l&eacute;nyegi r&eacute;sz&eacute;t kell megadni, pl. &eacute;s nem Ha m&aacute;r sikeresen ellen&#337;riztetted a dom&eacute;nedet, akkor megadhatsz aldom&eacute;neket is, pl.,, mivel a rendszer jobbr&oacute;l balra haladva keres egyez&eacute;st, nem pedig a teljes hosztn&eacute;vre, amikor CSR-t (tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyal&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si k&eacute;relmet) k&uuml;ldesz."
1662 #: www/wot.php:233
1663 #, php-format
1664 msgid "Please Note: this is a temporary increase for %s days only. After that time their points will be reduced to 150 points."
1665 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: ez egy %s napig &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes ideiglenes n&ouml;vekm&eacute;ny. Ezut&aacute;n a pontjaid 150-re cs&ouml;kkennek majd."
1667 #: www/wot.php:220
1668 #, php-format
1669 msgid "Please Note: this is a temporary increase for %s days only. After that time your points will be reduced to 150 points."
1670 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: ez egy %s napig &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes ideiglenes n&ouml;vekm&eacute;ny. Ezut&aacute;n a pontjaid 150-re cs&ouml;kkennek majd."
1672 #: www/account/8.php:19
1673 msgid "Please choose an authority email address"
1674 msgstr "K&eacute;rem v&aacute;lasszon egy illet&eacute;kes e-mail c&iacute;met"
1676 #: www/account/11.php:16 www/account/21.php:19
1677 msgid "Please make sure the following details are correct before proceeding any further."
1678 msgstr "K&eacute;rj&uuml;k ellen&otilde;rizze, hogy a k&ouml;vetkez&otilde; r&eacute;szletek helyesek-e, miel&otilde;tt tov&aacute;bbl&eacute;pne."
1680 #: www/index/0.php:120
1681 msgid "Please note a general limitation is that, unlike long-time players like Verisign, CAcert's root certificate is not included by default in mainstream browsers, email clients, etc. This means people to whom you send encrypted email, or users who visit your SSL-enabled web server, will first have to import CAcert's root certificate, or they will have to agree to pop-up security warnings (which may look a little scary to non-techy users)."
1682 msgstr "Ne felejtsd, hogy az olyan r&eacute;gi j&aacute;t&eacute;kosokkal szemben, mint pl. a Verisign, a CAcert gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nya &quot;gy&aacute;rilag&quot; nincs benne a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;kben, email kliensekben, stb. Ez a gyakorlatban azt jelenti, hogy akiknek al&aacute;&iacute;rt emailt k&uuml;ldesz, vagy akik az SSL-t haszn&aacute;l&oacute; honlapodat megl&aacute;togatj&aacute;k, el&#337;bb import&aacute;lniuk kell a CAcert gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;t. Ha ezt nem teszik meg, akkor minden alkalommal el&#337;j&ouml;n n&aacute;luk egy biztons&aacute;gi probl&eacute;m&aacute;ra figyelmeztet&#337; ablak, &eacute;s ez bizony ijeszt&#337;leg hathat a hozz&aacute; nem &eacute;rt&#337;kre."
1684 #: www/account/14.php:33 www/index/1.php:81 www/index/6.php:51
1685 msgid "Please note, in the interests of good security, the pass phrase must be made up of an upper case letter, lower case letter, number and symbol."
1686 msgstr "K&eacute;rj&uuml;k, hogy a biztons&aacute;g &eacute;rdek&eacute;ben, a jelsz&oacute; nagy-, kisbet&uuml;kb&#337;l, sz&aacute;mokb&oacute;l &eacute;s egy&eacute;b jelekb&#337;l &aacute;lljon."
1688 #: www/wot/8.php:40
1689 msgid "Please note: All html will be stripped from the contact information box, a link to an email form will automatically be inserted to ensure your privacy."
1690 msgstr "Figyelem, a kapcsolat inform&aacute;ci&oacute;kb&oacute;l minden html-t kisz&uuml;r&uuml;nk, &eacute;s egy email c&iacute;met tesz&uuml;nk bele a szem&eacute;lyes adatainak v&eacute;delme &eacute;rdek&eacute;ben."
1692 #: www/account/43.php:195 www/account/43.php:230 www/wot/10.php:24
1693 #: www/wot/10.php:57 www/wot/6.php:108
1694 msgid "Points"
1695 msgstr "Pontok"
1697 #: www/stats.php:59
1698 msgid "Points Issued"
1699 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontok"
1701 #: www/account/40.php:54 www/index/11.php:54
1702 msgid "Postal Address:"
1703 msgstr "Postai c&iacute;m:"
1705 #: www/help/3.php:14
1706 msgid "Prepare the request"
1707 msgstr "Tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny k&eacute;r&eacute;s k&eacute;sz&iacute;t&eacute;se"
1709 #: pages/index/8.php:5
1710 msgid "Secretary"
1711 msgstr ""
1713 #: www/wot/3.php:35
1714 msgid "Privacy"
1715 msgstr "Adatbiztons&aacute;g"
1717 #: includes/account_stuff.php:210 includes/general_stuff.php:109
1718 #: www/account/39.php:15 www/index/10.php:15
1719 msgid "Privacy Policy"
1720 msgstr "Biztons&aacute;gi h&aacute;zirend"
1722 #: www/account/8.php:29
1723 msgid "Probe"
1724 msgstr "Pr&oacute;ba"
1726 #: www/wot/3.php:27
1727 msgid "Processing"
1728 msgstr "Feldolgoz&aacute;s"
1730 #: www/help/8.php:1
1731 msgid "Question: I'm a software developer for linux and I want to use CAcert/openssl to distribute my packages with detached signatures, is this possible and why would I do this over PGP/GPG detached signatures?"
1732 msgstr "K&eacute;rd&eacute;s: szoftvert fejlesztek Linuxra &eacute;s szeretn&eacute;k CAcert/openSSL al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;st haszn&aacute;lni a programjaimn&aacute;l, lehets&eacute;ges ez? Mi el&#337;nye van ennek a PGP/GPG al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;ssal szemben?"
1734 #: www/help/2.php:11 www/help/2.php:54
1735 msgid "References"
1736 msgstr "Hivatkoz&aacute;sok"
1738 #: www/account/36.php:24 www/index/1.php:113
1739 msgid "Regional Announcements"
1740 msgstr "Region&aacute;lis bejelent&eacute;sek"
1742 #: includes/account.php:623 includes/account.php:732 includes/account.php:1131
1743 #: includes/account.php:1349
1744 #, php-format
1745 msgid "Removed a pending request for '%s'"
1746 msgstr "A '%s' f&uuml;gg&#337;ben lev&#337; k&eacute;r&eacute;seinek t&ouml;rl&eacute;se"
1748 #: www/account/12.php:71 www/account/18.php:77 www/account/22.php:73
1749 #: www/account/5.php:77
1750 msgid "Renew"
1751 msgstr "Meg&uacute;j&iacute;t&aacute;s"
1753 #: www/account/12.php:21 www/account/18.php:21 www/account/22.php:21
1754 #: www/account/5.php:21
1755 msgid "Renew/Revoke/Delete"
1756 msgstr "Meg&uacute;j&iacute;t&aacute;s/Visszavon&aacute;s/T&ouml;rl&eacute;s"
1758 #: includes/account.php:548 includes/account.php:1270
1759 msgid "Renewing"
1760 msgstr "Meg&uacute;j&iacute;t&aacute;s"
1762 #: www/index/6.php:47
1763 msgid "Repeat"
1764 msgstr "Ism&eacute;tl&eacute;s"
1766 #: www/help/3.php:52
1767 msgid "Return to the 'Internet Information Services' screen in 'Administrative Tools' under 'Control Panel'. Right click on 'Default Web Site' and select 'Properties'."
1768 msgstr "Menj vissza az 'Internet Information Services' k&eacute;perny&#337;h&ouml;z az 'Administrative Tools' ponton bel&uuml;l, a 'Control Panel' alatt. Klikkelj a jobb eg&eacute;rgombbal a 'Default Web Site' pontra &eacute;s ezt v&aacute;laszd: 'Properties'."
1770 #: www/account/12.php:72 www/account/18.php:78 www/account/22.php:74
1771 #: www/account/5.php:78
1772 msgid "Revoke/Delete"
1773 msgstr "Visszavon&aacute;s/T&ouml;rl&eacute;s"
1775 #: www/account/12.php:24 www/account/12.php:54 www/account/18.php:24
1776 #: www/account/18.php:54 www/account/22.php:24 www/account/22.php:54
1777 #: www/account/5.php:24 www/account/5.php:58
1778 msgid "Revoked"
1779 msgstr "Visszavonva"
1781 #: www/index/51.php:31
1782 msgid "Right now it's happening all around you - there are secured websites and email protocols being protected and trusted by people, signed by CAcert."
1783 msgstr "Most is, &eacute;s k&ouml;r&uuml;l&ouml;tted b&aacute;rhol lehetnek m&aacute;r a CAcert tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;val biztons&aacute;goss&aacute; tett honlapok &eacute;s email programok, amelyekben megb&iacute;zhatnak az emberek."
1785 #: includes/general_stuff.php:67
1786 msgid "Root Certificate"
1787 msgstr "Gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny"
1789 #: www/index/16.php:18 www/index/3.php:18
1790 msgid "Root Certificate (DER Format)"
1791 msgstr "A gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny (DER form&aacute;tumban)"
1793 #: www/index/16.php:17 www/index/3.php:17
1794 msgid "Root Certificate (PEM Format)"
1795 msgstr "A gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny (PEM form&aacute;tumban)"
1797 #: includes/account_stuff.php:182
1798 msgid "Rules"
1799 msgstr "Szab&aacute;lyok"
1801 #: www/index/7.php:20
1802 msgid "Put a lot of effort convincing people in Germany to signup and be assured, he started work on a new RFC compliant CPS, spent countless hours helping with tech support, and so much more"
1803 msgstr "Sokat f&aacute;radozott emberek meggy&#337;z&eacute;s&eacute;vel N&eacute;metorsz&aacute;gban, hogy l&eacute;pjenek be &eacute;s hiteles&iacute;ttess&eacute;k magukat, &#337; kezdte az &uacute;j RFC kompatibils CPS-sel kapcsolatos munk&aacute;t, megsz&aacute;ml&aacute;lhatatlanul sok &oacute;r&aacute;t t&ouml;lt&ouml;tt m&aacute;sokat seg&iacute;tve, &eacute;s m&eacute;g sok minden m&aacute;s."
1805 #: www/index/0.php:63
1806 msgid "Same as above plus you can include your full name in the certificates."
1807 msgstr "Mint fent, plusz a teljes nevedet is megadhatod a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokban."
1809 #: www/index/0.php:94
1810 msgid "Same as above, except certificates expire in 24 months."
1811 msgstr "Mint fent, de a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok &eacute;rv&eacute;nyess&eacute;gi ideje 24 h&oacute;nap."
1813 #: www/index/0.php:95
1814 msgid "Same as above, plus get 50 assurance points by meeting with assurer(s) from the CAcert Web of Trust, who verify your identity using your government issued photo identity documents."
1815 msgstr "mint fent, plusz gy&#369;jts&eacute;l &ouml;ssze 50 hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontot a CAcert WOT (Web of Trust, magyarul a bizalom h&aacute;l&oacute;ja) program hiteles&iacute;t&#337;ivel t&ouml;rt&eacute;nt tal&aacute;lkoz&aacute;sok alapj&aacute;n. A WOT tagjai az &aacute;llami kibocs&aacute;t&aacute;s&uacute; arck&eacute;pes igazolv&aacute;nyaid alapj&aacute;n igazolj&aacute;k a szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;godat."
1817 #: www/index/0.php:65
1818 msgid "Same as above, plus you must get a minimum of 50 assurance points by meeting with one or more assurers from the CAcert Web of Trust, who verify your identity using your government issued photo identity documents."
1819 msgstr "mint fent, plusz legal&aacute;bb 50 hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontot kell &ouml;sszeszedned a CAcert WOT (Web of Trust, magyarul a bizalom h&aacute;l&oacute;ja) program hiteles&iacute;t&#337;it&#337;l, akik az &aacute;llami kibocs&aacute;t&aacute;s&uacute; f&eacute;nyk&eacute;pes igazolv&aacute;nyaid alapj&aacute;n igazolj&aacute;k a szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;godat."
1821 #: www/index/0.php:93
1822 msgid "Same as above."
1823 msgstr "Mint fentebb."
1825 #: www/help/3.php:46
1826 msgid "Saving the certificate"
1827 msgstr "Saj&aacute;t tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;se"
1829 #: www/help/3.php:6 www/help/3.php:7 www/help/3.php:10 www/help/3.php:13
1830 #: www/help/3.php:16 www/help/3.php:19 www/help/3.php:29 www/help/3.php:32
1831 #: www/help/3.php:35 www/help/3.php:38 www/help/3.php:50 www/help/3.php:53
1832 #: www/help/3.php:56 www/help/3.php:59 www/help/3.php:62 www/help/3.php:65
1833 #: www/help/3.php:68
1834 msgid "Screenshot of IIS 5.0"
1835 msgstr "IIS 5.0 k&eacute;perny&#337;ment&eacute;s"
1837 #: www/wot/7.php:127
1838 msgid "Search"
1839 msgstr "Keres&eacute;s"
1841 #: www/wot/7.php:120
1842 msgid "Search this region"
1843 msgstr "Keres&eacute;s ebben a r&eacute;gi&oacute;ban"
1845 #: www/account/43.php:163
1846 msgid "Secondary Emails"
1847 msgstr "Kapcsolattart&oacute; e-mail c&iacute;me"
1849 #: pages/wot/13.php:40
1850 msgid "Your location has been updated"
1851 msgstr ""
1853 #: www/account.php:49 www/index.php:475
1854 msgid "Your message has been sent to the general support list."
1855 msgstr ""
1857 #: www/account.php:35 www/index.php:464
1858 msgid "Your message has been sent."
1859 msgstr "&Uuml;zeneted elk&uuml;ldve."
1861 #: includes/account.php:2480
1862 msgid "Your vote has been accepted."
1863 msgstr "Szavazatod elfogadva."
1865 #: www/cap.php:43 www/ttp.php:48 pages/help/3.php:62
1866 msgid "and"
1867 msgstr "&eacute;s"
1869 #: www/ttp.php:107
1870 msgid "as applicable"
1871 msgstr ""
1873 #: pages/account/13.php:56 pages/account/13.php:104 pages/index/1.php:48
1874 #: pages/index/5.php:26
1875 msgid "dd/mm/yyyy"
1876 msgstr "nn/hh/&eacute;&eacute;&eacute;&eacute;"
1878 #: pages/wot/13.php:65
1879 msgid "eg Sydney, New South Wales, Australia"
1880 msgstr "pl. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia"
1882 #: includes/account.php:98
1883 msgid "has changed the default email on your account."
1884 msgstr "megv&aacute;ltoztatta a felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;i fi&oacute;k alap&eacute;rtelmezett e-mail c&iacute;m&eacute;t."
1886 #: includes/account.php:1076
1887 msgid "has changed the password on your account."
1888 msgstr "megv&aacute;ltoztatta a felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;i fi&oacute;k jelszav&aacute;t."
1890 #: pages/account/13.php:23
1891 msgid "has viewed your lost password questions."
1892 msgstr "megn&eacute;zte az jelsz&oacute;eml&eacute;keztet&#337; k&eacute;rd&eacute;seket."
1894 #: pages/help/3.php:63
1895 msgid "lines. Do not copy any extra line feeds or carriage returns at the beginning or end of the certificate. Save the certificate into a text editor like Notepad. Save the certificate with an extension of .cer and a meaningful name like certificate.cer"
1896 msgstr "sorokat. Ne m&aacute;solj a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny elej&eacute;re vagy v&eacute;g&eacute;re felesleges sort&ouml;r&eacute;seket. A tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt Jegyzett&ouml;mbh&ouml;z hasonl&oacute; szerkeszt&#337;vel mentsd el. A f&aacute;jl kiterjeszt&eacute;se legyen .cer, a neve pedig legyen r&aacute; jellemz&#337;, p&eacute;ld&aacute;ul tanusitvany.cer."
1898 #: www/help/3.php:18
1899 msgid "Select 'Bit length'. We advise a key length of 1024 bits."
1900 msgstr "V&aacute;laszd ki a 'bithosszt'. Az 1024 bites kulcsot aj&aacute;nljuk."
1902 #: www/help/3.php:11
1903 msgid "Select 'Create a new certificate'"
1904 msgstr "&Uacute;j kliens tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny"
1906 #: www/help/3.php:55
1907 msgid "Select 'Server Certificate' at the bottom of the tab in the 'Secure communications' section."
1908 msgstr "V&aacute;laszd a 'Server Certificate' pontot a f&uuml;l alj&aacute;n a 'Secure communications' r&eacute;szben."
1910 #: www/account/43.php:28 www/account/49.php:28
1911 msgid "Select Specific Account Details"
1912 msgstr "Kapcsolat jellemz&#337;k"
1914 #: www/help/3.php:37
1915 msgid "Select an easy to locate folder. You'll have to open this file up with Notepad. The CSR must be copied and pasted into our online form. Once the CSR has been submitted, you won't need this CSR any more as IIS won't reuse old CSR to generate new certificates."
1916 msgstr "V&aacute;lassz egy k&ouml;nnyen el&eacute;rhet&#337; alk&ouml;nyvt&aacute;rat vagy mapp&aacute;t. Nyisd meg ezt a f&aacute;jlt egy egyszer&#369; szerkeszt&#337;vel vagy a jegyzett&ouml;mbben. A CSR-t (tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyal&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si k&eacute;relmet) m&aacute;sold be az online &#369;rlapra. Ha egyszer m&aacute;r elk&uuml;ldted, akkor neked sem lesz r&aacute; t&ouml;bbet sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ged, mert az IIS nem haszn&aacute;lja a r&eacute;gi CSR-t &uacute;j tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny gener&aacute;l&aacute;s&aacute;hoz."
1918 #: www/help/3.php:61
1919 msgid "Select the .cer file and click 'Next'."
1920 msgstr "V&aacute;laszd ki a .cer f&aacute;jlt &eacute;s kattints a 'K&ouml;vetkez&#337;' gombra."
1922 #: www/help/3.php:54
1923 msgid "Select the Directory Security tab"
1924 msgstr "V&aacute;laszd a 'Directory Security' f&uuml;let"
1926 #: www/account/40.php:30 www/account/40.php:48 www/index/11.php:30
1927 #: www/index/11.php:48 www/wot/9.php:60
1928 msgid "Send"
1929 msgstr "K&uuml;ld&eacute;s"
1931 #: www/account/40.php:40 www/index/11.php:40
1932 msgid "Sensitive Information"
1933 msgstr "Kapcsolat inform&aacute;ci&oacute;"
1935 #: includes/account_stuff.php:161
1936 msgid "Server Certificates"
1937 msgstr "Szerver tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
1939 #: www/index/0.php:80
1940 msgid "Server certificates (un-assured)"
1941 msgstr "Szerver tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
1943 #: www/wot.php:247
1944 msgid "Shortly you and the person you were assuring will receive an email confirmation. There is no action on your behalf required to complete this."
1945 msgstr "R&ouml;viden, &Ouml;n &eacute;s a szem&eacute;ly akit hiteles&iacute;tett egy ellen&ouml;rz&#337; emailt kap, az &Ouml;n r&eacute;sz&eacute;r&ouml;l nincs tov&aacute;bbi teend&#337;, hogy befejezze ezt."
1947 #: www/account/40.php:51 www/index/11.php:51
1948 msgid "Snail Mail"
1949 msgstr "Hagyom&aacute;nyos lev&eacute;lposta"
1951 #: www/help/2.php:50
1952 msgid "So if you don't pass the audit, you don't get to be a Certificate Authority. And to pass the audit, well, you've got to show that you can do a good job issuing certificates. That they're secure, you only give them to the right people, etc. So what happens when you make a mistake and you erroneously issue a certificate that risks the entire Internet browsing population, like Verisign did? Well, er, nothing actually. They already paid for their audit, and damn it, they're so big now, we couldn't possibly revoke their Certificate Authority status. (There's too much money at stake!)"
1953 msgstr "Teh&aacute;t, ha nem felelsz meg az audit&aacute;l&aacute;s sor&aacute;n, akkor nem lehetsz tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute;. &Eacute;s ahhoz, hogy megfelelj&eacute;l, nos, ahhoz be kell bizony&iacute;tanod, hogy j&oacute;l &eacute;rtesz a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok kiad&aacute;s&aacute;hoz. Hogy biztons&aacute;gosan kezeled, hogy csak a megfelel&#337; emberekhez ker&uuml;lhet, stb. Azt&aacute;n mi van, ha m&eacute;gis hib&aacute;zol &eacute;s t&eacute;vesen adsz ki tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt, kock&aacute;ztatva ez&aacute;ltal az eg&eacute;sz internetet b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337; n&eacute;ps&eacute;get, mint tette ezt a Verisign? Nos, iz&eacute;, sz&oacute;val gyakorlatilag semmi. &#336;k m&aacute;r fizettek az audit&aacute;l&aacute;s&eacute;rt, &eacute;s, a fen&eacute;be, &#337;k m&aacute;r t&uacute;l nagyok, nem lehet a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykiad&aacute;si jogosults&aacute;gukat visszavonatni. (T&uacute;l sok p&eacute;nzt &eacute;rint. M&aacute;r megint a p&eacute;nz...)"
1955 #: www/index/51.php:33
1956 msgid "So what can I do to help the cause?"
1957 msgstr "Akkor h&aacute;t mit tudok seg&iacute;teni?"
1959 #: www/help/2.php:52
1960 msgid "So, dammit, what's the point of all this then?"
1961 msgstr "H&aacute;t akkor, a fen&eacute;be is, mi ennek az eg&eacute;sznek az &eacute;rtelme?"
1963 #: www/account/39.php:39 www/index/10.php:39
1964 msgid "Some of our advertisers use a third-party ad server to display ads. These ads may contain cookies. The ad server receives these cookies, and we don't have access to them."
1965 msgstr "N&eacute;h&aacute;ny hirdet&otilde;nk k&uuml;ls&otilde; rekl&aacute;m szervert haszn&aacute;l a hirdet&eacute;sek megjelen&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;hez. Ezek a rekl&aacute;mok cookie-kat tartalmazhatnak. A rekl&aacute;m szerver fogadja ezeket a cookie-kat &eacute;s nek&uuml;nk nincs hozz&aacute;f&eacute;r&eacute;s&uuml;nk ehhez."
1967 #: www/wot/9.php:19 www/wot/9.php:29
1968 msgid "Sorry, I was unable to locate that user."
1969 msgstr "Sajn&aacute;lom, nem tudom megtalal&aacute;lni ezt a felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;t."
1971 #: www/wot/6.php:85
1972 msgid "Sponsoring Member"
1973 msgstr "P&aacute;rtol&oacute; tag"
1975 #: www/help/4.php:10
1976 msgid "State or Province Name (full name) [NSW]:"
1977 msgstr "Megye vagy tartom&aacute;ny neve (teljes n&eacute;vvel):"
1979 #: www/account/11.php:31 www/account/21.php:34 www/account/24.php:33
1980 #: www/account/27.php:36
1981 msgid "State/Province"
1982 msgstr "&Aacute;llam/tartom&aacute;ny"
1984 #: includes/general_stuff.php:66 www/stats.php:5 www/stats.php:9
1985 msgid "Statistics"
1986 msgstr "&Aacute;llapot"
1988 #: www/account/12.php:22 www/account/18.php:22 www/account/2.php:22
1989 #: www/account/22.php:22 www/account/5.php:22 www/account/9.php:22
1990 msgid "Status"
1991 msgstr "&Aacute;llapot"
1993 #: www/account/40.php:28 www/account/40.php:46 www/index/11.php:28
1994 #: www/index/11.php:46 www/wot/9.php:52
1995 msgid "Subject"
1996 msgstr "T&aacute;rgy"
1998 #: www/gpg.php:22 www/account/10.php:29 www/account/11.php:36
1999 #: www/account/20.php:27 www/account/21.php:38 www/account/45.php:18
2000 msgid "Submit"
2001 msgstr "Elk&uuml;ld&eacute;s"
2003 #: www/account/13.php:41 www/account/13.php:89 www/account/43.php:90
2004 #: www/index/1.php:36
2005 msgid "Suffix"
2006 msgstr "Ut&oacute;tag"
2008 #: includes/account_stuff.php:190
2009 msgid "System Admin"
2010 msgstr "Rendszeradminisztr&aacute;tor"
2012 #: www/help/6.php:7
2013 msgid "System will send you an email with a link in it, you just open the link in a webbrowser."
2014 msgstr "A rendszer k&uuml;ld neked egy emailt, benne egy linkkel, neked meg kell ezt nyitnod egy b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;ben."
2016 #: includes/general.php:24 www/wot/6.php:99
2017 msgid "Temporary Increase"
2018 msgstr "Ideiglenes n&ouml;vekm&eacute;ny"
2020 #: scripts/removedead.php:62
2021 msgid "Temporary points increase has expired."
2022 msgstr "Az ideiglenes n&ouml;vekm&eacute;ny &eacute;rv&eacute;nyess&eacute;ge lej&aacute;rt."
2024 #: www/help/2.php:55
2025 msgid "Ten Risks of PKI: What You're not Being Told about Public Key Infrastructure"
2026 msgstr "A PKI t&iacute;z rizik&oacute;ja: amit nem mondtak el neked a PKI-r&#337;l (Public Key Infrastructure, magyarul nyilv&aacute;nos kulcs infrastrukt&uacute;ra)"
2028 #: www/account/38.php:23 www/index/13.php:23
2029 msgid "Thank you very much for your support, your donations help CAcert to continue to operate."
2030 msgstr "K&ouml;sz&ouml;nj&uuml;k a t&aacute;mogat&aacute;s&aacute;t, adom&eacute;nya seg&iacute;t a CAcert tov&aacute;bbi m&#369;k&ouml;d&eacute;s&eacute;ben."
2032 #: www/index.php:314
2033 msgid "Thanks for signing up with, below is the link you need to open to verify your account. Once your account is verified you will be able to start issuing certificates till your hearts' content!"
2034 msgstr "K&ouml;z&ouml;nj&uuml;k hogy bejelnetkezett a, a lenti link megnyit&aacute;s&aacute;val igazolhatja a felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;i azonos&iacute;t&oacute;j&aacute;t. Amennyiben visszaigazolta azonos&iacute;t&oacute;j&aacute;t, megkezdheti a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok k&eacute;r&eacute;s&eacute;t!"
2036 #: www/help/2.php:47
2037 msgid "That situation has changed, and Internet Explorer, being the most obvious example, now insists that any Certificate Authorities are 'audited' by an 'independent' organisation, the American Institute for Certified Public Accountant's (AICPA). So now, if you have the money needed (from US$75000 up to US$250000 and beyond) you can get these accountants, who clearly know a lot about money, to approve you as having the required technical infrastructure and business processes to be a Certificate Authority. And they get a nice wad of money for the pleasure. And the Certificate Authorities, having a kind of monopoly as a result, charge a lot for certificates and also get a nice wad of money. And everyone's happy."
2038 msgstr "Ez a helyzet id&#337;k&ouml;zben v&aacute;ltozott. A Microsoft (Internet Explorer, vegy&uuml;k ezt a legk&eacute;zenfekv&#337;bb p&eacute;ld&aacute;t), ragaszkodik hozz&aacute;, hogy a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gok 'audit&aacute;ltass&aacute;k' magukat egy 'f&uuml;ggetlen' szervezettel, &eacute;s ez az American Institute for Certified Public Accountant's (AICPA). &Iacute;gy, most m&aacute;r ha megvan a sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges p&eacute;nzed (&uacute;gy 75,000 &eacute;s 250,000 USD k&ouml;z&ouml;tt &eacute;s ak&aacute;r m&eacute;g t&ouml;bbe is ker&uuml;lhet), akkor ezek a k&ouml;nyvvizsg&aacute;l&oacute;k, akik egy&eacute;rtelm&#369;en igen sokat tudhatnak a p&eacute;nzr&#337;l, igazolj&aacute;k, hogy rendelkezel a k&iacute;v&aacute;natos m&#369;szaki &eacute;s &uuml;zleti h&aacute;tt&eacute;rrel &eacute;s tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute;v&aacute; v&aacute;lhatsz. &Eacute;s ez&eacute;rt az igazol&aacute;s&eacute;rt kapnak egy nagy k&ouml;teg p&eacute;nzt. &Eacute;s azt&aacute;n ezek a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; c&eacute;gek, mintegy monopolhelyzetben, ugyancsak el&eacute;g sokat elk&eacute;rnek a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok&eacute;rt &eacute;s nagy k&ouml;teg p&eacute;nzekre tesznek szert. &Eacute;s ett&#337;l azt&aacute;n mindenki happy. Kiv&eacute;ve azt, aki a sor v&eacute;g&eacute;n &aacute;ll."
2040 #: www/account/17.php:89 www/account/4.php:89
2041 msgid "The 1024-bit key generation failed. Would you like to try 512 instead?"
2042 msgstr "Az 1024 bit-es kulcs gener&aacute;l&aacute;sa sikertelen. Szeretne 512 bit-est helyette?"
2044 #: www/help/3.php:31
2045 msgid "The Common Name is the fully qualified host and Domain Name or website address that you will be securing. Both '' and '' are valid Common Names. IP addresses are usually not used."
2046 msgstr "A CommonName (magyarul &aacute;ltal&aacute;nos n&eacute;v) az a teljes hoszt- &eacute;s dom&eacute;n n&eacute;v (FQDN) vagy honlap neve, amelynek haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;t biztons&aacute;goss&aacute; akarod tenni. Pl. a &quot;; &eacute;s a &quot;; &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes &aacute;ltal&aacute;nos nevek. IP c&iacute;meket itt t&ouml;bbnyire nem haszn&aacute;lunk."
2048 #: www/verify.php:46
2049 msgid "The ID or Hash has already been verified, or something weird happened."
2050 msgstr "AZ ID vagy a Hash m&aacute;r ellen&otilde;rizve, vagy valami &eacute;rthetetlen t&ouml;rt&eacute;nt."
2052 #: www/verify.php:90
2053 msgid "The ID or Hash has already been verified, the domain no longer exists in the system, or something weird happened."
2054 msgstr "Az ID vagy Hash m&aacute;r ellen&otilde;rizve, a tartom&aacute;ny jelenleg nem el&eacute;rhet&otilde;, vagy valami &eacute;rtehetelen t&ouml;rt&eacute;nt."
2056 #: www/help/3.php:28
2057 msgid "The Organisational Unit field is the 'free' field. It is often the department or Server name for reference."
2058 msgstr "A szervezeti egys&eacute;g rovata egy szabadon felhaszn&aacute;lhat&oacute; mez&#337;. Gyakran az oszt&aacute;ly vagy ak&aacute;r a hivatkozott szerver neve."
2060 #: includes/account.php:838
2061 msgid "The Pass Phrase you submitted was too short."
2062 msgstr "A jelsz&oacute;, amit megadott, t&uacute;l r&ouml;vid volt."
2064 #: www/index.php:94
2065 msgid "The Pass Phrase you submitted was too short. It must be at least 6 characters."
2066 msgstr "A jelsz&oacute;, amit megadott, t&uacute;l r&ouml;vid volt."
2068 #: www/help/2.php:59
2069 msgid "The Regulation of Investigational Powers Act (RIPA)&lt;/a&gt; ('Snooping Bill' official gov site, UK)"
2070 msgstr "The Regulation of Investigational Powers Act (RIPA)&lt;/a&gt; (Magyarul: a nyomozati szervek szab&aacute;lyoz&aacute;s&aacute;nak t&ouml;rv&eacute;nye. Az 'email snooping bill', email-szagl&aacute;sz&oacute; t&ouml;rv&eacute;ny hivatalos korm&aacute;nyzati honlapja.)"
2072 #: www/index/0.php:103
2073 msgid "The ability to assure other new CAcert users; contribute to the strengthening and broadening of the CAcert Web of Trust."
2074 msgstr "Az &uacute;j CAcert felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;k hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;nek lehet&#337;s&eacute;ge hozz&aacute;j&aacute;rul&aacute;s a CAcert WOT (a bizalom h&aacute;l&oacute;ja) rendszer er&#337;s&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;hez, illetve sz&eacute;les&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;hez."
2076 #: includes/account.php:363
2077 msgid "The address you submitted isn't a valid authority address for the domain."
2078 msgstr "A c&iacute;m amit megadott nem &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes felhatalmazott c&iacute;m a domain-hez."
2080 #: www/index/8.php:1
2081 #, php-format
2082 msgid "The current %s board, and roles."
2083 msgstr "A jelenlegi %s bizotts&aacute;g &eacute;s tagjai."
2085 #: includes/account.php:394
2086 #, php-format
2087 msgid "The domain '%s' has been added to the system, however before any certificates for this can be issued you need to open the link in a browser that has been sent to your email address."
2088 msgstr "A tartom&aacute;ny '%s' hozz&aacute;adva a rendszerhez, azonban miel&otilde;tt b&aacute;rmilyen tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt kiadna, meg kell nyitnia a keres&otilde;j&eacute;vel a linket, melyet email c&iacute;m&eacute;re elk&uuml;ldt&uuml;nk &Ouml;nnek"
2090 #: www/account/0.php:22
2091 msgid "The email account section is for adding/updating/removing email accounts which can be used to issue client certificates against. The client certificate section steps you through generating a certificate signing request for one or more emails you've registered in the email account section."
2092 msgstr "Az email azonos&iacute;t&oacute;k r&eacute;sz arra val&oacute;, hogy hozz&aacute;adjon/firss&iacute;tsen/t&ouml;r&ouml;lj&ouml;n email c&iacute;met, melyekkel kliens tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat ig&eacute;nyelhet. A kliens tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok r&eacute;sz v&eacute;gigvezeti a tanus&iacute;tv&aacute;ny ig&eacute;ny k&eacute;sz&iacute;t&eacute;s l&eacute;p&eacute;sein egy vagy t&ouml;bb email c&iacute;mhez, melyeket az email azonos&iacute;t&oacute;k r&eacute;szben hozott l&eacute;tre."
2094 #: includes/account.php:54
2095 #, php-format
2096 msgid "The email address '%s' has been added to the system, however before any certificates for this can be issued you need to open the link in a browser that has been sent to your email address."
2097 msgstr "Az email c&iacute;m '%s' hozz&aacute;adva a rendszerhez, azonban miel&otilde;tt b&aacute;rmilyen tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt k&eacute;rhetne, nyissa meg keres&otilde;j&eacute;vel az email c&iacute;m&eacute;re k&uuml;ld&ouml;tt linket."
2099 #: includes/account.php:86
2100 msgid "The following accounts have been removed:"
2101 msgstr "A k&ouml;vetkez&otilde; felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;i azonos&iacute;t&oacute; elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tva:"
2103 #: includes/account.php:403
2104 msgid "The following domains have been removed:"
2105 msgstr "A k&ouml;vetkez&otilde; domain-ek elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tva:"
2107 #: www/index/0.php:104
2108 msgid "The number of assurance point you have will limit the maximum assurance points you can issue for people you assure."
2109 msgstr "Hogy mennyi pontot adhatsz egy hiteles&iacute;tend&#337; jel&ouml;ltnek, az att&oacute;l f&uuml;gg, hogy magad mennyi pontot gy&#369;jt&ouml;tt&eacute;l m&aacute;r &ouml;ssze."
2111 #: www/account/10.php:30 www/account/20.php:27
2112 msgid "Please note: The class 3 root certificate needs to be setup in your webserver as a chained certificate, while slightly more complicated to setup, this root certificate is more likely to be trusted by more people."
2113 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: a class 3 gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt a webszerveredben l&aacute;ncolt tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyk&eacute;nt kell be&aacute;ll&iacute;tani, ami kicsit bonyolultabb, de az ilyen gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt t&ouml;bben fogadj&aacute;k el hitelesnek."
2115 #: www/help/2.php:62
2116 #, php-format
2117 msgid "The page has been reproduced on %s with explicit permission from %sthe author%s with the information being copyrighted to the author (name with held by request)"
2118 msgstr "A %s honlap tartalma a %sszerz&#337;%s kiz&aacute;r&oacute;lagos enged&eacute;ly&eacute;vel ker&uuml;lt felhaszn&aacute;l&aacute;sra. Minden jog az eredeti szerz&#337;t illeti meg (kiv&aacute;ns&aacute;g&aacute;ra a neve nem jelenik meg)."
2120 #: includes/account.php:1735
2121 #, php-format
2122 msgid "The password for %s has been updated successfully in the system."
2123 msgstr "%s jelszava sikeresen friss&iacute;tve a rendszerben."
2125 #: www/index/0.php:21
2126 msgid "The primary goals are:"
2127 msgstr "Az els&#337;dleges c&eacute;lok a k&ouml;vetkez&#337;k:"
2129 #: www/help/2.php:15
2130 msgid "The purpose of digital signing is to prove, electronically, one's identity"
2131 msgstr "A digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s c&eacute;lja elektronikusan bizony&iacute;tani valakinek a szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;t."
2133 #: www/help/2.php:27
2134 msgid "The reason digital signatures prepare us for encryption is that if everyone were setup to be able to generate their own digital signatures, it would be technically very easy to make the next step from digital signatures to encryption. And that would be great for privacy, the fight against spamming, and a safer Internet."
2135 msgstr "A digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s el&#337;k&eacute;sz&iacute;ti a titkos&iacute;t&aacute;s lehet&#337;s&eacute;g&eacute;t. Ha mindenki k&eacute;pes lenne r&aacute; &eacute;s elk&eacute;sz&iacute;ten&eacute; a maga digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s&aacute;t, akkor technikailag nagyon k&ouml;nny&#369; lenne megtenni a k&ouml;vetkez&#337; l&eacute;p&eacute;st: titkos&iacute;t&aacute;st haszn&aacute;lni. &Eacute;s ez nagyszer&#369; lenne a mag&aacute;n&eacute;let v&eacute;delm&eacute;ben, a spamek elleni k&uuml;zdelemben &eacute;s a biztons&aacute;gosabb internethaszn&aacute;lat miatt."
2137 #: www/help/7.php:6
2138 msgid "The requests sent to the root store, are stored in a file for another process triggered by cron to parse and sign them, then stored in a reply file to be sent back to the webserver. Causing things to be separated into different users, basic privilege separation stuff. So being actually able to hack the serial daemons will only at the VERY worst cause fraudulent certificates, not the root to be revealed."
2139 msgstr "A gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt t&aacute;rol&oacute; szerverhez &eacute;rkez&#337; k&eacute;relmek el&#337;bb egy f&aacute;jlba ker&uuml;lnek, ezt egy m&aacute;sik, a cron-nal ind&iacute;tott processz elemzi &eacute;s al&aacute;&iacute;rja, ez azt&aacute;n egy v&aacute;lasz f&aacute;jlba ker&uuml;l &eacute;s megy vissza a webszerverre. Ezzel a dolgokat sz&eacute;tosztjuk k&uuml;l&ouml;n userekhez, a jogosults&aacute;gok alapvet&#337; sz&eacute;tv&aacute;laszt&aacute;sa miatt. &Iacute;gy azt&aacute;n, ha meg is v&aacute;ltoztatn&aacute;k a soros portot kezel&#337; d&eacute;mont, a legrosszabb esetben egy tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny ellop&aacute;s&aacute;t eredm&eacute;nyezn&eacute;, de a gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny nem ker&uuml;lne ki."
2141 #: www/index/51.php:34
2142 msgid "The simplest and most effective thing you can do is spread the word, by telling your friends, colleagues and relatives about us and join."
2143 msgstr "A legegyszer&#369;bb &eacute;s leghat&aacute;sosabb amit tehetsz, ha terjeszted h&iacute;r&uuml;nket, mes&eacute;lsz r&oacute;lunk bar&aacute;taidnak, koll&eacute;g&aacute;idnak &eacute;s rokonaidnak, &eacute;s csatlakozol hozz&aacute;nk."
2145 #: www/help/4.php:3
2146 msgid "Then the system will try to generate some very random numbers to get a secure key."
2147 msgstr "A rendszer megpr&oacute;b&aacute;l egy v&eacute;letlenszer&#369; sz&aacute;mot gener&aacute;lni a biztons&aacute;gos kulcshoz."
2149 #: www/help/6.php:3
2150 msgid "Then you need to generate a Certificate Signing Request, for more details go:"
2151 msgstr "Ezut&aacute;n egy CSR-t (Certificate Signing Request, magyarul tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyal&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si k&eacute;relem) kell k&eacute;sz&iacute;tened, tov&aacute;bbi r&eacute;szletek:"
2153 #: www/help/6.php:9
2154 msgid "Then you need to submit the contents from the CSR file to CAcert, you need to go:"
2155 msgstr "Majd meg kell adnod a CSR f&aacute;jl tartalm&aacute;t a CAcert-nek, l&aacute;sd itt:"
2157 #: www/account/40.php:37 www/index/11.php:37
2158 msgid "There are a number of other mailing lists CAcert runs, some are general discussion, others are technical (such as the development list) or platform specific help (such as the list for Apple Mac users)"
2159 msgstr "A CAcert sz&aacute;mos levelez&eacute;si list&aacute;t &uuml;zemeltet, n&eacute;h&aacute;ny &aacute;ltal&aacute;nos t&eacute;m&aacute;j&uacute;, m&aacute;sok ink&aacute;bb technikai jelleg&#369;ek (mint pl. a fejleszt&#337;k list&aacute;ja), vagy platform specifikus seg&iacute;ts&eacute;get adnak (pl. az Apple Mac felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;k list&aacute;ja)."
2161 #: www/account/16.php:42 www/account/3.php:54
2162 msgid "Please note: The class 3 root certificate needs to be imported into your email program as well as the class 1 root certificate so your email program can build a full trust path chain. Until we are included in browsers this might not be a desirable option for most people"
2163 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: a class 3 gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt import&aacute;lni kell az email programodba ugyan&uacute;gy, mint a class 1 gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt, &iacute;gy az email program egy teljes megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; l&aacute;ncot (?) k&eacute;sz&iacute;thet. Am&iacute;g nem lesz&uuml;nk benne a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;kben, addig ez nem aj&aacute;nlott."
2165 #: www/wot.php:284
2166 msgid "There was an error and I couldn't proceed"
2167 msgstr "Egy hiba l&eacute;pett k&ouml;zbe ez&eacute;rt nem tudom folytatni"
2169 #: www/help/0.php:25
2170 msgid "How does CAcert protect its root private key?"
2171 msgstr "Hogyan v&eacute;di a CAcert a gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;t?"
2173 #: www/index/19.php:15
2174 msgid "Information"
2175 msgstr "Inform&aacute;ci&oacute;"
2177 #: www/help/2.php:42
2178 msgid "There's nothing to it. I mean literally, you can already start sending your emails encrypted. Assuming of course you have your own digital signature certificate (e.g. as per above), and the person you want to send an encrypted email to also has a digital signature certificate, and has recently sent you a digitally signed email with it. If all these conditions hold, you just have to change the settings in your email software to send the email encrypted and hey presto! Your email software (probably Outlook I guess) should suss out the rest."
2179 msgstr "Semmi akad&aacute;lya. Sz&oacute; szerint: m&aacute;r kezdheted is az emailjeidet titkos&iacute;tva elk&uuml;ldeni. Felt&eacute;telezve term&eacute;szetesen, hogy m&aacute;r megvan a digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyod (pl. a fentiek alapj&aacute;n), &eacute;s az, akinek titkos&iacute;tott emailt akarsz k&uuml;ldeni, szint&eacute;n rendelkezik digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nnyal &eacute;s m&aacute;r k&uuml;ld&ouml;tt is neked azzal digit&aacute;lisan al&aacute;&iacute;rt emailt. Ha mindezek a felt&eacute;telek adottak, akkor csak be kell megfelel&#337;en &aacute;ll&iacute;tanod az email szoftveredet, hogy a k&ouml;vetkez&#337; emailt m&aacute;r titkos&iacute;tva k&uuml;ldje &eacute;s hajr&aacute;! A t&ouml;bbi m&aacute;r az email szoftvered dolga."
2181 #: www/index.php:272
2182 msgid "This email address is currently valid in the system."
2183 msgstr "Ez az email c&iacute;m jelenleg &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes a rendszerben."
2185 #: includes/account.php:1957 includes/account.php:1974
2186 #: includes/account.php:1984
2187 msgid "Your language setting has been updated."
2188 msgstr "Az alap&eacute;rtelmezett nyelv friss&iacute;tve."
2190 #: www/wot/6.php:32
2191 #, php-format
2192 msgid "This person already has %s assurance points. Any points you give this person may be rounded down, or they may not even get any points. If you have less then 150 points you will still receive 2 points for assuring them."
2193 msgstr "Ennek a szem&eacute;lynek m&aacute;r %s hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontja van. Adott pontjaidat lehet, hogy lefele kerek&iacute;ti majd a rendszer, vagy ak&aacute;r nem is kap az illet&#337; pontot. Ha viszont neked kevesebb, mint 150 pontod van, akkor te az&eacute;rt kapsz 2 pontot a hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;rt."
2195 #: pages/index/2.php:16
2196 msgid "Your information has been submitted into our system. You will now be sent an email with a web link, you need to open that link in your web browser within 24 hours or your information will be removed from our system!"
2197 msgstr "A megadott inform&aacute;ci&oacute;kat a rendszer fogadta. Egy emailt fogsz kapni, benne egy honlap hivatkoz&aacute;ssal, ezt meg kell nyitnod a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;dben 24 &oacute;r&aacute;n bel&uuml;l, k&uuml;l&ouml;nben az &uacute;j adatokat a rendszer t&ouml;rli!"
2199 #: www/help/2.php:46
2200 msgid "Thus, having now asked the question, you suppose that it's the people who make the browser software that have carefully decided who is a trustworthy Certificate Authority. Funnily enough, the mainstream browsers have not, historically, had public policies on how they decide whether a Certificate Authority gets added to their browser. All of the Certificate Authorities that have found themselves in the browser software, are big names, probably with big profits (so they must be doing a good job!)."
2201 msgstr "Vagyis, ha m&aacute;r k&eacute;rdezed, felt&eacute;telezed, hogy azok, akik a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337; szoftvert k&eacute;sz&iacute;tik, alaposan megfontolt&aacute;k, kit is tekintenek megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gnak. El&eacute;g vicces, de a nagy b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;ket k&eacute;sz&iacute;t&#337; t&aacute;rsas&aacute;gok m&eacute;g soha nem tett&eacute;k k&ouml;zz&eacute; azokat a szab&aacute;lyokat, amelyek alapj&aacute;n d&ouml;nt&ouml;ttek, hogy mely tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;g gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;t adj&aacute;k automatikusan a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;ikkel. Valamennyi tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;g, akik beker&uuml;ltek a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;kbe, nagy nevek, val&oacute;sz&iacute;n&#369;leg nagy profittal (&iacute;gy biztos nagyon j&oacute;l is v&eacute;gzik dolgukat)."
2203 #: www/wot/9.php:42
2204 msgid "To"
2205 msgstr "C&iacute;mzett"
2207 #: www/help/5.php:1
2208 msgid "To be completed"
2209 msgstr "Befejezend&#337;"
2211 #: www/wot/2.php:15
2212 msgid "To become an Assurer"
2213 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&#337;ve v&aacute;l&aacute;s"
2215 #: www/index/51.php:17
2216 msgid "To create a Non-Profit Certificate Authority; an alternative to the commercial CAs."
2217 msgstr "Egy nonprofit tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;g l&eacute;trehoz&aacute;sa alternat&iacute;va a kereskedelmi tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute;kkal szemben."
2219 #: www/help/2.php:33
2220 msgid "To fully understand, read the section directly above. I am using a free Certificate Authority to provide me with the ability to digitally sign my emails. As a result, this Certificate Authority is not (yet) recognised by your email software as it is a new organisation that is not yet fully established, although it is probably being included in the Mozilla browser. If you choose to, you can go the their site at to install the root certificate. You may be told that the certificate is untrusted - that is normal and I suggest that you continue installation regardless. Be aware that this implies your acceptance that you trust their secure distribution and storing of digital signatures, such as mine. (You already do this all the time). The root certificate will then automatically provide the safe validation of my digital signature, which I have entrusted to them. Or you can simply decide that you've wasted your time reading this and do nothing (humbug!). Shame on you! :-)"
2221 msgstr "Hogy teljesen meg&eacute;rtsed, olvasd el a fenti r&eacute;szt. &Eacute;n egy ingyenes tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;got haszn&aacute;lok, akik lehet&#337;v&eacute; teszik, hogy az emailjeimet digit&aacute;lisan al&aacute;&iacute;rjam. Ezt a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; hat&oacute;s&aacute;got m&eacute;g nem ismeri fel automatikusan az email szoftvered, mivel ez egy &uacute;j szervezet &eacute;s m&eacute;g nem teljesen bevezetett, j&oacute;llehet m&aacute;r benne van a Mozilla b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;ben. Ha &uacute;gy d&ouml;ntesz, elmehetsz a honlapjukra ( &eacute;s telep&iacute;theted a gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyukat. A b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;d szerint ez a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny tal&aacute;n nem megb&iacute;zhat&oacute;, ez norm&aacute;lis, &eacute;n azt javaslom, hogy ett&#337;l f&uuml;ggetlen&uuml;l, nyugodtan folytasd a telep&iacute;t&eacute;st. Vigy&aacute;zz azonban, mert ez azt is jelenti, hogy megb&iacute;zol benn&uuml;k &eacute;s abban, ahogy a digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;sokat, mint pl. az eny&eacute;met is, t&aacute;rolj&aacute;k! (Ezt tulajdonk&eacute;ppen m&aacute;r meg is tetted.) A gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nya ezek ut&aacute;n automatikusan biztos&iacute;tja az &eacute;n digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;som biztons&aacute;gos ellen&#337;rz&eacute;s&eacute;t, amivel &eacute;n ugye megb&iacute;ztam &#337;ket. Vagy ak&aacute;r &uacute;gy is d&ouml;nthetsz, hogy csak vesztegeted az id&#337;t ennek az elolvas&aacute;s&aacute;val &eacute;s nem csin&aacute;lsz semmit (&quot;Humbug az eg&eacute;sz!&quot;). Ezesetben sz&eacute;gyeld magad! :-)"
2223 #: www/help/3.php:2
2224 msgid "To generate a public and private key pair and CSR for a Microsoft IIS 5 Server:"
2225 msgstr "Ha publikus &eacute;s priv&aacute;t kulcsp&aacute;rt &eacute;s CSR-t (tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyal&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si k&eacute;relmet) akarsz k&eacute;sz&iacute;teni a Microsoft IIS 5.0 szerverhez:"
2227 #: www/help/2.php:21
2228 msgid "To get from computer Internet User A to Internet User B an email may pass through tens of anonymous computers on the Internet. These 'Internet infrastructure' computers are all free to inspect and change the contents of your email as they see fit. Governments systematically browse the contents of all emails going in/out/within their country, e.g. the"
2229 msgstr "Ahhoz, hogy k&eacute;t internetes sz&aacute;m&iacute;t&oacute;g&eacute;pet haszn&aacute;l&oacute; k&ouml;z&ouml;tt egy email A-b&oacute;l B-be eljusson, t&ouml;bb t&iacute;z ismeretlen sz&aacute;m&iacute;t&oacute;g&eacute;pen kell kereszt&uuml;ljutnia. B&aacute;rmelyik ezek az &quot;internet infrastrukt&uacute;r&aacute;t&quot; alkot&oacute; sz&aacute;m&iacute;t&oacute;g&eacute;pek k&ouml;z&uuml;l potenci&aacute;lisan beleolvashat &eacute;s meg is v&aacute;ltoztathatja az emailed tartalm&aacute;t, ahogy j&oacute;nak l&aacute;tja. Egyes &aacute;llami szervek szisztematikusan v&eacute;gigb&ouml;ng&eacute;szik az adott orsz&aacute;gba be/ki/kereszt&uuml;lutaz&oacute; leveleket, pl. "
2231 #: www/index/0.php:24
2232 msgid "To provide a trust mechanism to go with the security aspects of encryption."
2233 msgstr "A titkos&iacute;tas biztons&aacute;gi aspektusanak megfelel&#337; bizalmi mechanizmust biztos&iacute;tani."
2235 #: www/account/43.php:217 www/account/43.php:252 www/wot/10.php:44
2236 msgid "Total Points"
2237 msgstr "Maxim&aacute;lis pontok"
2239 #: www/wot/10.php:79
2240 msgid "Total Points Issued"
2241 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontok"
2243 #: www/account/24.php:29 www/account/27.php:32
2244 msgid "Town/Suburb"
2245 msgstr "V&aacute;ros/V&aacute;rosr&eacute;sz"
2247 #: includes/general_stuff.php:76
2248 msgid "Translations"
2249 msgstr "Ford&iacute;t&aacute;sok"
2251 #: pages/index/8.php:4
2252 msgid "Public Officer"
2253 msgstr ""
2255 #: includes/account_stuff.php:205 includes/general.php:23 www/wot/4.php:15
2256 msgid "Trusted Third Parties"
2257 msgstr "Megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; harmadik szem&eacute;lyek"
2259 #: www/help/2.php:60
2260 msgid "U.K. e-mail snooping bill passed"
2261 msgstr "Az Egyes&uuml;lt Kir&aacute;lys&aacute;g email-szimatol&oacute; t&ouml;rv&eacute;nyjavaslata &aacute;tment"
2263 #: www/help/2.php:21
2264 msgid "UK Government has done this since the year 2000"
2265 msgstr "az Egyes&uuml;lt Kir&aacute;lys&aacute;g korm&aacute;nya m&aacute;r 2000-t&#337;l ezt teszi"
2267 #: www/index.php:126
2268 msgid "Unable to match your details with any user accounts on file"
2269 msgstr "Az &Ouml;n r&eacute;szletei nem egyezhetnek egyetlen felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;i azonos&iacute;t&oacute;val sem a file-ban"
2271 #: www/help/3.php:5
2272 msgid "Under 'Administrative Tools', open the 'Internet Services Manager'. Then open up the properties window for the website you wish to request the certificate for. Right-clicking on the particular website will open up its properties."
2273 msgstr "Az 'Administrative Tools' alatt v&aacute;laszd az 'Internet Services Manager' men&uuml;pontot. Ezut&aacute;n nyisd meg a 'Properties' ablakot azon a honlapon, amelyiknek a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt k&eacute;rni akarod. (A jobb eg&eacute;rgombbal t&ouml;rt&eacute;n&#337; klikkel&eacute;s az adott honlapon megnyitja az ablakot.)"
2275 #: www/help/0.php:12
2276 msgid "Unofficial FAQ/Wiki"
2277 msgstr "Nemhivatalos FAQ/Wiki"
2279 #: www/account/2.php:34 www/account/9.php:40
2280 msgid "Unverified"
2281 msgstr "Nem ellen&ouml;rz&ouml;tt"
2283 #: www/account/13.php:123 www/account/27.php:48 www/account/29.php:35
2284 #: www/account/41.php:36 www/wot/8.php:35
2285 msgid "Update"
2286 msgstr "Friss&iacute;t&eacute;s"
2288 #: www/account/29.php:28
2289 #, php-format
2290 msgid "Update Domain for %s"
2291 msgstr "Domain friss&iacute;t&eacute;se '%s'-hoz"
2293 #: www/account/36.php:28
2294 msgid "Update My Settings"
2295 msgstr "Be&aacute;ll&iacute;t&aacute;saim friss&iacute;t&eacute;se"
2297 #: www/account/14.php:36
2298 msgid "Update Pass Phrase"
2299 msgstr "Jelsz&oacute; friss&iacute;t&eacute;se"
2301 #: www/verify.php:55 www/verify.php:97
2302 msgid "Updated"
2303 msgstr "Friss&iacute;tve"
2305 #: www/account/12.php:48 www/account/18.php:48 www/account/18.php:59
2306 #: www/account/22.php:48 www/account/22.php:59 www/account/5.php:52
2307 msgid "Valid"
2308 msgstr "&Eacute;rv&eacute;nyes"
2310 #: www/stats.php:43
2311 msgid "Valid Certificates"
2312 msgstr "Kliens oldali tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok"
2314 #: www/index/0.php:55 www/index/0.php:65 www/index/0.php:75 www/index/0.php:85
2315 #: www/index/0.php:95 www/index/0.php:105 www/index/0.php:115
2316 msgid "Verification needed"
2317 msgstr "Sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges ellen&#337;rz&eacute;s"
2319 #: www/account/2.php:32 www/account/9.php:38
2320 msgid "Verified"
2321 msgstr "Ellen&#337;rz&ouml;tt"
2323 #: www/stats.php:20 www/account/43.php:175
2324 msgid "Verified Domains"
2325 msgstr "Ellen&#337;rz&ouml;tt"
2327 #: www/stats.php:16
2328 msgid "Verified Emails"
2329 msgstr "Ellen&#337;rz&ouml;tt"
2331 #: www/stats.php:12
2332 msgid "Verified Users"
2333 msgstr "Ellen&#337;rz&ouml;tt"
2335 #: pages/index/8.php:3
2336 msgid "President"
2337 msgstr ""
2339 #: includes/account_stuff.php:150 includes/account_stuff.php:154
2340 #: includes/account_stuff.php:158 includes/account_stuff.php:162
2341 #: includes/account_stuff.php:167 includes/account_stuff.php:171
2342 #: includes/account_stuff.php:177 includes/account_stuff.php:186
2343 msgid "View"
2344 msgstr "N&eacute;zet"
2346 #: includes/account_stuff.php:177
2347 msgid "View Organisations"
2348 msgstr "Szervezetek megtekint&eacute;se"
2350 #: www/account/29.php:23 www/account/30.php:23
2351 msgid "Warning!"
2352 msgstr "Figyelmeztet&eacute;s!"
2354 #: www/index/1.php:15 www/index/4.php:19
2355 msgid "Warning! This site requires cookies to be enabled to ensure your privacy and security. This site uses session cookies to store temporary values to prevent people from copying and pasting the session ID to someone else exposing their account, personal details and identity theft as a result."
2356 msgstr "Figyelem! A biztons&aacute;god &eacute;rdek&eacute;ben ez a honlap megk&ouml;veteli a 's&uuml;tik' haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;t. A munkafolyamat idej&eacute;n &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes s&uuml;tik (session cookies) ideiglenes inform&aacute;ci&oacute;kat t&aacute;rolnak, megakad&aacute;lyozand&oacute;, hogy a folyamatazonos&iacute;t&oacute; (session ID) m&aacute;sol&aacute;s&aacute;val ellophass&aacute;k valakinek az accountj&aacute;t, szem&eacute;lyes adatait, v&eacute;geredm&eacute;nyk&eacute;ppen szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;t."
2358 #: www/capnew.php:1025
2359 msgid "driver license"
2360 msgstr ""
2362 #: www/capnew.php:1117
2363 msgid "email address as e.g."
2364 msgstr ""
2366 #: www/capnew.php:1331
2367 msgid "date of assurance"
2368 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s ideje"
2370 #: www/capnew.php:1025
2371 msgid "certificate"
2372 msgstr ""
2374 #: includes/account.php:1609
2375 #, php-format
2376 msgid "Wasn't able to match '%s' against any user in the system"
2377 msgstr "A '%s'-t nem tudjuk hozz&aacute;rendelni egyetlen a rendszerben lev&#337; felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;hoz sem"
2379 #: www/account/39.php:34 www/index/10.php:34
2380 msgid "We analyse visitors' use of our sites by tracking information such as page views, traffic flow, search terms, and click through. We use this information to improve our sites. We also share this anonymous traffic and demographic information in aggregate form with advertisers and other business partners. We do not share any information with advertisers that can identify an individual user."
2381 msgstr "Oldalinkon analiz&aacute;ljuk a felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;i szok&aacute;sokat nyomonk&ouml;vet&otilde; inform&aacute;ci&oacute;kkal, mint p&eacute;ld&aacute;ul oldal megtekint&eacute;s, forgalmi folyamatok, keres&eacute;si felt&eacute;telek &eacute;s &aacute;tkattint&aacute;sok. Ezeket az inform&aacute;ci&oacute;kat oldalaink jav&iacute;t&aacute;s&aacute;hoz haszn&aacute;ljuk fel. Ezeket a n&eacute;vtelen forgalmi &eacute;s demogr&aacute;fiai adatokat megosztjuk rekl&aacute;moz&aacute;si &eacute;s &uuml;zleti partnereinkkel. Nem osztunk meg semmilyen inform&aacute;ci&oacute;t rekl&aacute;moz&oacute;kkal, mellyel azonos&iacute;tani tudnak egyedi felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;kat."
2383 #: www/verify.php:124
2384 msgid "Your domain has been verified. You can now start issuing certificates for this domain."
2385 msgstr "A dom&eacute;ned leellen&#337;rizve. Most m&aacute;r kiadhatsz tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt ehhez a dom&eacute;nhez."
2387 #: www/wot.php:439
2388 msgid "Your email has been sent to"
2389 msgstr "Az e-mailed elk&uuml;ld&eacute;sre ker&uuml;lt ide"
2391 #: pages/wot/7-old.php:174
2392 msgid "Your details have been updated."
2393 msgstr "Adataid friss&iacute;tve."
2395 #: www/account/39.php:42 www/index/10.php:42
2396 msgid "We don't use cookies to store personal information, we do use sessions, and if cookies are enabled, the session will be stored in a cookie, and we do not look for cookies, apart from the session id. However if cookies are disabled then no information will be stored on or looked for on your computer."
2397 msgstr "Mi nem haszn&aacute;lunk cookie-kat, hogy t&aacute;roljuk az &Ouml;n szem&eacute;lyes adatait, folyamatokat alkalmazunk &eacute;s ha a cookie-k enged&eacute;lyezve vannak, a folyamat t&aacute;rolva lesz a cookie-ban &eacute;s mi nem keres&uuml;nk semmi m&aacute;st a cookie-kban mint a folyamat azonos&iacute;t&oacute;kat. Amennyiban a cookie-k tiltva vannak, akkor az inform&aacute;ci&oacute; nem leszt&aacute;rolva, vagy l&aacute;that&oacute; az &Ouml;n sz&aacute;m&iacute;t&oacute;g&eacute;p&eacute;r&otilde;l."
2399 #: www/help/2.php:56
2400 msgid "WebTrust for Certification Authorities"
2401 msgstr "Tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&#337; hat&oacute;s&aacute;gok bizalmi h&aacute;l&oacute;zata"
2403 #: www/account.php:27 www/account.php:36 www/cps.php:3 www/gpg.php:160
2404 #: www/gpg.php:179 www/help.php:20 www/index.php:105 www/index.php:342
2405 #: www/index.php:353 www/index.php:362 www/logos.php:3 www/news.php:20
2406 #: www/stats.php:3
2407 msgid "Welcome to"
2408 msgstr "&Uuml;dv&ouml;zli a"
2410 #: www/account/0.php:16
2411 msgid "Welcome to your account section of the website. Below is a description of the different sections and what they're for."
2412 msgstr "&Uuml;dv&ouml;z&ouml;lj&uuml;k a website &Ouml;n azonos&iacute;t&oacute;j&aacute;hoz tartoz&oacute; r&eacute;sz&eacute;n. Lentebb tal&aacute;lja a k&uuml;l&ouml;nb&ouml;z&#337; r&eacute;szek le&iacute;r&aacute;s&aacute;t &eacute;s hogy mire val&oacute;k."
2414 #: www/index/0.php:46
2415 msgid "What can CAcert provide to you, to increase your privacy and security for free?"
2416 msgstr "Mit adhat neked a CAcert ingyen a mag&aacute;nszf&eacute;ra v&eacute;delm&eacute;vel &eacute;s a biztons&aacute;g n&ouml;vel&eacute;s&eacute;vel?"
2418 #: www/help/2.php:2 www/help/2.php:14
2419 msgid "What is it for?"
2420 msgstr "Mire val&oacute;?"
2422 #: www/index/51.php:30
2423 msgid "When and Where?"
2424 msgstr "Mikor &eacute;s hol?"
2426 #: www/help/3.php:67
2427 msgid "When you have read this information, click 'Finish'."
2428 msgstr "Ha elolvastad ezt az inform&aacute;ci&oacute;t, kattints&aacute;l a 'Befejez&eacute;s' gombra!"
2430 #: pages/wot/13.php:67
2431 #, php-format
2432 msgid "Your current location is set as: %s"
2433 msgstr "A jelenlegi f&ouml;ldrajzi hely (helys&eacute;g): %s"
2435 #: includes/account.php:109
2436 #, php-format
2437 msgid "Your default email address has been updated to '%s'."
2438 msgstr "Friss&iacute;tve. Az &uacute;j alap&eacute;rtelmezett email c&iacute;m: '%s'."
2440 #: includes/account.php:1033
2441 msgid "Your details have been updated with the database."
2442 msgstr "Adataid friss&iacute;tve az adatb&aacute;zisban."
2444 #: www/account/43.php:194 www/account/43.php:229 www/wot/10.php:23
2445 #: www/wot/10.php:56
2446 msgid "Who"
2447 msgstr "Ki"
2449 #: www/index/51.php:19
2450 msgid "Who?"
2451 msgstr "Ki(k)?"
2453 #: www/help/2.php:3 www/help/2.php:19
2454 msgid "Why digitally sign your own emails?! (weirdo..)"
2455 msgstr "Mi&eacute;rt &iacute;rn&aacute;d al&aacute; digit&aacute;lisan az emailjeidet?! (fura...)"
2457 #: www/help/2.php:6 www/help/2.php:32
2458 msgid "Why is the digital signature described as 'not valid/not trusted'?"
2459 msgstr "Mikor 'nem &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes/nem megb&iacute;zhat&oacute;' a digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s?"
2461 #: www/help/2.php:5 www/help/2.php:29
2462 msgid "Why isn't it being adopted by everyone?"
2463 msgstr "&Eacute;s mi&eacute;rt nem alkalmazza ezt m&eacute;g mindenki?"
2465 #: www/help/7.php:7
2466 msgid "Why use serial you ask? Well certificate requests are low bandwidth for starters, then of course simpler systems in security are less prone to exploits, and finally serial code is pretty mature and well tested and hopefully all exploits were found and fixed a long time ago."
2467 msgstr "Mi&eacute;rt haszn&aacute;ljuk a soros portot, k&eacute;rdezheted. Nos, a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyk&eacute;relmek s&aacute;vsz&eacute;less&eacute;g ig&eacute;nye kicsi, azt&aacute;n term&eacute;szetesen min&eacute;l egyszer&#369;bb egy rendszer, ann&aacute;l kev&eacute;sb&eacute; sebezhet&#337;. V&eacute;gezet&uuml;l pedig a soros port kezel&#337; rutin el&eacute;g kiforrott &eacute;s kipr&oacute;b&aacute;lt, &iacute;gy rem&eacute;lhet&#337;leg m&aacute;r minden hib&aacute;j&aacute;t felfedezt&eacute;k &eacute;s ki is jav&iacute;tott&aacute;k."
2469 #: www/index/51.php:23
2470 msgid "Why?"
2471 msgstr "Mi&eacute;rt?"
2473 #: www/help/7.php:8
2474 msgid "With the proposed root certificate changes, there would be a new root, this would sign at least 1 sub-root, then the private key stored offline in a bank vault, with the sub-root doing all the signing, or alternatively 2 sub-roots, 1 for client certificates, one for server, the thinking behind this, if any of the sub-roots are compromised they can be revoked and reissued."
2475 msgstr "A javasolt gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny v&aacute;ltoztat&aacute;sokkal lenne egy &uacute;j gy&ouml;k&eacute;r, ezzel al&aacute;&iacute;rva legal&aacute;bb egy 'algy&ouml;k&eacute;r'. A priv&aacute;t kulcs offline egy banksz&eacute;fben t&aacute;rolva, az 'algy&ouml;k&eacute;rrel' lenne minden al&aacute;&iacute;rva. Alternat&iacute;vak&eacute;nt k&eacute;t 'algy&ouml;k&eacute;r', egy a kliens tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokhoz, egy a szerver tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokhoz. Ebben az lenne a j&oacute;, hogy ha b&aacute;rmelyik 'algy&ouml;k&eacute;r' kompromitt&aacute;l&oacute;dik, akkor vissza lehet vonni &eacute;s &uacute;jra kiadni."
2477 #: www/account/36.php:25 www/index/1.php:114
2478 msgid "Within 200km Announcements"
2479 msgstr "200km-en bel&uuml;li bejelent&eacute;sek"
2481 #: includes/account_stuff.php:182
2482 msgid "WoT Form"
2483 msgstr "WoT &#368;rlap"
2485 #: www/cap.php:64 www/ttp.php:128 www/wot/6.php:66
2486 msgid "YYYY-MM-DD"
2487 msgstr "&Eacute;&Eacute;&Eacute;&Eacute;-HH-NN"
2489 #: www/account/50.php:29
2490 msgid "Yes"
2491 msgstr "Igen"
2493 #: www/account/39.php:52 www/index/10.php:52
2494 msgid "You are able to update, add and remove your information at any time via our web interface, log into the 'My Account' and then click on the 'My Details' section, and then click the relevant link"
2495 msgstr "&Ouml;n b&aacute;rmikor m&oacute;d&oacute;s&iacute;thatja, hozz&aacute;adhatja &eacute;s let&ouml;r&ouml;lheti az inform&aacute;ci&oacute;it webes fel&uuml;let&uuml;nk&ouml;n kereszt&uuml;l, bel&eacute;pve a 'Saj&aacute;t azonos&iacute;t&oacute;'-n&aacute;l, majd kattintson a 'R&eacute;szletek' ponton &eacute;s ezut&aacute;n a megfelel&#337; link-en."
2497 #: www/account/19.php:44 www/account/6.php:42
2498 msgid "You are about to install a certificate, if you are using mozilla/netscape based browsers you will not be informed that the certificate was installed successfully, you can go into the options dialog box, security and manage certificates to view if it was installed correctly however."
2499 msgstr "&Ouml;n telep&iacute;t egy tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt, ha mozilla/netscape alap&uacute; b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&otilde;t haszn&aacute;l, nem lesz t&aacute;j&eacute;koztatva a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny sikeres telep&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;r&otilde;, menjen az Opci&oacute;k/Biztons&aacute;g/Tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok kezel&eacute;se men&uuml;be, hogy megtekintse, m&eacute;gis megfelel&otilde;en lett telep&iacute;tve."
2501 #: www/wot.php:54
2502 msgid "You are never allowed to Assure yourself!"
2503 msgstr "Nem vagy jogosult hogy &Ouml;nmagad hiteles&iacute;tsd!"
2505 #: www/wot.php:68
2506 msgid "You are only allowed to Assure someone once!"
2507 msgstr "Nem vagy jogosult hogy hiteles&iacute;ts valakit m&eacute;gegyszer!"
2509 #: www/help/2.php:45
2510 msgid "You are putting your trust in people you don't know!"
2511 msgstr "Olyan emberekben b&iacute;zol meg, akiket nem is ismersz!"
2513 #: scripts/removedead.php:56
2514 msgid "You are receiving this email because you had a temporary increase to 200 points. This has since expired and you have been reduced to 150 points."
2515 msgstr "Az&eacute;rt kapod ezt az emailt, mert pontjaid ideiglenesen 200-ra lettek megemelve. Mivel ez m&aacute;r lej&aacute;rt, &iacute;gy most pontjadat 150-re cs&ouml;kkentett&uuml;k."
2517 #: www/wot.php:230
2518 #, php-format
2519 msgid "You are receiving this email because you have assured %s %s (%s)."
2520 msgstr "Az&eacute;rt kapta ezt az emailt, mert &Ouml;nt a CAcert szervezet egy m&aacute;sik tagja hiteles&iacute;tette."
2522 #: www/wot.php:206
2523 #, php-format
2524 msgid "You are receiving this email because you have been assured by %s %s (%s)."
2525 msgstr "Az&eacute;rt kapta ezt az emailt, mert &Ouml;nt a CAcert szervezet egy m&aacute;sik tagja hiteles&iacute;tette."
2527 #: includes/general_stuff.php:112 includes/tverify_stuff.php:78
2528 msgid "Further Information"
2529 msgstr "Tov&aacute;bbi inform&aacute;ci&oacute;"
2531 #: www/index/7.php:26
2532 msgid "Has been involved in translating this website into Portuguese"
2533 msgstr "R&eacute;szt vett ennek a honlapnak portug&aacute;l nyelvre t&ouml;rt&eacute;n&#337; leford&iacute;t&aacute;s&aacute;ban"
2535 #: www/index/7.php:24
2536 msgid "Has put a lot of time and effort into promoting and assuring people in Brazil and South America, and for helping to translate this site into Portuguese"
2537 msgstr "Sok id&#337;t &eacute;s energi&aacute;t ford&iacute;tott n&eacute;pszer&#369;s&iacute;t&eacute;sre &eacute;s &uacute;j tagok hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;re Braz&iacute;li&aacute;ban &eacute;s D&eacute;l-Amerik&aacute;ban, tov&aacute;bb&aacute; seg&iacute;tette ennek a honlapnak potug&aacute;l nyelvre t&ouml;rt&eacute;n&#337; leford&iacute;t&aacute;s&aacute;t"
2539 #: www/index.php:586 www/index.php:593
2540 msgid "This seems like potential spam, cannot continue."
2541 msgstr ""
2543 #: www/index.php:572 www/index.php:579
2544 msgid "This seems like you have cookies or Javascript disabled, cannot continue."
2545 msgstr ""
2547 #: includes/general_stuff.php:74
2548 msgid "CAcert Board"
2549 msgstr "CAcert igazgat&oacute;tan&aacute;cs"
2551 #: www/account/40.php:22 www/index/11.php:22
2552 msgid "You can alternatively use the form below, however joining the list is the prefered option to support your queries"
2553 msgstr "Alternat&iacute;vak&eacute;nt haszn&aacute;lhatod az al&aacute;bbi &#369;rlapot is, b&aacute;r jobb ha a megfelel&#337; levelez&eacute;si list&aacute;ra feliratkozol."
2555 #: includes/account.php:346 includes/account.php:617 includes/account.php:629
2556 #: includes/account.php:718 includes/account.php:833 includes/account.php:1259
2557 #: includes/account.php:1308 includes/account.php:1514
2558 #: includes/account.php:1567 includes/account.php:2233
2559 #, php-format
2560 msgid "Your certificate request has failed to be processed correctly, see %sthe WIKI page%s for reasons and solutions."
2561 msgstr ""
2563 #: pages/help/3.php:48
2564 msgid "Your country, state and city."
2565 msgstr "Orsz&aacute;g, megye &eacute;s helys&eacute;g."
2567 #: www/index/0.php:53
2568 msgid "You can send digitally signed/encrypted emails; others can send encrypted emails to you."
2569 msgstr "K&uuml;ldhetsz digit&aacute;lisan al&aacute;&iacute;rt/titkos&iacute;tott emaileket &eacute;s m&aacute;sok is k&uuml;ldhetnek neked pl. titkos&iacute;tott leveleket."
2571 #: includes/account.php:68
2572 msgid "You currently don't have access to the email address you selected, or you haven't verified it yet."
2573 msgstr "&Ouml;nnek jelenleg nincs hozz&aacute;f&eacute;r&eacute;se az email c&iacute;mekhez amiket kijel&ouml;lt, vagy m&eacute;g nincs ellen&otilde;riztetve."
2575 #: www/wot.php:133
2576 msgid "You didn't list a valid sponsor for this action."
2577 msgstr "Nem adt&aacute;l meg ehhez &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes szponzort."
2579 #: includes/account.php:1362 includes/account.php:1566
2580 #: includes/account.php:1686
2581 msgid "You don't have access to this area."
2582 msgstr "Nincs hozz&aacute;f&eacute;r&eacute;si jogosults&aacute;ga ehhez a ter&uuml;lethez."
2584 #: pages/account/40.php:68 pages/index/11.php:68
2585 msgid "Please use any of the following ways to report security issues: You can use the above contact form for sensitive information. You can email us to You can file a bugreport on &lt;a href=''&gt;;/a&gt; and mark it as private."
2586 msgstr ""
2588 #: www/wot.php:92 www/wot.php:99
2589 msgid "You failed to check all boxes to validate your adherence to the rules and policies of CAcert"
2590 msgstr "Nem jel&ouml;lte be az &ouml;sszes r&eacute;szt, hogy mind&iacute;g betartja a CAcert szab&aacute;lyait &eacute;s ir&aacute;nyelveit."
2592 #: includes/account.php:842
2593 msgid "You failed to correctly enter your current Pass Phrase."
2594 msgstr "Helytelen&uuml;l adta meg az aktu&aacute;lis jelszav&aacute;t."
2596 #: www/wot.php:109
2597 msgid "You failed to enter a location of your meeting."
2598 msgstr "Nem siker&uuml;kt egy helyet &eacute;s id&#337;pontot megadnia a tal&aacute;lkoz&oacute;hoz."
2600 #: www/index.php:97
2601 msgid "You failed to get all answers correct or you didn't configure enough lost password questions for your account. System admins have been notified."
2602 msgstr "Nem siker&uuml;lt korrekt v&aacute;laszt kapni, a rendszeradminisztr&aacute;tor &eacute;rtes&iacute;tve lett."
2604 #: www/gpg.php:24
2605 msgid "You failed to paste a valid GPG/PGP key."
2606 msgstr "Nem siker&uuml;lt &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes GPG/PGP kulcsot bem&aacute;solnod."
2608 #: www/index/0.php:113
2609 msgid "You get a vote in how CAcert (a non-profit association incorporated in Australia) is run; be eligible for positions on the CAcert board."
2610 msgstr "szavazati joggal b&iacute;rsz a CAcert (egy Ausztr&aacute;li&aacute;ban bejegyzett nonprofit szervezet) m&#369;k&ouml;dtet&eacute;s&eacute;ben, v&aacute;laszthat&oacute; vagy a CAcert vezet&#337;tan&aacute;cs&aacute;nak pozici&oacute;ira."
2612 #: www/help/3.php:21
2613 msgid "You have now created a public/private key pair. The private key is stored locally on your machine. The public portion is sent to CAcert in the form of a CSR."
2614 msgstr "Most l&eacute;trehozt&aacute;l egy publikus/priv&aacute;t kulcsp&aacute;rt. A priv&aacute;t kulcsot te t&aacute;rolod helyben, a sz&aacute;m&iacute;t&oacute;g&eacute;peden. A publikus r&eacute;sze a CAcert-nek lett elk&uuml;ldve CSR form&aacute;j&aacute;ba."
2616 #: www/gpg.php:166
2617 msgid "Your certificate request has failed to be processed correctly, please try submitting it again."
2618 msgstr "A tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyk&eacute;relem feldolgoz&aacute;sa nem siker&uuml;lt. Pr&oacute;b&aacute;ld meg &uacute;jra!"
2620 #: pages/help/2.php:30
2621 msgid "Your browser includes special digital (root) certificates from a number of these 'Certificate Authorities' by default, and all web sites use certificates that are validated by one of these companies, which you as a user implicitly trust every time you go to the secure part of a web site. (You might ask, who validates the security of the Certificate Authorities, and why should you trust them?!"
2622 msgstr "A b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;d el&#337;re tartalmazza bizonyos tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykiad&oacute; szervezetek gy&ouml;k&eacute;r tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;t, ez&eacute;rt minden weboldalt, amelyet ezen szolg&aacute;ltat&oacute;k egyike &iacute;rt al&aacute;, automatikusan megb&iacute;zottnak tekintesz. (Felmer&uuml;lhet benned a k&eacute;rd&eacute;s: ki ellen&#337;rzi a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykiad&oacute;kat &eacute;s neked mi&eacute;rt kellene megb&iacute;znod benn&uuml;k?&#13;&#13;Your browser includes special digital (root) certificates from a number of these 'Certificate Authorities' by default, and all web sites use certificates that are validated by one of these companies, which you as a user implicitly trust every time you go to the secure part of a web site. (You might ask, who validates the security of the Certificate Authorities, and why should you trust them?!"
2624 #: www/disputes.php:107
2625 msgid "Your attempt to accept or reject a disputed email is invalid due to the hash string not matching with the email ID. Your attempt has been logged and the request will be removed from the system as a result."
2626 msgstr ""
2628 #: www/disputes.php:110
2629 msgid "Your attempt to accept or reject a disputed email is invalid due to the hash string not matching with the email ID."
2630 msgstr ""
2632 #: www/disputes.php:198
2633 msgid "Your attempt to accept or reject a disputed domain is invalid due to the hash string not matching with the domain ID. Your attempt has been logged and the request will be removed from the system as a result."
2634 msgstr ""
2636 #: www/index.php:231
2637 msgid "Your account has not been verified yet, please check your email account for the signup messages."
2638 msgstr ""
2640 #: www/wot.php:415
2641 msgid "Your account information has been updated."
2642 msgstr "Felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute;i fi&oacute;kod adatait friss&iacute;tett&uuml;k."
2644 #: www/disputes.php:201
2645 msgid "Your attempt to accept or reject a disputed domain is invalid due to the hash string not matching with the domain ID."
2646 msgstr ""
2648 #: www/verify.php:66
2649 msgid "Your account and/or email address has been verified. You can now start issuing certificates for this address."
2650 msgstr "Felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute; fi&oacute;kodat &eacute;s/vagy e-mail c&iacute;medet &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes&iacute;tett&uuml;k. Mostant&oacute;l kiadhatsz tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat erre a c&iacute;mre."
2652 #: includes/account.php:1072 www/index.php:117
2653 msgid "Your Pass Phrase has been updated and your primary email account has been notified of the change."
2654 msgstr "Jelszavad friss&iacute;tett&uuml;k &eacute;s err&#337;l &eacute;rtes&iacute;t&eacute;st k&uuml;ld&uuml;nk az els&#337;dleges e-mail postafi&oacute;kodba."
2656 #: pages/account/40.php:31 pages/account/40.php:54 pages/index/11.php:31
2657 #: pages/index/11.php:54
2658 msgid "Your Name"
2659 msgstr "Neved"
2661 #: pages/account/40.php:32 pages/account/40.php:55 pages/index/11.php:32
2662 #: pages/index/11.php:55
2663 msgid "Your Email"
2664 msgstr "Email c&iacute;med"
2666 #: www/verify.php:42
2667 msgid "You've attempted to verify the same email address a fourth time with an invalid hash, subsequently this request has been deleted in the system"
2668 msgstr "Negyedszerre pr&oacute;b&aacute;lod ugyanazt az e-mail c&iacute;met &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes&iacute;teni hib&aacute;s k&oacute;ddal, ez&eacute;rt a folyamatot t&ouml;r&ouml;lt&uuml;k a rendszerb&#337;l."
2670 #: www/wot.php:344
2671 msgid "You've been Assured."
2672 msgstr ""
2674 #: pages/account/43.php:287 pages/wot/10.php:40
2675 msgid "Your Assurance Points"
2676 msgstr ""
2678 #: www/wot.php:360
2679 msgid "You've Assured Another Member."
2680 msgstr ""
2682 #: www/verify.php:101
2683 msgid "You've attempted to verify the same domain a fourth time with an invalid hash, subsequantly this request has been deleted in the system"
2684 msgstr "Negyedszerre pr&oacute;b&aacute;lt&aacute;l &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes&iacute;teni egy domaint hib&aacute;s k&oacute;ddal, ez&eacute;rt a rendszer a folyamatot t&ouml;r&ouml;lte."
2686 #: pages/help/3.php:29
2687 msgid "You'll prepare the request now, but you can only submit the request via the online request forms. We do not accept CSRs via email."
2688 msgstr ""
2690 #: pages/help/4.php:22
2691 msgid "You will then be asked to enter information about your company into the certificate. Below is a valid example:"
2692 msgstr "Ezut&aacute;n tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyhoz sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges adatokat fogunk k&eacute;rni a c&eacute;gedr&#337;l. &Iacute;me egy &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes p&eacute;lda:"
2694 #: pages/help/3.php:80
2695 msgid "You will see a confirmation screen."
2696 msgstr "Meg fog jelenni egy meger&#337;s&iacute;t&#337; ablak."
2698 #: pages/help/3.php:37
2699 msgid "You will now create a CSR. This information will be displayed on your certificate, and identifies the owner of the key to users. The CSR is only used to request the certificate. The following characters must be excluded from your CSR fields, or your certificate may not work:"
2700 msgstr ""
2702 #: pages/index/19.php:77
2703 msgid "You will need to be issued 100 points by meeting with existing assurers from the CAcert Web of Trust, who verify your identity using your government issued photo identity documents; OR if it is too difficult to meet up with existing assurers in your area, meet with two Trusted Third Party assurers (notary public, justice of the peace, lawyer, bank manager, accountant) to do the verifying."
2704 msgstr ""
2706 #: www/wot.php:320
2707 #, php-format
2708 msgid "You were issued %s points however the system has rounded this down to %s and you now have %s points in total."
2709 msgstr "%s pontot kapt&aacute;l, a rendszer azonban ezt lefele kerek&iacute;tette %s pontra, &iacute;gy most &ouml;sszesen %s pontod van."
2711 #: www/wot.php:212
2712 msgid "You tried to give a temporary points increase to someone that already has more then 150 points. Can't continue."
2713 msgstr ""
2715 #: includes/account.php:1964
2716 msgid "You tried to use an invalid language."
2717 msgstr "&Eacute;rv&eacute;nytelen nyelv."
2719 #: www/wot.php:322
2720 #, php-format
2721 msgid "You were issued %s points and you now have %s points in total."
2722 msgstr "%s pontot kapt&aacute;l, &iacute;gy most &ouml;sszesen %s pontod van."
2724 #: includes/account.php:233
2725 msgid "You submitted invalid email addresses, or email address you no longer have control of. Can't continue with certificate request."
2726 msgstr "&Eacute;rv&eacute;nytelen email c&iacute;met adt&aacute;l meg, vagy olyat, amely felett nem rendelkezel. A tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyk&eacute;relem nem folytathat&oacute;."
2728 #: pages/help/6.php:19
2729 msgid "You then need to add the domain you have control of to your account, which you can do:"
2730 msgstr ""
2732 #: pages/help/2.php:29
2733 msgid "You see this all the time on the Internet - every time you go to a secure page on a web site, for example to enter personal details, or to make a purchase, every day you browse web sites that have been digitally signed by a Certificate Authority that is accepted as having the authority to sign it. This is all invisible to the user, except that you may be aware that you are entering a secure zone (e.g. SSL and HTTPS)."
2734 msgstr ""
2736 #: www/disputes.php:269
2737 msgid "You only dispute the primary email address of an account if there is no longer any email addresses or domains linked to it."
2738 msgstr ""
2740 #: www/wot.php:326
2741 msgid "You now have over 50 points, and can now have your name added to client certificates, and issue server certificates for up to 2 years."
2742 msgstr "Most m&aacute;r t&ouml;bb, mint 50 pontod van, &iacute;gy hozz&aacute;rendelheted a nevedet a kliens tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyaidhoz, illetve 2 &eacute;vig &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes szerver tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt is k&eacute;sz&iacute;thetsz."
2744 #: www/wot.php:196
2745 msgid "You must enter the number of points you wish to allocate to this person."
2746 msgstr "Add meg az illet&#337;nek megaj&aacute;nlott pontok sz&aacute;m&aacute;t."
2748 #: pages/wot/3.php:21
2749 msgid "You must meet the applicant in person;"
2750 msgstr "Szem&eacute;lyesen kell tal&aacute;lkoznod a k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337;vel;"
2752 #: pages/wot/3.php:22
2753 msgid "You must sight at least one form of government issued photo identification. It's preferable if 2 forms of Government issued photo ID are presented, as less points may be issued if there is any doubt on the person by the person issuing points;"
2754 msgstr "Legal&aacute;bb egy f&eacute;nyk&eacute;pes igazolv&aacute;nyt kell, hogy mutass. Aj&aacute;nlott azonban k&eacute;t f&eacute;nyk&eacute;pes igazolv&aacute;ny felmutat&aacute;sa, mivel kevesebb pont j&aacute;r, ha az ellen&#337;rz&eacute;st v&eacute;gz&#337; szem&eacute;lyben k&eacute;telyek t&aacute;madnak szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;goddal kapcsolatban;"
2756 #: pages/account/17.php:17 pages/account/19.php:57 pages/account/4.php:17
2757 #: pages/account/6.php:55
2758 msgid "You must enable ActiveX for this to work."
2759 msgstr "Ehhez az ActiveX-et enged&eacute;lyezned kell."
2761 #: pages/index/19.php:57
2762 msgid "You must confirm that you are the owner (or authorized administrator) of the domain by responding to a 'ping' email sent to either the email address listed in the whois record, or one of the RFC-mandatory addresses (hostmaster/postmaster/etc)."
2763 msgstr "Meg kell hogy er&#337;s&iacute;tsd, hogy te vagy a tulajdonosa (vagy meghatalmazott kezel&#337;je) a domainnek - ehhez v&aacute;laszolnod kell egy 'ping' e-mailre, melyeta whois rekordban szerepl&#337;, vagy az RFC szerinti (hostmaster/postmaster/stb) c&iacute;mre k&uuml;ld&uuml;nk."
2765 #: www/analyse.php:25
2766 msgid "Analyse"
2767 msgstr "Analiz&aacute;l&aacute;s"
2769 #: includes/account.php:840 www/index.php:100
2770 #, php-format
2771 msgid "The Pass Phrase you submitted failed to contain enough differing characters and/or contained words from your name and/or email address. Only scored %s points out of 6."
2772 msgstr "A megadott jelsz&oacute; nem tartalmaz el&eacute;g elt&eacute;r&#337; karaktert, &eacute;s/vagy a neved egy r&eacute;szlet&eacute;t tartalmazza, &eacute;s/vagy az email c&iacute;medet. Ez &iacute;gy a sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges minimum 6 helyett csak %s pontot &eacute;r."
2774 #: www/src-lic.php:20
2775 msgid "CAcert Source License"
2776 msgstr "CAcert forr&aacute;s licensz"
2778 #: www/index/7.php:25
2779 msgid "Did a substantial amount of work on the previous website design, and has been floating about on the mailing lists often giving invaluble insight into what we should be doing better."
2780 msgstr "Tekint&eacute;lyes mennyis&eacute;g&#369; munk&aacute;t v&eacute;gzett az el&#337;z&#337; honlap tervez&eacute;s&eacute;ben, mindig ott van a levelez&eacute;si list&aacute;kon, gyakran &eacute;rt&eacute;kes tan&aacute;csokat ad, hogy mit csin&aacute;lhatn&aacute;nk m&eacute;g jobban."
2782 #: includes/account.php:25 includes/account.php:302
2783 msgid "Due to the possibility for punycode domain exploits we currently do not allow any certificates to sign punycode domains or email addresses."
2784 msgstr "A &quot;Punycode&quot; (&eacute;kezetes) dom&eacute;n nevek sebezhet&#337;s&eacute;ge miatt jelenleg nem engedj&uuml;k &quot;Punycode&quot; dom&eacute;n nevekhez vagy email c&iacute;mekhez tartoz&oacute; tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s&aacute;t."
2786 #: www/help/9.php:28
2787 msgid "Firstly you need mod-ssl and apache setup (this is beyond the scope of this FAQ item and you will need to search on google etc for LAMP setup information). I recommend mod-ssl over apache-ssl because it means you need less resources to achieve the same result."
2788 msgstr "Mindenekel&#337;tt sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ged lesz a mod-ssl modulra &eacute;s az apache be&aacute;ll&iacute;t&aacute;sainak megv&aacute;ltoztat&aacute;s&aacute;ra (ez viszont m&aacute;r nem f&eacute;r bele ennek az &uacute;tmutat&oacute;nak a sz&#369;kreszabott kereteibe, haszn&aacute;ld a Google-t, kulcssz&oacute; &quot;LAMP setup&quot;). Ink&aacute;bb a mod-ssl haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;t javaslom, mert az kevesebb er&#337;forr&aacute;st ig&eacute;nyel, mint az apache-ssl."
2790 #: www/help/0.php:26 www/help/9.php:26
2791 msgid "How can I do a single sign on similar to CAcert using client certificates?"
2792 msgstr "Hogy tudok olyan automatikus bejelentkez&eacute;st csin&aacute;lni kliens tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nnyal, mint a CAcert honlapj&aacute;n is van?"
2794 #: www/index/1.php:17
2795 msgid "In light of the number of people having issues with making up a password we have the following suggestions:"
2796 msgstr "Mivel sokaknak gondja volt a megfelel&#337;en biztons&aacute;gos jelsz&oacute; kital&aacute;l&aacute;s&aacute;val, a k&ouml;vetkez&#337;ket javasoljuk:"
2798 #: www/index/17.php:142
2799 msgid "Install a Root Certificate using Internet Explorer and the CEnroll ActiveX control. This avoids the Microsoft Certificate Installation wizard and all of its complexity and extra screens for users. This however will ONLY work for Microsoft Internet Explorer."
2800 msgstr "Telep&iacute;tsd a gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt az Internet Explorerbe a CEnroll ActiveX seg&iacute;ts&eacute;g&eacute;vel. &Iacute;gy elker&uuml;lheted a Microsoft tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nytelep&iacute;t&#337; var&aacute;zsl&oacute; haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;t minden bonyolults&aacute;g&aacute;val. Ez azonban CSAK a Microsoft Internet Explorerrel m&#369;k&ouml;dik."
2802 #: includes/general_stuff.php:111
2803 msgid "Mission Statement"
2804 msgstr "K&uuml;ldet&eacute;si nyilatkozat"
2806 #: www/help/9.php:30
2807 msgid "Once you have everything setup and working you will need to add lines similar to below to your apache.conf"
2808 msgstr "Ha m&aacute;r mindent be&aacute;ll&iacute;tott&aacute;l &eacute;s m&#369;k&ouml;dik, akkor az al&aacute;bb l&aacute;that&oacute;hoz hasonl&oacute; sorokat hozz&aacute; kell m&eacute;g adnod az apache.conf f&aacute;jlhoz"
2810 #: www/help/9.php:49
2811 msgid "Once you have everything working and you've tested sending a client certificate to your site and you're happy all is well you can start adding code to PHP (or any other language you like that can pull server environment information). At present I only have PHP code available and the example is in PHP"
2812 msgstr "Ha m&aacute;r minden megy &eacute;s kipr&oacute;b&aacute;ltad a honlapodon egy kliens tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nnyal, elkezdheted a PHP programr&eacute;szlet meg&iacute;r&aacute;s&aacute;t (vagy b&aacute;rmilyen programnyelven, ami szerver v&aacute;ltoz&oacute;kat k&eacute;pes haszn&aacute;lni). Most csak PHP &aacute;ll rendelkez&eacute;semre, ez&eacute;rt ez a p&eacute;lda PHP-ben &iacute;r&oacute;dott."
2814 #: www/help/9.php:47
2815 msgid "Please note, you will need to alter the paths, hostname and IP of the above example, which is just that an example! The SSLCACertificateFile directive is supposed to point to a file with the root certificate you wish to verify your client certificates against, for the CAcert website we obviously only accept certificates issued by our own website and use our root certificate to initially verify this."
2816 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: az &uacute;tvonalat, hosztnevet &eacute;s IP c&iacute;met v&aacute;ltoztasd meg, ez csak egy mintap&eacute;lda! Az SSLCACertificateFile direkt&iacute;va a gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyra mutasson, amivel a kliens tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt ellen&#337;riztetni akarod. A CAcert-n&eacute;l term&eacute;szetesen csak a magunk &aacute;ltal kiadott tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat fogadjuk el &eacute;s a saj&aacute;t gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyunkat haszn&aacute;ljuk az ellen&#337;rz&eacute;shez."
2818 #: includes/general_stuff.php:69
2819 msgid "RSS News Feed"
2820 msgstr "RSS News Feed"
2822 #: www/help/2.php:67
2823 msgid "The point is, as the current situation holds, you should be wary of anyone making decisions for you (i.e. pre-installed certificates in your browser), and you should be weary of anyone else's certificates that you install. But at the end of the day, it all boils down to trust. If an independent Certificate Authority seems to be reputable to you, and you can find evidence to support this claim, there's no reason why you shouldn't trust it any less than you implicitly trust the people who have already made mistakes."
2824 msgstr "A l&eacute;nyeg, ahogy jelenleg a dolgok &aacute;llnak, hogy &oacute;vatosnak kell lenned b&aacute;rkivel, aki helyetted d&ouml;nt (pl. el&#337;re csomagolt tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyokat ad a b&ouml;ng&eacute;sz&#337;ddel). De &oacute;vatosnak kell lenned b&aacute;rki m&aacute;snak a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyaival is, amiket magad telep&iacute;tesz. V&eacute;g&uuml;l is, mindent &ouml;sszefoglalva, a kulcssz&oacute; a bizalom. Ha egy f&uuml;ggetlen tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykibocs&aacute;t&oacute; c&eacute;g j&oacute; h&iacute;r&#369;, &eacute;s a tapasztalataid is al&aacute;t&aacute;masztj&aacute;k ezt, akkor nincs ok, ami&eacute;rt kev&eacute;sb&eacute; b&iacute;zhatn&aacute;l meg benn&uuml;k, mint megb&iacute;zol az el&#337;re telep&iacute;tett tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyaid haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;val p&eacute;ld&aacute;ul azokban, akikr&#337;l tudod, hogy m&aacute;r hib&aacute;ztak."
2826 #: www/wot.php:233
2827 msgid "You listed an invalid sponsor for this action."
2828 msgstr ""
2830 #: pages/wot/3.php:38
2831 msgid "You may charge a fee for your expenses if the applicant has been advised of the amount prior to the meeting."
2832 msgstr "Kiad&aacute;said miatt d&iacute;jat is felsz&aacute;molhatsz, amennyiben ennek &ouml;sszeg&eacute;r&#337;l a k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337;t m&eacute;g a tal&aacute;lkoz&oacute; el&#337;tt t&aacute;j&eacute;koztattad."
2834 #: pages/index/19.php:27
2835 msgid "You must confirm it is your email address by responding to a 'ping' email sent to it."
2836 msgstr "Egy 'ping emailre' k&uuml;ld&ouml;tt v&aacute;lasszal nyugt&aacute;znod kell, hogy ez val&oacute;ban a te email c&iacute;med."
2838 #: includes/account_stuff.php:153 includes/general_stuff.php:48
2839 #: includes/tverify_stuff.php:34
2840 msgid "Free digital certificates!"
2841 msgstr "Digit&aacute;lis tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyok ingyen!"
2843 #: www/wot.php:353
2844 #, php-format
2845 msgid "You issued %s points and they now have %s points in total."
2846 msgstr "%s pontot adt&aacute;l, &iacute;gy most &ouml;sszesen %s pontja van."
2848 #: www/wot.php:351
2849 #, php-format
2850 msgid "You issued %s points however the system has rounded this down to %s and they now have %s points in total."
2851 msgstr "%s pontot adt&aacute;l, azonban a rendszer ezt lefele kerek&iacute;tette %s pontra, &iacute;gy most &ouml;sszesen %s pontja van."
2853 #: www/wot.php:49
2854 msgid "A reminder notice has been sent."
2855 msgstr "Eml&eacute;keztet&#337; &uuml;zenet elk&uuml;ldve."
2857 #: includes/account_stuff.php:214 www/disputes/0.php:19
2858 msgid "Abuses"
2859 msgstr "Vissza&eacute;l&eacute;sek"
2861 #: www/disputes/4.php:26 www/disputes/6.php:26
2862 msgid "Accept Dispute"
2863 msgstr "Elvitat&aacute;s elfogad&aacute;sa"
2865 #: www/wot/10.php:19
2866 msgid "Assurer Ranking"
2867 msgstr "A hiteles&iacute;t&#337; rangsorol&aacute;sa"
2869 #: www/index/16.php:24 www/index/3.php:24
2870 msgid "CAcert's GPG Key"
2871 msgstr "CAcert GPG kulcs"
2873 #: www/account/52.php:39
2874 msgid "Certificate Subject"
2875 msgstr "Tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny c&iacute;me/t&aacute;rgya"
2877 #: pages/index/47.php:10
2878 msgid "As described in the Style Guide, the monochrome version of the logo must be used in situations where the logo colours cannot be reproduced correctly."
2879 msgstr ""
2881 #: www/account/52.php:48
2882 msgid "Comment"
2883 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s"
2885 #: includes/account.php:478 includes/account.php:491 includes/account.php:592
2886 #: includes/account.php:1238 includes/account.php:1251
2887 #: includes/account.php:1859 includes/account.php:1884
2888 msgid "CommonName field was blank. This is usually caused by entering your own name when openssl prompt's you for 'YOUR NAME', or if you try to issue certificates for domains you haven't already verified, as such this process can't continue."
2889 msgstr "A CommonName (&aacute;ltal&aacute;nos n&eacute;v) mez&#337; &uuml;res volt. Ennek oka lehet, ha a saj&aacute;t nevedet adtad meg, amikor az openSSL 'YOUR NAME' prompt megjelent, vagy ha olyan dom&eacute;nre pr&oacute;b&aacute;lsz tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt kiadni, amelyet m&eacute;g nem ellen&#337;riztett&eacute;l. Az elj&aacute;r&aacute;s nem folytathat&oacute;."
2891 #: www/account/52.php:42
2892 msgid "Current Points"
2893 msgstr "Pillanatnyi pontsz&aacute;m"
2895 #: www/disputes/6.php:16
2896 #, php-format
2897 msgid "Currently the domain '%s' is in dispute, you have been sent an email to resolve the issue, below you have the option to accept, reject or report the request as fraudulent."
2898 msgstr "Jelenleg a(z) dom&eacute;n elvitat&aacute;s alatt van, emailt is k&uuml;ldt&uuml;nk ennek eld&ouml;nt&eacute;s&eacute;re. Lejjebb lehet&#337;s&eacute;ged van az elvitat&aacute;st elfogadni, elutas&iacute;tani, vagy a k&eacute;relmet csal&aacute;sk&eacute;nt bejelenteni."
2900 #: www/disputes/4.php:16
2901 #, php-format
2902 msgid "Currently the email '%s' is in dispute, you have been sent an email to resolve the issue, below you have the option to accept, reject or report the request as fraudulent."
2903 msgstr "Jelenleg a(z) email c&iacute;m elvitat&aacute;s alatt van, emailt is k&uuml;ldt&uuml;nk ennek eld&ouml;nt&eacute;s&eacute;re. Lejjebb lehet&#337;s&eacute;ged van az elvitat&aacute;st elfogadni, elutas&iacute;tani, vagy a k&eacute;relmet csal&aacute;sk&eacute;nt bejelenteni."
2905 #: www/account/1.php:31 www/account/7.php:33
2906 msgid "Currently we only issue certificates for Punycode domains if the person requesting them has code signing attributes attached to their account, as these have potentially slightly higher security risk."
2907 msgstr "Jelenleg csak akkor adunk ki tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt &quot;Punycode&quot; (&eacute;kezetes) dom&eacute;n nevekhez, ha a k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337; rendelkezik k&oacute;dal&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si jogosults&aacute;ggal, mert ennek haszn&aacute;lata nagyobb biztons&aacute;gi rizik&oacute;t jelent."
2909 #: pages/account/53.php:84
2910 msgid "aliases"
2911 msgstr ""
2913 #: www/index/1.php:18
2914 msgid "To get a password that will work, we suggest the following example"
2915 msgstr "J&oacute;l haszn&aacute;lhat&oacute; jelsz&oacute;k&eacute;nt valami ilyet javaslunk, mint ebben a p&eacute;ld&aacute;ban"
2917 #: www/disputes/2.php:20
2918 msgid "Dispute Domain"
2919 msgstr "Dom&eacute;n elvitat&aacute;sa"
2921 #: www/disputes.php:286 www/disputes.php:420
2922 msgid "Dispute Probe"
2923 msgstr "Elvitat&aacute;si pr&oacute;ba"
2925 #: www/disputes/0.php:17
2926 msgid "Disputes"
2927 msgstr "Elvitat&aacute;sok"
2929 #: www/disputes/0.php:15
2930 msgid "Disputes and Abuse Reporting"
2931 msgstr "Elvitat&aacute;sok &eacute;s vissza&eacute;l&eacute;sek bejelent&eacute;se"
2933 #: includes/account_stuff.php:213
2934 msgid "Disputes/Abuses"
2935 msgstr "Elvitat&aacute;sok/Vissza&eacute;l&eacute;sek"
2937 #: includes/account_stuff.php:214 www/disputes.php:138 www/disputes.php:147
2938 #: www/disputes.php:154 www/disputes.php:181 www/disputes.php:195
2939 #: www/disputes.php:205 www/disputes.php:215 www/disputes.php:299
2940 #: www/disputes.php:309 www/disputes.php:319 www/disputes.php:328
2941 #: www/disputes.php:377 www/disputes.php:422 www/disputes/2.php:15
2942 #: www/disputes/6.php:15 www/disputes/6.php:20
2943 msgid "Domain Dispute"
2944 msgstr "Dom&eacute;n elvitat&aacute;sa"
2946 #: www/disputes.php:399
2947 msgid "Domain Dispute!"
2948 msgstr "Dom&eacute;n elvitat&aacute;sa"
2950 #: www/disputes.php:428
2951 msgid "Domain and Email Disputes"
2952 msgstr "Dom&eacute;n &eacute;s email c&iacute;m elvitat&aacute;sok"
2954 #: pages/account/3.php:82
2955 msgid "By adding Single Sign On (SSO) ID information to your certificates this could be used to track you, you can also issue certificates with no email addresses that are useful only for Authentication. Please see a more detailed description on our WIKI about it."
2956 msgstr ""
2958 #: pages/index/8.php:4
2959 msgid "Treasurer"
2960 msgstr ""
2962 #: includes/account.php:50 includes/account.php:402 www/index.php:293
2963 msgid "Email Address given was invalid, or a test connection couldn't be made to your server, or the server rejected the email address as invalid"
2964 msgstr "A megadott email c&iacute;m &eacute;rv&eacute;nytelen, vagy az email szervered nem volt el&eacute;rhet&#337;, vagy a szerver &eacute;rv&eacute;nytelenk&eacute;nt elutas&iacute;totta az email c&iacute;met."
2966 #: includes/account_stuff.php:214 www/disputes.php:28 www/disputes.php:39
2967 #: www/disputes.php:46 www/disputes.php:90 www/disputes.php:104
2968 #: www/disputes.php:114 www/disputes.php:124 www/disputes.php:226
2969 #: www/disputes.php:235 www/disputes.php:246 www/disputes.php:256
2970 #: www/disputes.php:268 www/disputes.php:288 www/disputes/1.php:15
2971 #: www/disputes/4.php:15 www/disputes/4.php:20
2972 msgid "Email Dispute"
2973 msgstr "Email c&iacute;m"
2975 #: www/disputes/1.php:27 www/disputes/2.php:28
2976 msgid "File Dispute"
2977 msgstr "Elvitat&aacute;sa bejelent&eacute;se"
2979 #: www/index/7.php:22
2980 msgid "For much of the art work that exists on the website, t-shirt designs, much of the organisational work for Usenix '04, as well as a few published articles and written documents."
2981 msgstr "A honlap tervez&eacute;si munk&aacute;i&eacute;rt, p&oacute;l&oacute; tervez&eacute;s&eacute;rt, valamint a Usenix '04 megszervez&eacute;s&eacute;&eacute;rt, tov&aacute;bb&aacute; n&eacute;h&aacute;ny cikk &eacute;s dokumentum meg&iacute;r&aacute;s&aacute;&eacute;rt."
2983 #: www/index/16.php:23 www/index/3.php:23
2984 msgid "GPG Key"
2985 msgstr "GPG kulcs"
2987 #: www/account/40.php:20 www/index/11.php:20
2988 msgid "General questions about CAcert should be sent to the general support list, please send all emails in ENGLISH only, this list has many more volunteers then those directly involved with the running of the website, everyone on the mailing list understands english, even if this isn't their native language this will increase your chance at a competent reply. While it's best if you sign up to the mailing list to get replied to, you don't have to, but please make sure you note this in your email, otherwise it might seem like you didn't get a reply to your question."
2989 msgstr "Az &aacute;ltal&aacute;nos k&eacute;rd&eacute;sek a CAcert-r&#337;l az &aacute;ltal&aacute;nos levelez&eacute;si list&aacute;ra k&uuml;ldend&#337;k. Haszn&aacute;ld az angol nyelvet. A list&aacute;kon tal&aacute;lhat&oacute; &ouml;nk&eacute;ntesek, &eacute;s azok is, akik a honlap &uuml;zemeltet&eacute;s&eacute;ben k&ouml;zvetlen&uuml;l r&eacute;sztvesznek, mindenki &eacute;rti az angolt, m&eacute;g ha ez nem is az anyanyelv&uuml;k. B&aacute;r a legjobb, ha feliratkozol a megfelel&#337; levelez&eacute;si list&aacute;ra, ez nem k&ouml;telez&#337;. Ha nem vagy fent valamelyiken, ezt jelezd az emailedben, mert k&uuml;l&ouml;nben esetleg nem kapsz v&aacute;laszt."
2991 #: www/capnew.php:1001
2992 msgid "abbreviated:"
2993 msgstr ""
2995 #: www/help/0.php:21
2996 msgid "Generating a new key pair and CSR for IIS 5.0"
2997 msgstr "&Uacute;j kulcsp&aacute;r &eacute;s CSR (tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyal&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;si k&eacute;relem) gener&aacute;l&aacute;sa az IIS 5.0-hoz"
2999 #: www/help/0.php:24
3000 msgid "How do I get a server certificate from CAcert?"
3001 msgstr "Hogy kaphatok egy szerver tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt a CAcert-t&#337;l?"
3003 #: includes/account_stuff.php:162
3004 msgid "My Points"
3005 msgstr "Pontjaim"
3007 #: www/index/7.php:21
3008 msgid "He's constantly helping out on the support list, building up documentation and all round nice guy, he was even offered a free book and turned down the offer until there is a book on CAcert available!"
3009 msgstr "Folyamatosan seg&iacute;t a list&aacute;kon, dokument&aacute;ci&oacute;t k&eacute;sz&iacute;t, &eacute;s egy&aacute;ltal&aacute;n, egy nagyon rendes hapsi. M&eacute;g egy ingyen k&ouml;nyvet is aj&aacute;nlottak neki, amit visszautas&iacute;tott am&iacute;g a CAcert-r&#337;l nem jelenik meg k&ouml;nyv!"
3011 #: www/account/52.php:49
3012 msgid "I agree with this Application"
3013 msgstr "Egyet&eacute;rtek ezzel a k&eacute;relemmel"
3015 #: www/account/52.php:50
3016 msgid "I don't agree with this Application"
3017 msgstr "Nem &eacute;rtek egyet ezzel a k&eacute;relemmel"
3019 #: www/disputes/0.php:18
3020 msgid "If you want to dispute who has control of your email address or domain, select 'Dispute Email' or 'Dispute Domain' on the right hand side."
3021 msgstr "Ha el akarod vitatni, hogy kinek van rendelkez&eacute;si joga az email c&iacute;med vagy dom&eacute;ned felett, akkor v&aacute;laszd az 'Email c&iacute;m elvitat&aacute;sa' vagy a 'Dom&eacute;n elvitat&aacute;sa' pontokat a jobboldalon."
3023 #: www/disputes/0.php:20
3024 msgid "If you would like to report an abuse of our certificates that breaches our policies please select the Abuse menu on the right."
3025 msgstr "Ha a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyaink valamelyik&eacute;vel t&ouml;rt&eacute;nt vissza&eacute;l&eacute;sr&#337;l, politik&aacute;nkkal ellent&eacute;tes haszn&aacute;lat&aacute;r&oacute;l akarsz &eacute;rtes&iacute;teni benn&uuml;nket, akkor v&aacute;laszd a 'Vissza&eacute;l&eacute;s' men&uuml;pontot a jobboldalon."
3027 #: www/disputes/2.php:16
3028 msgid "If your dispute is successful the domain will be removed from the current account and any certificates will be revoked."
3029 msgstr "Ha az elvitat&aacute;sod eredm&eacute;nyes, akkor a dom&eacute;nt elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tjuk a jelenlegi account-r&oacute;l &eacute;s minden hozz&aacute; kiadott tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt visszavonunk."
3031 #: www/disputes/1.php:16
3032 msgid "If your dispute is successful you will have the email address removed from the system, you will need add the email address as per usual afterwards. The email will be removed from the current account and any certificates will be revoked."
3033 msgstr "If your dispute is successful you will have the email address removed from the system, you will need add the email address as per usual afterwards. The email will be removed from the current account and any certificates will be revoked."
3035 #: www/disputes.php:91 www/disputes.php:115 www/disputes.php:182
3036 #: www/disputes.php:206
3037 msgid "Invalid request. Can't continue."
3038 msgstr "&Eacute;rv&eacute;nytelen k&eacute;r&eacute;s. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
3040 #: includes/tverify_stuff.php:39
3041 msgid "Main Website"
3042 msgstr "F&#337; honlap"
3044 #: includes/account_stuff.php:214
3045 msgid "More Information"
3046 msgstr "Tov&aacute;bbi inform&aacute;ci&oacute;"
3048 #: www/account/52.php:37
3049 msgid "Name on file"
3050 msgstr "N&eacute;v"
3052 #: www/account/11.php:36
3053 msgid "No additional information will be included on certificates because it can not be automatically checked by the system."
3054 msgstr "Tov&aacute;bbi inform&aacute;ci&oacute; nem lesz a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyban, mert a rendszer nem k&eacute;pes azt automatikusan ellen&#337;rizni."
3056 #: www/disputes.php:300
3057 msgid "Not a valid Domain. Can't continue."
3058 msgstr "&Eacute;rv&eacute;nytelen dom&eacute;n. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
3060 #: www/account/52.php:40
3061 msgid "Notary URL"
3062 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&#337; URL-je"
3064 #: includes/account_stuff.php:198
3065 msgid "Organisation Assurance"
3066 msgstr "Szervezet hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s"
3068 #: www/wot/11.php:19
3069 msgid "Organisational Assurance"
3070 msgstr "Szervezet hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s"
3072 #: www/wot/11.php:22
3073 msgid "Organisation Title"
3074 msgstr "Szervezet neve"
3076 #: www/index/16.php:28 www/index/3.php:28
3077 msgid "PKI finger/thumb print signed by the CAcert GPG Key"
3078 msgstr "PKI ujjlenyomat a CAcert GPG kulccsal al&aacute;&iacute;rva"
3080 #: www/account/52.php:41
3081 msgid "Photo ID URL"
3082 msgstr "F&eacute;nyk&eacute;pes azonos&iacute;t&oacute; URL-je"
3084 #: www/disputes/0.php:16
3085 msgid "Please select the most appropriate section to report your problem."
3086 msgstr "V&aacute;laszd ki a legmegfelel&#337;bb r&eacute;szt a probl&eacute;m&aacute;d elk&uuml;ld&eacute;s&eacute;hez."
3088 #: www/account/52.php:43
3089 msgid "Potential Points"
3090 msgstr "Lehets&eacute;ges pontok"
3092 #: www/account/52.php:38
3093 msgid "Primary email address"
3094 msgstr "Els&#337;dleges email c&iacute;m"
3096 #: www/wot/1.php:133
3097 msgid "Email Me"
3098 msgstr "Email k&uuml;ld&eacute;se"
3100 #: www/disputes/4.php:23 www/disputes/6.php:23
3101 msgid "Reject Dispute"
3102 msgstr "Elvitat&aacute;s elutas&iacute;t&aacute;sa"
3104 #: www/account/11.php:40
3105 msgid "Rejected"
3106 msgstr "Elutas&iacute;tva"
3108 #: www/disputes/4.php:29 www/disputes/6.php:29
3109 msgid "Report Dispute as Abuse"
3110 msgstr "Az elvitat&aacute;s vissza&eacute;l&eacute;sk&eacute;nt t&ouml;rt&eacute;n&#337; elk&uuml;ld&eacute;se"
3112 #: www/account/52.php:36
3113 msgid "Request Details"
3114 msgstr "R&eacute;szletek k&eacute;r&eacute;se"
3116 #: www/index/0.php:75
3117 msgid "Same as above plus get 100 assurance points by meeting with multiple assurers from the CAcert Web of Trust, who verify your identity using your government issued photo identity documents."
3118 msgstr "mint fent, plusz legal&aacute;bb 100 hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si pontot kell &ouml;sszeszedned a CAcert WOT (Web of Trust, magyarul a bizalom h&aacute;l&oacute;ja) program hiteles&iacute;t&#337;it&#337;l, akik az &aacute;llami kibocs&aacute;t&aacute;s&uacute; f&eacute;nyk&eacute;pes igazolv&aacute;nyaid alapj&aacute;n igazolj&aacute;k a szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;godat."
3120 #: www/wot/5.php:20
3121 msgid "Send reminder notice"
3122 msgstr "Eml&eacute;keztet&#337; k&uuml;ld&eacute;se"
3124 #: www/disputes.php:310
3125 #, php-format
3126 msgid "The domain '%s' already exists in the dispute system. Can't continue."
3127 msgstr "A(z) '%s' email c&iacute;m m&aacute;r a rendszerben van. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
3129 #: www/coapnew.php:1243
3130 msgid "The organisation assurer will check the trade office registry for company information (name, location, country of jurisdiction, director names, trade office Identification number, domain name ownership, and system admin reference). Any associated costs for this research will be reimborsed by the assurer from the organisation."
3131 msgstr ""
3133 #: www/disputes.php:423
3134 #, php-format
3135 msgid "The domain '%s' has been entered into the dispute system, the email address you choose will now be sent an email which will give the recipent the option of accepting or rejecting the request, if after 2 days we haven't received a valid response for or against we will discard the request."
3136 msgstr "A(z) '%s' dom&eacute;n beker&uuml;lt az elvitat&oacute; rendszerbe. Egy emailt k&uuml;ldt&uuml;nk, a c&iacute;mzett vagy elfogadja, vagy visszautas&iacute;tja az elvitat&aacute;st. &Eacute;rv&eacute;nyes v&aacute;lasz hi&aacute;ny&aacute;ban 2 nap m&uacute;lva a k&eacute;relmet t&ouml;r&ouml;lj&uuml;k."
3138 #: www/disputes.php:400
3139 #, php-format
3140 msgid "The domain '%s' isn't in the system. Can't continue."
3141 msgstr "A '%s' dom&eacute;n nincs a rendszerben. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
3143 #: www/disputes.php:236
3144 #, php-format
3145 msgid "The email address '%s' already exists in the dispute system. Can't continue."
3146 msgstr "Ez az email c&iacute;m '%s' m&aacute;r a rendszerben van. Nem tudjuk folytatni."
3148 #: www/wot/9.php:48
3149 #, php-format
3150 msgid "%s prefers to be contacted in %s"
3151 msgstr "%s %s nyelven k&eacute;ri a kapcsolatfelv&eacute;telt."
3153 #: www/disputes.php:289
3154 #, php-format
3155 msgid "The email address '%s' has been entered into the dispute system, the email address will now be sent an email which will give the recipent the option of accepting or rejecting the request, if after 2 days we haven't received a valid response for or against we will discard the request."
3156 msgstr "A(z) '%s' email c&iacute;m beker&uuml;lt az elvitat&oacute; rendszerbe. Egy emailt k&uuml;ldt&uuml;nk, a c&iacute;mzett vagy elfogadja, vagy visszautas&iacute;tja az elvitat&aacute;st. &Eacute;rv&eacute;nyes v&aacute;lasz hi&aacute;ny&aacute;ban 2 nap m&uacute;lva a k&eacute;relmet t&ouml;r&ouml;lj&uuml;k."
3158 #: includes/account.php:2056
3159 msgid "The following comments were made by reviewers"
3160 msgstr "A k&ouml;vetkez&otilde; megjegyz&eacute;seket f&#369;zt&eacute;k ehhez"
3162 #: www/account/11.php:38
3163 msgid "The following hostnames were rejected because the system couldn't link them to your account, if they are valid please verify the domains against your account."
3164 msgstr "A k&ouml;vetkez&#337; hosztnevek el lettek utas&iacute;tva, mert a rendszer nem b&iacute;rta az account-odhoz kapcsolni. Ha &eacute;rv&eacute;nyesek, akkor pr&oacute;b&aacute;ld meg a dom&eacute;nt &uacute;jra leellen&#337;riztetni."
3166 #: www/index/7.php:18
3167 msgid "The list of names are in no sense of order"
3168 msgstr "A nevek list&aacute;ja nincs sorrendben"
3170 #: includes/account.php:70
3171 #, php-format
3172 msgid "The email address '%s' is already in a different account. Can't continue."
3173 msgstr ""
3175 #: www/wot/2.php:17
3176 msgid "There are several ways to become a CAcert Assurer, the most common of which is face to face meetings with existing assurers, who check your ID documents (you need to show 2 government issued photo ID where possible otherwise you won't be allocated as many points!)."
3177 msgstr "T&ouml;bb m&oacute;dja is van annak, hogy CAcert hiteles&iacute;t&#337;v&eacute; v&aacute;lhass, a leg&aacute;ltal&aacute;nosabb a szem&eacute;lyes tal&aacute;lkoz&oacute; m&aacute;r elfogadott hiteles&iacute;t&#337;kkel, akik leellen&#337;rzik a szem&eacute;lyazonos&iacute;t&oacute; irataidat (legal&aacute;bb 2 &aacute;llami hat&oacute;s&aacute;g &aacute;ltal kibocs&aacute;tott f&eacute;nyk&eacute;pes igazolv&aacute;ny sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges, k&uuml;l&ouml;nben nem kapsz elegend&#337; pontot!)."
3179 #: www/account/51.php:27 www/account/52.php:59
3180 msgid "This UID has already been voted on."
3181 msgstr "Erre az UID-re m&aacute;r szavaztak."
3183 #: www/disputes.php:29 www/disputes.php:139
3184 msgid "This dispute no longer seems to be in the database, can't continue."
3185 msgstr "Ez az elvitat&aacute;s, &uacute;gy t&#369;nik, hogy m&aacute;r nincs az adatb&aacute;zisban. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
3187 #: www/disputes.php:76
3188 msgid "This was the primary email on the account, and no emails or domains were left linked so the account has also been removed from the system."
3189 msgstr "Ez volt az accounthoz tartoz&oacute; els&#337;dleges email c&iacute;m, ezzel nem maradt m&aacute;s email vagy dom&eacute;n, &iacute;gy az accountot is t&ouml;r&ouml;lt&uuml;k a rendszerb&#337;l."
3191 #: www/logos.php:8
3192 #, php-format
3193 msgid "If you want to use the graphics and design, or you want to contribute something, please read the %sCAcert Styleguide%s"
3194 msgstr ""
3196 #: www/logos.php:7
3197 #, php-format
3198 msgid "On this page you find a number of logos to add to your website. Help CAcert to get some publicity by using a logo to link back to %s or to indicate that you or your website are using a CAcert certificates for security and privacy."
3199 msgstr ""
3201 #: www/account/43.php:101
3202 msgid "Tverify Account"
3203 msgstr "Tverify Account"
3205 #: www/account/11.php:48
3206 msgid "Unable to continue as no valid commonNames or subjectAltNames were present on your certificate request."
3207 msgstr "Nem volt &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes commonName vagy subjectAltName a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyk&eacute;relmedben. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
3209 #: includes/account.php:1997
3210 msgid "Unable to find a valid tverify request for this ID."
3211 msgstr "Ehhez az ID-hez (azonos&iacute;t&oacute;hoz) nem tal&aacute;lok &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes 'tverify' k&eacute;relmet."
3213 #: www/account/51.php:29 www/account/52.php:61
3214 msgid "Unable to locate a valid request for that UID."
3215 msgstr "Nem tal&aacute;lok &eacute;rv&eacute;nyes k&eacute;relmet ehhez az UID-hez (azonos&iacute;t&oacute;hoz)."
3217 #: includes/account.php:2075
3218 msgid "Unfortunately your request for a points increase has been denied, below is the comments from people that reviewed your request as to why they rejected your application."
3219 msgstr "Sajnos az ideiglenes pontn&ouml;vekm&eacute;ny ir&aacute;nti k&eacute;relmed el lett utas&iacute;tva. L&aacute;sd a k&eacute;relmet elb&iacute;r&aacute;l&oacute;k megjegyz&eacute;seit, hogy mi&eacute;rt is utas&iacute;tott&aacute;k el a k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyt."
3221 #: www/disputes/4.php:32 www/disputes/5.php:29 www/disputes/6.php:32
3222 msgid "Update Dispute"
3223 msgstr "Friss&iacute;t&eacute;s"
3225 #: www/wot/2.php:26
3226 msgid "Upon receiving your documents you will be notified, and points will be added to your account."
3227 msgstr "Amint megkaptuk a dokumentumaidat &eacute;rtes&iacute;t&uuml;nk &eacute;s a pontokat hozz&aacute;adjuk az accountodhoz."
3229 #: www/account/12.php:18 www/account/5.php:18
3230 msgid "View all certificates"
3231 msgstr "&Ouml;sszes tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny megtekint&eacute;se"
3233 #: www/disputes/1.php:20
3234 msgid "Which Email?"
3235 msgstr "Melyik email c&iacute;m?"
3237 #: www/wot/6.php:40
3238 msgid "You are about to assure a person that isn't currently verified. If you continue and they do not verify their account within 48 hours the account could automatically be removed by the system."
3239 msgstr "Olyan szem&eacute;lyt akarsz hiteles&iacute;teni, aki m&eacute;g nincs leellen&#337;rizve. Ha folytatod &eacute;s &#337; nem igazoltatja az accountj&aacute;t, akkor azt 48 &oacute;ra m&uacute;lva automatikusan t&ouml;rli a rendszer."
3241 #: includes/account.php:2081
3242 msgid "You are welcome to try submitting another request at any time in the future, please make sure you take the reviewer comments into consideration or you risk having your application rejected again."
3243 msgstr "B&aacute;rmikor beadhatsz &uacute;jabb k&eacute;relmet, de felt&eacute;tlen&uuml;l fontold meg az elb&iacute;r&aacute;l&oacute;k megjegyz&eacute;seit, mert ellenkez&#337; esetben megint elutas&iacute;thatj&aacute;k a k&eacute;relmedet."
3245 #: www/disputes.php:257 www/disputes.php:329
3246 msgid "You aren't allowed to dispute your own email addresses. Can't continue."
3247 msgstr "A saj&aacute;t email c&iacute;medet nem vitathatod el. Nem folytathat&oacute;."
3249 #: www/wot/2.php:19
3250 msgid "You can also become a CAcert Assurer by seeking out a public notary, justice of the peace, accountant, lawyer or bank manager. You will need to download and print out a copy of the TTP.pdf and fill in your sections. You will need to produce a photo copy of your ID, which the person assuring you will inspect against the originals. Once they are satisfied the documents appear to be genuine they need to sign the back of the photo copies, and fill in their sections of the TTP document. Once you have had your ID verified by 2 different people, pop the copies + forms in an envelope and post them to:"
3251 msgstr "&Uacute;gy is CAcert hiteles&iacute;t&#337;v&eacute; v&aacute;lhatsz, ha felkeresel egy k&ouml;zjegyz&#337;t, b&eacute;keb&iacute;r&oacute;t, k&ouml;nyvel&#337;t, &uuml;gyv&eacute;det vagy banktisztvisel&#337;t. Le kell t&ouml;ltened &eacute;s kinyomtatnod a TTP.pdf nyomtatv&aacute;nyt, majd kit&ouml;lteni a r&aacute;d vonatkoz&oacute; r&eacute;szeket. Le kell f&eacute;nym&aacute;solni a szem&eacute;lyazonos&iacute;t&oacute; okm&aacute;nyaidat, amelyeket a t&eacute;ged hiteles&iacute;t&#337; szem&eacute;ly megvizsg&aacute;l &eacute;s &ouml;sszehasonl&iacute;t az eredetivel. Miut&aacute;n meggy&#337;z&#337;d&ouml;tt azok val&oacute;dis&aacute;g&aacute;r&oacute;l, al&aacute; kell &iacute;rnia a f&eacute;nym&aacute;solatok h&aacute;toldal&aacute;t &eacute;s ki kell t&ouml;ltenie a TTP.pdf nyomtatv&aacute;ny r&aacute; vonatkoz&oacute; r&eacute;szeit. Ha a szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;godat k&eacute;t k&uuml;l&ouml;nb&ouml;z&#337; szem&eacute;ly is igazolta, tedd bele a nyomtatv&aacute;nyokat &eacute;s a f&eacute;nym&aacute;solatokat egy bor&iacute;t&eacute;kba &eacute;s add fel a k&ouml;vetkez&#337; c&iacute;mre:"
3253 #: www/wot.php:257
3254 msgid "You can list your location by going to:"
3255 msgstr "Itt kilist&aacute;zhatod a lak&oacute;helyedet:"
3257 #: includes/account.php:2010
3258 msgid "You have already voted on this request."
3259 msgstr "M&aacute;r szavazt&aacute;l erre a k&eacute;relemre."
3261 #: www/disputes.php:416
3262 #, php-format
3263 msgid "You have been sent this email as the domain '%s' is being disputed. You have the option to accept or reject this request, after 2 days the request will automatically be discarded. Click the following link to accept or reject the dispute:"
3264 msgstr "Az&eacute;rt kapod ezt az emailt, mert a(z) '%s' dom&eacute;nt vitatj&aacute;k. Ezt a k&eacute;relmet vagy elfogadod, vagy elutas&iacute;tod, 2 nap m&uacute;lva a k&eacute;relem automatikusan t&ouml;rl&#337;dik. Klikkelj a k&ouml;vetkez&#337; linkre, ha el akarod fogadni, vagy ha el akarod utas&iacute;tani az elvitat&aacute;st:"
3266 #: www/disputes.php:282
3267 #, php-format
3268 msgid "You have been sent this email as the email address '%s' is being disputed. You have the option to accept or reject this request, after 2 days the request will automatically be discarded. Click the following link to accept or reject the dispute:"
3269 msgstr "Az&eacute;rt kapod ezt az emailt, mert a(z) '%s' email c&iacute;met vitatj&aacute;k. Ezt a k&eacute;relmet vagy elfogadod, vagy elutas&iacute;tod, 2 nap m&uacute;lva a k&eacute;relem automatikusan t&ouml;rl&#337;dik. Klikkelj a k&ouml;vetkez&#337; linkre, ha el akarod fogadni, vagy ha el akarod utas&iacute;tani az elvitat&aacute;st:"
3271 #: www/wot/10.php:34
3272 #, php-format
3273 msgid "You have made %s assurances which ranks you as the #%s top assurer."
3274 msgstr "%s hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;st v&eacute;gezt&eacute;l id&aacute;ig, ezzel a helyez&eacute;sed: %s"
3276 #: www/disputes.php:155
3277 msgid "You have opted to accept this dispute and the request will now remove this domain from the existing account, and revoke any current certificates."
3278 msgstr "Ezzel elfogadtad ezt az elvitat&aacute;st, &iacute;gy a dom&eacute;nt elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tottuk az accountr&oacute;l &eacute;s minden hozz&aacute; kiadott tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt visszavontunk."
3280 #: www/disputes.php:47
3281 msgid "You have opted to accept this dispute and the request will now remove this email address from the existing account, and revoke any current certificates."
3282 msgstr "Ezzel elfogadtad ezt az elvitat&aacute;st, &iacute;gy az email c&iacute;met elt&aacute;vol&iacute;tottuk az accountr&oacute;l &eacute;s minden hozz&aacute; kiadott tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt visszavontunk."
3284 #: www/disputes.php:40 www/disputes.php:148
3285 msgid "You have opted to reject this dispute and the request will be removed from the database"
3286 msgstr "Ezzel elutas&iacute;tottad ezt az elvitat&aacute;st, ez&eacute;rt a k&eacute;relmet t&ouml;r&ouml;lt&uuml;k az adatb&aacute;zisb&oacute;l."
3288 #: www/logos.php:26
3289 msgid "The result should get you something like:"
3290 msgstr "Az eredm&eacute;ny valahogy &iacute;gy fog kin&eacute;zni:"
3292 #: www/ttp.php:67
3293 msgid "You have viewed two of the Applicant's photo identity documents and you are convinced of their authenticity, and are convinced that the photos indeed depict the Applicant (allowed documents are government-issued documents with photos such as driver's license, passport, or others that are normally accepted as legal identification in your country; expired documents are allowed)."
3294 msgstr "Megn&eacute;zted a jelentkez&#337; f&eacute;nyk&eacute;pes igazolv&aacute;nyait, meggy&#337;z&#337;dt&eacute;l azok hiteless&eacute;g&eacute;r&#337;l &eacute;s arr&oacute;l, hogy a f&eacute;nyk&eacute;pek val&oacute;ban a jelentkez&#337;t &aacute;br&aacute;zolj&aacute;k (&eacute;rv&eacute;nyes igazolv&aacute;nynak sz&aacute;m&iacute;tanak a f&eacute;nyk&eacute;ppel ell&aacute;tott &aacute;llamilag kiadott okm&aacute;nyok, mint p&eacute;ld&aacute;ul szem&eacute;lyi igazolv&aacute;ny, jogos&iacute;tv&aacute;ny (&uacute;j fajta), &uacute;tlev&eacute;l, vagy b&aacute;rmi m&aacute;s, az orsz&aacute;gban szem&eacute;lyazonos&iacute;t&aacute;sra elfogadott okm&aacute;ny; lej&aacute;rt igazolv&aacute;nyok nem &eacute;rv&eacute;nyesek).&#13;You have viewed two of the Applicant's photo identity documents and you are convinced of their authenticity, and are convinced that the photos indeed depict the Applicant (allowed documents are government-issued documents with photos such as driver's license, passport, or others that are normally accepted as legal identification in your country; expired documents are allowed)."
3296 #: www/index/17.php:3
3297 msgid "Install CAcert Root using CEnroll Active-X component and PKCS-7"
3298 msgstr "CAcert gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;se CEnroll Active-X komponenssel &eacute;s PKCS7-tel"
3300 #: www/index/17.php:65
3301 msgid "Problems were detected with the CAcert root certificate download error:"
3302 msgstr "A CAcert gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny let&ouml;lt&eacute;se nem siker&uuml;lt, a hiba:"
3304 #: www/index/17.php:67
3305 msgid "The CAcert root certificate was successfully installed"
3306 msgstr "A CAcert gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nya sikeresen telep&iacute;tve."
3308 #: www/wot/6.php:70
3309 #, php-format
3310 msgid "I certify that %s %s %s has appeared in person"
3311 msgstr "Igazolom, hogy %s %s %s szem&eacute;lyesen megjelent(ek)"
3313 #: www/cap.php:83
3314 msgid "Applicant's signature"
3315 msgstr "K&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337; al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;sa"
3317 #: www/cap.php:39
3318 msgid "As the assurer, you are required to keep the signed document on file for 7 years. Should Cacert Inc. have any concerns about a meeting taking place, Cacert Inc. can request proof, in the form of this signed document, to ensure the process is being followed correctly. After 7 years if you wish to dispose of this form it's preferred that you shred and burn it. You do not need to retain copies of ID at all."
3319 msgstr "Mint hiteles&iacute;tő, az al&aacute;&iacute;rt nyomtatv&aacute;nyt 7 &eacute;vig meg kell őrizned. A szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g igazol&aacute;s&aacute;ra szolg&aacute;lt dokumentumok m&aacute;solatait nem kell csatolni. Amennyiben a CAcert Inc. r&eacute;sz&eacute;ről b&aacute;rmi k&eacute;ts&eacute;g mer&uuml;lne fel a tal&aacute;lkoz&oacute; megt&ouml;rt&eacute;nt&eacute;t illetően, az al&aacute;&iacute;rt űrlapot bizony&iacute;t&eacute;kk&eacute;nt bek&eacute;rhetik, hogy meggyőződjenek r&oacute;la, miszerint az elj&aacute;r&aacute;s szab&aacute;lyos volt. 7 &eacute;v eltelt&eacute;vel, ha meg akarod semmis&iacute;teni ezt a dokumentumot akkor javasoljuk, hogy t&eacute;pd sz&eacute;t &eacute;s &eacute;gesd el. Nem kell, hogy az igazolv&aacute;nyokr&oacute;l megtarts&aacute;l m&aacute;solatot."
3321 #: www/cap.php:103 www/cap.php:107
3322 msgid "Assurer's Name"
3323 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&#337; neve"
3325 #: www/cap.php:111
3326 msgid "Assurer's signature"
3327 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&#337; al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;sa"
3329 #: www/cap.php:12
3330 msgid "CAcert Assurance Programme"
3331 msgstr "CAcert Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si Program"
3333 #: www/cap.php:85 www/cap.php:113
3334 msgid "Date (YYYY-MM-DD)"
3335 msgstr "D&aacute;tum (&Eacute;&Eacute;&Eacute;&Eacute;-HH-NN)"
3337 #: includes/general.php:885
3338 msgid "To become an Assurer you have to collect 100 Assurance Points and pass the"
3339 msgstr ""
3341 #: www/cap.php:15 www/ttp.php:24
3342 msgid "Identity Verification Form"
3343 msgstr "Szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g igazol&oacute; &#369;rlap"
3345 #: www/cap.php:129
3346 msgid "Location of Face-to-face Meeting"
3347 msgstr "A szem&eacute;lyes tal&aacute;lkoz&oacute; helye"
3349 #: www/cap.php:133
3350 msgid "Maximum Points"
3351 msgstr "Maxim&aacute;lis pontok"
3353 #: www/cap.php:51 www/ttp.php:75
3354 msgid "Names"
3355 msgstr "N&eacute;v"
3357 #: www/cap.php:123
3358 msgid "Photo ID Shown: (ID types, not numbers. eg Drivers license, Passport)"
3359 msgstr "A bemutatott okm&aacute;nyok megnevez&eacute;se (pl. szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;gi igazolv&aacute;ny, &uacute;tlev&eacute;l, jogos&iacute;tv&aacute;ny)"
3361 #: www/cap.php:131
3362 msgid "Points Allocated"
3363 msgstr "Adott pontsz&aacute;m"
3365 #: www/cap.php:37
3366 #, php-format
3367 msgid "To the Assurer: The CAcert Assurance Programme (CAP) aims to verify the identities of Internet users through face-to-face witnessing of government issued identity documents. The Applicant asks you to verify to that you have met them and verified their identity against one or more original, trusted, government photo identity documents. If you have ANY doubts or concerns about the Applicant's identity, DO NOT COMPLETE OR SIGN this form. For more information about the CAcert Assurance Programme, including detailed guides for CAcert Assurers, please visit: %s"
3368 msgstr "A hiteles&iacute;t&#337; figyelm&eacute;be: a CAcert Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si Program (angolul: CAcert Assurance Programme, CAP) c&eacute;lja az internetet haszn&aacute;l&oacute;k szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;nak igazol&aacute;sa szem&eacute;lyes tal&aacute;lkoz&oacute; alkalm&aacute;val bemutatott, &aacute;llami hat&oacute;s&aacute;g &aacute;ltal kibocs&aacute;tott dokumentumaik (pl. szem&eacute;lyazonos&iacute;t&oacute; k&aacute;rtya/igazolv&aacute;ny, &uacute;tlev&eacute;l, jogos&iacute;tv&aacute;ny) alapj&aacute;n. A k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337; annak az igazol&aacute;s&aacute;ra k&eacute;r a;l, hogy szem&eacute;lyesen tal&aacute;lkozt&aacute;l vele &eacute;s egy vagy t&ouml;bb eredeti, megb&iacute;zhat&oacute;, &aacute;llami hat&oacute;s&aacute;g &aacute;ltal kibocs&aacute;tott f&eacute;nyk&eacute;pes igazolv&aacute;ny alapj&aacute;n igazolod a szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;t. Ha b&aacute;rmi k&eacute;ts&eacute;g mer&uuml;lne is fel a k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337; szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;t illet&#337;en, akkor NE T&Ouml;LTSD KI, ILLETVE NE &Iacute;RD AL&Aacute; ezt a nyomtatv&aacute;nyt! A CAcert Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si Programj&aacute;r&oacute;l tov&aacute;bbi inform&aacute;ci&oacute;t (r&eacute;szletes &uacute;tmutat&oacute;val a CAcert hiteles&iacute;t&#337;k r&eacute;sz&eacute;re) itt tal&aacute;lsz: %s"
3370 #: www/cap.php:46
3371 msgid "Applicant's Statement"
3372 msgstr "K&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337;"
3374 #: www/cap.php:26 www/ttp.php:35
3375 msgid "CAcert's Root Certificate fingerprints"
3376 msgstr "A CAcert gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny&aacute;nak ujjlenyomata"
3378 #: www/ttp.php:109
3379 msgid "Applicant Information"
3380 msgstr "K&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337; adatai"
3382 #: www/ttp.php:84
3383 msgid "Bar Association, CPA Number or Bank Name and Branch, JP/Notary Number"
3384 msgstr "&Uuml;gyv&eacute;di, k&ouml;nyvvizsg&aacute;l&oacute;i, ... azonos&iacute;t&oacute; vagy bank neve"
3386 #: www/ttp.php:91
3387 msgid "Email (if applicable)"
3388 msgstr "Email c&iacute;m"
3390 #: www/ttp.php:136
3391 msgid "First ID Number (driver's license, passport etc)"
3392 msgstr "Az azonos&iacute;t&aacute;sra bemutatott els&#337; igazolv&aacute;ny sz&aacute;ma (szig., &uacute;tlev&eacute;l, jogos&iacute;tv&aacute;ny)"
3394 #: www/ttp.php:112
3395 msgid "Full Name (as shown on ID)"
3396 msgstr "Teljes n&eacute;v (az azonos&iacute;t&aacute;sra haszn&aacute;lt igazolv&aacute;nyok szerint)"
3398 #: www/ttp.php:56
3399 #, php-format
3400 msgid "If you have ANY doubts or concerns about the identity of the Applicant then please DO NOT COMPLETE AND SIGN this form. For more information about the Web of Trust, including detailed guides for Trusted Third Parties, please see: %s"
3401 msgstr "Ha b&aacute;rmi k&eacute;ts&eacute;ge mer&uuml;lne fel a k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337; szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;t illet&#337;en, akkor NE T&Ouml;LTSE KI, ILLETVE NE &Iacute;RJA AL&Aacute; ezt a nyomtatv&aacute;nyt! A CAcert &#13;Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si Programj&aacute;r&oacute;l tov&aacute;bbi inform&aacute;ci&oacute;t (r&eacute;szletes &uacute;tmutat&oacute;val a megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; harmadik/k&iacute;v&uuml;l&aacute;ll&oacute; szem&eacute;lyek r&eacute;sz&eacute;re) itt tal&aacute;l: %s"
3403 #: www/ttp.php:82
3404 msgid "Justice of the Peace, Public Notary, Lawyer, Accountant, or Bank Manager"
3405 msgstr "b&eacute;keb&iacute;r&oacute;, k&ouml;zjegyz&#337;, &uuml;gyv&eacute;d, k&ouml;nyvvizsg&aacute;l&oacute;, banktisztvisel&#337;"
3407 #: www/ttp.php:119
3408 msgid "Main email (so we can find you)"
3409 msgstr "Els&#337;dleges email c&iacute;m (kapcsolatfelv&eacute;tel eset&eacute;re)"
3411 #: www/ttp.php:89
3412 msgid "Office Phone"
3413 msgstr "Hivatali telefonsz&aacute;m"
3415 #: www/ttp.php:77
3416 msgid "Office Street Address"
3417 msgstr "Hivatal/iroda/bankfi&oacute;k helye, c&iacute;me"
3419 #: www/ttp.php:58
3420 msgid "PLEASE NOTE: You must get 2 fully completed TTP forms before sending anything to CAcert. Failure to do so will only cause your application to be delayed until all forms have been received by CAcert!"
3421 msgstr "Megjegyz&eacute;s: a CAcert-hez t&ouml;rt&eacute;n&#337; beny&uacute;jt&aacute;shoz k&eacute;t kit&ouml;lt&ouml;tt &eacute;s (k&uuml;l&ouml;nb&ouml;z&#337; hiteles&iacute;t&#337;k &aacute;ltal) al&aacute;&iacute;rt TTP &#369;rlap sz&uuml;ks&eacute;ges. A k&eacute;relem feldolgoz&aacute;sa csak akkor kezd&#337;dik meg, ha m&aacute;r mindk&eacute;t nyomtatv&aacute;ny be&eacute;rkezett."
3423 #: www/ttp.php:72
3424 msgid "Person Verifying Applicant's Identity"
3425 msgstr "A k&eacute;rv&eacute;nyez&#337; szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;t hiteles&iacute;t&#337; adatai"
3427 #: www/ttp.php:50
3428 msgid "Please complete and sign this form, and sign the photocopies of the IDs, to acknowledge that"
3429 msgstr "K&eacute;rem, t&ouml;ltse ki &eacute;s &iacute;rja al&aacute; ezt a nyomtatv&aacute;nyt, tov&aacute;bb&aacute; &iacute;rja al&aacute; a szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;got bizony&iacute;t&oacute; dokumentumok m&aacute;solatait annak igazol&aacute;sak&eacute;nt, hogy"
3431 #: www/ttp.php:80
3432 msgid "Profession (Please circle one)"
3433 msgstr "Foglalkoz&aacute;s (k&eacute;rem karik&aacute;zzon be egyet)"
3435 #: www/ttp.php:138
3436 msgid "Second ID Number (driver's license, passport etc)"
3437 msgstr "Az azonos&iacute;t&aacute;sra bemutatott m&aacute;sodik igazolv&aacute;ny (szig., &uacute;tlev&eacute;l, jogos&iacute;tv&aacute;ny) sz&aacute;ma"
3439 #: www/ttp.php:93 www/ttp.php:140
3440 msgid "Signature"
3441 msgstr "Al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;s"
3443 #: pages/help/2.php:50
3444 msgid "Security is a serious matter. For a digital certificate with full rights to be issued to an individual by a Certificate Authority, stringent tests must be conducted, including meeting the physical person to verify their identity. At the current moment in time, my physical identity has not been verified by, but they have verified my email address. Installing their root certificate (see above) will thus automatically allow you to validate my digital signature. You can then be confident of the authenticity of my email address - only I have the ability to digitally sign my emails using my certificate, so if you get an email that I digitally signed and which is validated by your email software using the root certificate that you installed, you know it's from me. (Visually you get a simple indication that my email is signed and trusted). Technically, they haven't verified that I really am me! But you have the guarantee that emails from my address are sent by the person who physically administers that address, i.e. me! The only way that someone could forge my digital signature would be if they logged on to my home computer (using the password) and ran my email software (using the password) to send you a digitally signed email from my address. Although I have noticed the cats watching me logon..."
3445 msgstr "A biztons&aacute;g fontos dolog. Ahhoz, hogy egy tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyt teljes joggal kiadjon egy tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nykiad&oacute; szervezet egy mag&aacute;nszem&eacute;lynek, szigor&uacute; felt&eacute;teleknek kell megfelelni, t&ouml;bbek k&ouml;z&ouml;tt fizikailag tal&aacute;lkozni kell a szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g meg&aacute;llap&iacute;t&aacute;sa &eacute;rdek&eacute;ben. Ezid&aacute;ig a fizikai szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;gomat nem ellen&#337;rizte a, viszont ellen&#337;rizt&eacute;k az e-mail c&iacute;memet. A gy&ouml;k&eacute;r tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;ny telep&iacute;t&eacute;s&eacute;vel (l&aacute;sd fent) lehet&#337;v&eacute; teszik, hogy ellen&#337;rizd az &eacute;n al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;somat. Ezut&aacute;n biztos lehetsz az e-mail c&iacute;mem val&oacute;sit&aacute;s&aacute;val - ha al&aacute; tudom &iacute;rni a tan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nyommal, teh&aacute;t ha kapsz egy e-mailt, amit digit&aacute;lisan al&aacute;&iacute;rtam &eacute;s ezt a levelez&#337;programod a gy&ouml;k&eacute;rtan&uacute;s&iacute;tv&aacute;nya felhaszn&aacute;l&aacute;s&aacute;val &eacute;rv&eacute;nyesnek tal&aacute;lja, akkor biztos lehetsz benne, hogy t&#337;lem j&ouml;tt. (Gyakorlatilag jelez a g&eacute;p, hogy az e-mail al&aacute;&iacute;rt &eacute;s megb&iacute;zhat&oacute;.) Val&oacute;j&aacute;ban nem is ellen&#337;rizt&eacute;k, hogy &eacute;n vagyok &eacute;n! Azonban b&iacute;zhatsz abban, hogy az e-mailt az k&uuml;ldte, aki fizikailag hozz&aacute;f&eacute;rhet az e-mailjeimhez, vagyis &eacute;n! Csak &uacute;gy tudn&aacute; valaki hamis&iacute;tani a digit&aacute;lis al&aacute;&iacute;r&aacute;somat, ha bejelentkezn&eacute;nek az otthoni g&eacute;pembe (jelsz&oacute;val), elind&iacute;tan&aacute;k a levelez&#337;met (jelsz&oacute;val) &eacute;s k&uuml;lden&eacute;nek neked egy al&aacute;&iacute;rt e-mailt a c&iacute;memr&#337;l. B&aacute;r most, hogy belegondolok, a macsk&aacute;m figyelt engem bejelentkez&eacute;skor..."
3447 #: www/ttp.php:46
3448 msgid "The CAcert Trusted Third Party (TTP) Programme is designed to assure Internet user identities through personal verification of government issued identity documents."
3449 msgstr "A CAcert Trusted Third Party (TTP, magyarul megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; harmadik/k&iacute;v&uuml;l&aacute;ll&oacute; szem&eacute;ly) programj&aacute;nak c&eacute;lja az internetet haszn&aacute;l&oacute;k szem&eacute;lyazonoss&aacute;g&aacute;nak igazol&aacute;sa szem&eacute;lyes tal&aacute;lkoz&aacute;s sor&aacute;n bemutatott, &aacute;llami hat&oacute;s&aacute;g &aacute;ltal kiadott dokumentumaik (pl. szem&eacute;lyazonos&iacute;t&oacute; k&aacute;rtya/igazolv&aacute;ny, &uacute;tlev&eacute;l, jogos&iacute;tv&aacute;ny) alapj&aacute;n."
3451 #: www/ttp.php:21
3452 msgid "Trusted Third Party"
3453 msgstr "Megb&iacute;zhat&oacute; Harmadik/K&iacute;v&uuml;l&aacute;ll&oacute; Szem&eacute;ly"
3455 #: www/ttp.php:54
3456 msgid "You have verified that the Full Name, Date of Birth, and ID Numbers on the identity documents matches those filled in the Applicant section below and in the photocopies provided."
3457 msgstr "&Ouml;n meggy&#337;z&#337;d&ouml;tt r&oacute;la, hogy az eredeti dokumentumokban olvashat&oacute; vezet&eacute;k &eacute;s ut&oacute;n&eacute;v, a sz&uuml;let&eacute;s d&aacute;tuma, valamint a dokumentum sz&aacute;ma megegyezik az al&aacute;bbi rovatokban felt&uuml;ntetett, illetve a m&aacute;solatokon l&aacute;that&oacute; adatokkal."
3459 #: www/logos.php:30
3460 msgid "Create more badges"
3461 msgstr ""
3463 #: pages/account/52.php:41
3464 msgid "Here"
3465 msgstr "Itt"
3467 #: www/logos.php:19
3468 msgid "How can I put a logo on to my website?"
3469 msgstr "Hogy helyezhetek el log&oacute;t a honlapomon?"
3471 #: www/logos.php:21
3472 msgid "It is extremly easy! Just pick an image from the collections above and use it for example with the following html code fragment:"
3473 msgstr "Nagyon egyszer&#369;en! V&aacute;lassz ki egyet a fenti k&eacute;szletb&#337;l &eacute;s haszn&aacute;ld pl. a k&ouml;vetkez&#337; html k&oacute;dr&eacute;szletet:"
3475 #: www/logos.php:9
3476 msgid "Collection 1 created by Christoph Probst (November 2004)"
3477 msgstr ""
3479 #: www/cap.php:102
3480 msgid "CAcert Assurer"
3481 msgstr "CAcert hiteles&iacute;t&#337;"
3483 #: www/wot/5.php:15
3484 msgid "ERROR"
3485 msgstr "Hiba!"
3487 #: www/wot/10.php:105
3488 msgid "Go Back"
3489 msgstr "Vissza"
3491 #: includes/general.php:23
3492 msgid "Administrative Increase"
3493 msgstr "Adminisztrat&#1059;&shy;v n&#1059;&#1046;vekm&#1059;&#1033;ny"
3495 #: includes/general.php:24
3496 msgid "CT Magazine - Germany"
3497 msgstr "CT Magazin - N&#1059;&#1033;metorsz&#1059;&#1025;g"
3499 #: includes/general.php:23
3500 msgid "Face to Face Meeting"
3501 msgstr "Szem&#1059;&#1033;lyes tal&#1059;&#1025;lkoz&#1059;&#1025;s"
3503 #: includes/general.php:23
3504 msgid "Thawte Points Transfer"
3505 msgstr "Thawte pontok j&#1059;&#1043;v&#1059;&#1025;&#1059;&shy;r&#1059;&#1025;sa"
3507 #: includes/general.php:24
3508 msgid "Unknown"
3509 msgstr "Ismeretlen"
3511 #: www/index/0.php:37
3512 msgid "Full Story"
3513 msgstr "teljes sz&#1059;&#1046;veg..."
3515 #: www/index/0.php:40
3516 msgid "More News Items"
3517 msgstr "tov&#1059;&#1025;bbi h&#1059;&shy;rek..."
3519 #: www/index/6.php:92
3520 msgid "You do not have enough/any lost password questions set. You will not be able to continue to reset your password via this method."
3521 msgstr "Nem &aacute;ll&iacute;tott&aacute;l be kell&#337; sz&aacute;m&uacute; elfelejtett jelsz&oacute; eset&eacute;n feltett k&eacute;rd&eacute;st. Nem fogod tudni a jelszavad &aacute;t&aacute;ll&iacute;tani ezzel a m&oacute;dszerrel."
3523 #: includes/general.php:618
3524 msgid "Failed to make a connection to the mail server"
3525 msgstr "Nem siker&uuml;lt kapcsolatot l&eacute;tes&iacute;teni a levelez&#337; szerverrel."
3527 #: includes/account.php:904 www/index.php:204 www/index.php:254
3528 msgid "For your own security you must enter 5 lost password questions and answers."
3529 msgstr "A saj&aacute;t biztons&aacute;god &eacute;rdek&eacute;ben be kell &iacute;rnod 5 elfelejtett jelsz&oacute; eset&eacute;n feltett k&eacute;rd&eacute;st, &eacute;s a v&aacute;laszokat."
3531 #: www/wot.php:169
3532 msgid "Race condition discovered, user altered details during assurance procedure. PLEASE MAKE SURE THE NEW DETAILS BELOW MATCH THE ID DOCUMENTS."
3533 msgstr "Versenyhelyzet: a felhaszn&aacute;l&oacute; megv&aacute;ltoztatta az adatait a hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;s ideje sor&aacute;n. GY&#336;Z&#336;DJ MEG R&Oacute;LA, HOGY AZ &Uacute;J ADATOK MEGEGYEZNEK A PAP&Iacute;RON SZEREPL&#336;KKEL."
3535 #: www/wot.php:53
3536 msgid "Reminder Notice"
3537 msgstr "Figyelmeztet&eacute;s"
3539 #: www/wot.php:49
3540 #, php-format
3541 msgid "This is a short reminder that you filled out forms to become trusted with, and %s has attempted to issue you points. Please create your account at %s as soon as possible and then notify %s so that the points can be issued."
3542 msgstr "Ez egy r&ouml;vid eml&eacute;keztet&#337; arr&oacute;l, hogy kit&ouml;lt&ouml;tt&eacute;l egy vagy t&ouml;bb &#369;rlapot az&eacute;rt, hogy a hiteles&iacute;tsen t&eacute;ged, &eacute;s %s megpr&oacute;b&aacute;lt pontokat adni neked. K&eacute;rlek regisztr&aacute;lj min&eacute;l hamarabb itt: %s , &eacute;s &eacute;rtes&iacute;tsd %s-et hogy m&aacute;r odaadhatja a pontokat."
3544 #: pages/wot/9.php:59
3545 #, php-format
3546 msgid "%s will also accept email in %s - %s"
3547 msgstr "%s szint&eacute;n elfogad e-maileket %s - %s"
3549 #: pages/account/17.php:25
3550 msgid "'Enhanced Provider' is generally the best option, which has a key size of 1024bit. If you need a bigger key size you will need to use a different browser."
3551 msgstr ""
3553 #: pages/account/39.php:69 pages/index/10.php:69
3554 msgid "A CAcert arbitrator may override this policy in a dispute."
3555 msgstr "Egy CACert-es d&ouml;ntőb&iacute;r&oacute; felűlb&iacute;r&aacute;lhatja ezt a szab&aacute;lyzatot egy vit&aacute;ban.r"
3557 #: pages/account/43.php:146
3558 msgid "Account Locking"
3559 msgstr ""
3561 #: pages/account/54.php:65
3562 msgid "Add Location"
3563 msgstr "F&ouml;ldrajzi hely (helys&eacute;g) megad&aacute;sa"
3565 #: pages/account/54.php:25
3566 msgid "Add Region"
3567 msgstr ""
3569 #: pages/account/41.php:56 pages/wot/9.php:58
3570 msgid "Additional Language"
3571 msgstr "Tov&aacute;bbi nyelv(ek)"
3573 #: pages/account/41.php:46
3574 msgid "Additional Language Preferences"
3575 msgstr "Tov&aacute;bbi nyelvi be&aacute;ll&iacute;t&aacute;sok"
3577 #: pages/account/43.php:162
3578 msgid "Admin"
3579 msgstr "Adminisztr&aacute;tor"
3581 #: pages/index/5.php:58
3582 #, php-format
3583 msgid "Alternatively visit our %sinformation page%s on this subject for more details."
3584 msgstr ""
3586 #: pages/account/43.php:312 pages/account/43.php:349
3587 msgid "Are you sure you want to revoke this assurance?"
3588 msgstr "Biztos, hogy vissza akarod vonni ezt a hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;st?"
3590 #: www/verify.php:130
3591 #, php-format
3592 msgid "Are you sure you want to verify the domain %s?"
3593 msgstr "Biztos, hogy ellen&#337;rz&#337;d a(z) %s domaint?"
3595 #: www/verify.php:72
3596 #, php-format
3597 msgid "Are you sure you want to verify the email %s?"
3598 msgstr "Biztos, hogy ellen&#337;rz&ouml;d a(z) %s e-mail c&iacute;met?"
3600 #: includes/account_stuff.php:211
3601 msgid "Assurance Form"
3602 msgstr "Hiteles&iacute;t&eacute;si &#368;rlap"
3604 #: includes/account.php:70 includes/account.php:477
3605 msgid "Below is the link you need to open to verify your email address. Once your address is verified you will be able to start issuing certificates to your heart's content!"
3606 msgstr ""
3608 #: includes/account_stuff.php:211
3609 msgid "Blank CAP Form"
3610 msgstr "&Uuml;res CAP &#369;rlap"
3612 #: includes/account.php:460 includes/account.php:540 includes/account.php:1990
3613 #: includes/account.php:2020
3614 #, php-format
3615 msgid "The domain '%s' is already in a different account and is listed as valid. Can't continue."
3616 msgstr ""
3618 #: includes/general_stuff.php:85
3619 msgid "Bug Database"
3620 msgstr "Hibat&aacute;r"
3622 #: pages/account/39.php:64 pages/index/10.php:64